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Best Ways to Sell Music (or Digital Goods) Online

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posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 12:59 PM
"Sometimes you just need a way to sell your products online without having to deal with bulky ecommerce software. Digital products require even more simplicity...."

Let’s say you have a handful of digital products and you want the simplest and fastest way to start selling them and making some money. There are plenty of amazing ecommerce platforms, but which ones are the easiest for digital products?

I'm wondering if anyone on ATS has used the services listed,
and which one's they like or don't like... any why.

- SendOwl
- Gumroad
- Shopify and Digital Downloads
- E-Junkie
- Pulley
- Sellfy
- FetchApp

Available for WordPress users:
- Easy Digital Downloads
- WooCommerce

Here is another list:

- Fetch
- Selz
- Chec
- Plasso
- PayLoadz
- Pixycart
- Content Shelf

What I really want is a Bitcoin payment option
(WP plugin, or extension) and so far the only
one listed that has that is:

- Easy Digital Downloads (various Bitcoin extensions)

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