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Child Sacrifice Is Big Business In Uganda:

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posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 09:19 PM

Snatched on their way to school then castrated or decapitated: Horrifying rise in child human sacrifice in Uganda at the hands of witch doctors
Witch doctors convince the rich that 'sacrifices' will increase their wealth
Businessmen pay them 'thousands of pounds' to mutilate young children
They are left to die after their genitals are removed, their heads sliced open
Number of atrocities 'expected to rise' due to upcoming Ugandan elections

'Hundreds' of Ugandan children are being sacrificed every year by witch doctors who have convinced the country's superstitious elite that mutilating them will make them even richer.
Shockingly, these 'gruesome crimes against children' are 'expected to rise' with the 2016 Ugandan elections fast approaching.
Wealthy businessmen are paying traditional healers 'thousands of pounds' to hunt down impoverished children and harvest their body parts, which they believe can cure impotence and boost their fertility, a children's charity told MailOnline.
These witch doctors sever limbs and remove their genitals after snatching them on the way home from school or as they go to fetch water for their family. Their dismembered remains are later discovered in forests and building sites.

Read more: tors.html#ixzz3dNF3eFy8

Why post this here rather than Other Events Forum??.. because at the heart of these horrors is religion, sure not some new age johnny come lately practice ,but deep rooted and long lasting, as folks who follow my threads know I am usually a champion of African traditions often giving insights and highlights into African Civilizations and culture , this is highlighted but in no way positive it is a long lasting sick disgusting practice that need to die off yesterday, note as the article suggest it is the wealthy educated elites who are feeding this practice. this is the original home of Bohemian Grove or Agamemnon's sacrifice of his daughter for fair wind, the worshippers of Baal would be proud, the mock sacrifice commanded by God to be performed by Abraham on his son Issac and even the sacrifice of the Christ must be looked at in a different light.
Almost universally religions demands sacrifice of our wealth and time including our most precious our kids, it is far beyond time to tell the "Gods" to go F-themselves!! .

posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 09:30 PM
a reply to: Spider879

Well, are they really sacrifices in the sense of to some ethereal being, or is it a sacrifice as in a waste? Traditionally in Africa, witch doctors make muti (sp?) which is the "brew" that a buyer drinks or rubs onto something. There was a spike in child abductions and mutilations in South Africa as well, even before the SA guberment allowed witch doctors to register under their health care programs (only in ef'ing SA eh lol).

The world is a crazy place, all we can really hope for is that the crazies stop.

Cheers - Dave

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