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Forgotten history? 5 years of tories vid

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posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 01:56 PM
Nope not at all ....thought I kinda cleared that up early on lib dems were the same
Just the simple fact that it's now acknowledged that it has been widely known for some time that there has been historical attacks not properly investigated at the time
And your PM
your elected official comes out and decries ANYONE pushing the historical pedophile accusations are conspiracy theorists
Few weeks later conspiracy theorists are extremists
Few weeks later extremists are potential terrorists
And your quite ok with this?

And with regards to " know more than thou"
Yeah fair one a bit arrogant, more aimed at educated confidence
Let me put it this way
Joined Royal Marines 95, hit ctcrm in 694, this was a time when recruiting was on a push and we had alpha troops, anyone remember sgt wildgoose? seriously
02 went selection, went the way of the blades, didn't fancy the S.C as I'm not a fish
09 had to rtu due to medical reasons but went straight to sfsg at saints to retain experience and found myself chopping between strike coys and FAC
Amongst many skills and quals I'm a T.Q. gator, and a sere / restance to interrogation instructor and appl y these skills to my day to day activities, not always through choice but rough primary nature
An example of this would be my searching your previous posts and threads to determine what you may or may not know
Hence educated confidence
Edit did you catch all that ? Understand it?

Really not trying to be an ass just call it as I see it and for a long long time what I call has been listened to at the highest levels even as far as to redesign the base defence protocols for NATO which was addopted after being recognised force wide as the best practice
That was Basra
And another claim to fame gen petraus had my picture on his desk when he was commander of afghan South, 2 way range in the wild cat what's been called the jackal and coyote now

At the end of it I'm not condoning any political party they are all scum in my books, and I've had to enforce policy under both parties now on the eve of retirement (hopefully) I take the blinkers off and find I've been fighting for nazi Germany/Stalinism
My experiences lead me to this conclusion
a reply to: 321Go

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posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 02:25 PM
Sorry not been ignoring you just believe I've kinda covered what you said
However I see a wee bit of bias in yourself made most evident by
"You say they're as bad as each other - and thats true enough but do you have a similar anti abour vid to add to the mix?

If not, its sour grapes, because Labour have been a disaster in the past 5 years and lost the election because of it."
May I ask the moderator how many other threads has been asked to provide a balancing video to prove non bias?
Did I at any point sour the Tories and elevate other parties?
Perhaps you can take it up with youtube and get them to make sure that on the day anyone posts a vid someone else MUST post a vid telling the other side, of course just to prevent things like this happening in the future

a reply to: neformore

posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 02:34 PM
What sort of politic would work for you? You've pretty much slated everyone. Except for the Greens!

posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 03:33 PM
Soz will get back to you
Busy keeping the wife happy a reply to: 321Go

posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 06:02 PM
Some of my views Are counter to the prescribed script and I don't agree with many many policies both those in the public domain and those not and I frequent this site and many alternative sources, some flagged, for my own edification, I don't believe the OS for 9/11, something smelt about 7/7 having experienced similar operations, not saying it was a false flag, but there's something, I want justice for those that have suffered at the hands of the powerful that have used their position for protection and self gain, bank bail outs ! That right there was terrorism, in yer face blatant do this or else, all the while gchq has all the evidence one needed to prosecute, but 1.5 trillion blackmail by banks to pay for their f up isn't a threat to national security
Infact quite the opposite gchq at a economic forum offered to sell YOUR details to banks

That makes me a conspiracy theorist
That makes me an extremist
That makes me a potential terrorist

I've dedicated years to my country and its people's being at the pointy end of the spear and did so for only the most noble of reasons believing in, honour, honesty, integrity , And civic duty (I'm quite the romantic idealist in that respect)
But I've not served my country or its people and I realise that
Now I'm no different I still only want what's best for my country and its people's within a global community, prosperity not socialism or communism but certainly a country that has a sense of responsibility for the community
I don't deny there's benefit scum ........for some reason the lads love Jeremy Kyle, when I look at it I see the degeneration of a species .....I say species as I question if I'm in anyway genetically related to these ......hominids
And things have got way too cushy for some. Like seeing some terror preacher in a 2 mil house on benefits, yeah things like that make me wonder about a trip to the cashpoint ( that makes me a potential terrorist remember) and a trip to the garden centre, OMG he must be a terrorist

BUT things have gotten simply medevil in some respects and I know what's comming well not "know" but see it coming soon, take a look around, remember the story of the frog in the heating water ......well the waters a damn sight hotter than you accept

And bit of a rant .......well not rant just dissapointment really in my fellow countrymen
It seems we have another pooopoo import from our colonial cousins ( only playing, love you really, don't shoot )
Blind devotion to a political party that almost seems to defy logic and critical thought to the point that any criticism is met with attack and diversion over discussion, investigation and acknowledgment of facts

Ok political affiliation, none, I vote for the party I believe has the best chance for a brighter tomorrow
I intended to vote greens yes, and please don't laugh, I know some of their policies are bat poo crazy but I also believe that once in power it's the party most likely to be open to public influence absent the institutionalised dogma and the closet or should I say bloody graveyards of skeletons
Where real experts from opposing sides present their argument not those influenced by money and corporate greed have open discussion and ideally a shift toward a form of open democracy the fabled gold standard in democracy , the systems in place through the use of NI numbers for example, hey just imagine 'press red to view monthly propositions and vote' why not? With a 3 min vid for each opposing side of the argument (keeping in with attention span of today) with longer more detailed information for those of the information Hoover persuation ( again with the idealism)
Problem is in order to achieve this you need an informed populace, and that's not gonna happen anytime soon as there's far to much to hide by all involved
The greens are our best shot at that currently, and I would have voted for the candidate in my region (dum dum dum ......the nice lady from time team) but I was in a secure facility at the time shall we say

This little islands grown rotten to the core if you admit it or not, where the economy... Sorry PROFIT has become more important than people

Oh and .........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,""""""";;;;;;; stick em where you want em

a reply to: 321Go

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posted on Jun, 18 2015 @ 03:50 AM
An interesting read, thanks. I'm off to Devon for a couple days, but I'll come back later and add some thoughts.

One overriding thought though, I find it hard to believe that people from all walks of life come into politics to pervert the course of justice, involve themselves in corruption and conspiracy or deliberately try to collude with people of wealth and power. It's my strong belief that they do it to change things for the better – or even to keep things they way they are because they feel it's right.

I have my own theory of how to change things, but I'll save that for another day. Have a good weekend.

posted on Jun, 18 2015 @ 06:24 AM
a reply to: AlphaPred

I'm posting as a member, interested in UK politics and your personal opinion here, not as a moderator 😊

posted on Jun, 18 2015 @ 06:37 AM
Sorry about that
Our English but be slightly different ,I didn't think you seemed interested in my opinion, more like trashing and trolling I thought
Still my bad I presume are the mod after all
a reply to: neformore

And in my defence ......I've grown incredibly cautious of authority figures, power corrupts
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posted on Jun, 18 2015 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: 321Go
Have a great time
If anywhere that's my home part of the world, lived through out Devon and Cornwall for half my life, big surfer, climber, rider and life's just that little more mellow the further S/W you go

Happy hols

posted on Jun, 22 2015 @ 05:02 PM
Thanks, had a great time. Stayed mostly in Lynton but strayed away for long walks and adventure over the Moors. Great part of the country for real ale and cider to recover the legs.

I'm currently working on a study of mine about how I'd change politics and policies for a fairer country. I know it won't be adopted by anyone, but I'm doing it out of my own curiosity and interest.

I've bought a few small businesses before, and part of that is due diligence with the finances to see if it's worth the asking price, and that's the principle I'm using to totally revise our taxation system. For example, at the moment we tax companies on their profit, but this is so easy to hide, pass on or lose in many other ways – this system is so full of holes. Our combined business and company turnover is £3.3Trillion, but we only receive £68Billion in combined Corporation Tax and Business Rates, which is only 2% of that figure. What I would propose is charging a Turnover Tax, which is very difficult to hide, of 5%. This makes corporate taxation much fairer and infinitely easier to collect, administer and enforce.

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 08:45 AM
Nice, I was more South coast
Like your idea of turnover tax sort of like a overarching VAT ? Where by all transactions are taxed?
Something like the Robin Hood tax that was shot down by the bankers
0.05% tax on financial transactions

Bulgaria has a flat rate of 10% across everything I believe
a reply to: 321Go

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