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A shared SP occurrence with my wife

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posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 04:49 PM
Im looking to gain a little feed back on something that happened a few weeks back to my wife and I. First some brief history:
I have been experiencing SP since a child. I was sent to a Dr. because i became terrified of going to bed. It wasn't the boogie man i was scared of, but rather Aliens. When i was 7 years old i was convinced i was being abducted. I told my parents, my teacher even a guidance councilor at school. Children's Aid was alerted by my school and did an investigation in my parents home. After all was said and done, it was recommended i see a psychologist that dealt with children. After explaining what was going on he told me i was experiencing Sleep Paralysis. Before long, my once a week occurrences became almost nightly. Over time ive learnt how to deal with it and get myself out of it when its happening.
My wife had never heard of SP before she met me. We have been together 8 years now. After our 3rd year of marriage she started having SP as well. Which that alone i thought was odd. Before long she was waking me up in the middle of the night, crying because she terrified. She always has demons coming after her when she has an episode.

Soon a lot of weird things started happening in our home. Im not going to go into much detail about it at this time, but it got so bad that we had a medicine man come to our home to smudge and bless every corner of the house. (I live in Thunder Bay Ont. Canada. My family's home was on Ojibwa land 15 minutes outside of the city in a wooded area.) After the blessings, things actually increased. We eventually moved into a new home in the city.
My wifes SP decreased and mine continued on the same as usual. Which brings us to 2 weeks ago. My wife fell asleep before me because i was reading.
I put my book down and started to drift off. The familiar heavy feeling started coming over my body and i was now in SP. I laid on my side looking out my bedroom into the hallway. A dark shadow came into my room, along the ceiling and above me out of view. As this was happening i could hear a muffled crying sound. I started flexing my stomach repeatedly to cause my body to shake ( a method i use to wake myself out of SP) As i was coming out i felt my wife move in bed and heard her take a deep breath of air. At the exact same time, i sat up awake and swatted at a black shadow mist above my bed that i could still see even though i was now awake. ( a shadow mist is the only way i can think of explaining it but it dissipated more like smoke) My wife started crying hysterically and shaking. She grabbed me around my waist. I stood up beside the bed and yelled "What the F$%k!"

From the moment i sat up and swatted at the mist to when i stood up was a total of a second. She yelled "whats happening?" i told her i was having SP and there was a smoke like mist that i could still see when i got my body awake. She was still crying and told me she was having SP and heard someone come in the front door, run threw the house, down to the basement stairs and down the hallway outside our bedroom.
I was shocked, i lit a cigarette turned the bedroom light on and tried to make sense of what just happened.

Now my question is, to everyone that experiences SP: Has anyone else had a shared episode of SP with their partner or someone else in the room with them? Has anyone else come out of SP and there was a shadow or smoke like mist still visible?

And now of course i have to also put this out there. I have A LOT of peoples lives dependent on my sound judgement every single day at my work, not to mention my own life. I am 100% of sound mind. I do not drink nor do any sort of drugs. My companies work policy ensures this is upheld by random urinalysis.

If anyone needs any further details, please feel free to ask.

posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: macenroe82

I stood up beside the bed and yelled "What the F$%k!"

Next time shout GTFO! directly at it, own your space, tell it this is your house now and time to move on.

"This is my house!!", at the top of your lungs. Scold it like you would a school yard bully. Its only power over you is your fear of it.

(whipsers) After all it hasn't actually harmed you directly other than bad dreams and waking nightmares? No broken bones, no disease? Tell it to GTFO. Say a little prayer, too, ask for help. Then next time, jump up and scold it loudly. laugh at it, rebuke it, clown it.

posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 05:27 PM
a reply to: macenroe82

No entity is psychically stronger than any other entity, this includes you and your wife. Induced Fear and panic , just make you think it is. Some entity's like, doing this, just like some living people in the normal way of things, act in this way. Just tell it to F%$& off, and don't respond. it will get bored and do one.

posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 05:42 PM
There's a method for warding your sleep in the book Qigong Empowerment.

I'd highly recommend using that or another technique to shelter yourself while you sleep. It sounds like you've both got some serious issues with SP.

posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 06:43 PM
Thanks everyone so far.
When the occurances started at our old country home, our house already had a reputation of being haunted. If you google thunder bay hauntings, a place called trowbridge falls comes up. This is a well known hot spot for paranormal activity. Well our country home was less then 3 km's as a crow flies from the area. I googled how to deal with a typical haunting and read that you have to tell the presence that this is my home, you are dead and dont belong here.... Well that had a negative effect, and things got worse. One instance my wife and i were asleep, and i woke up a little after 3 am. I could hear our oldest child who was 4 at the time talking in her bedroom. I woke my wife up because i thought she was sleep talking, my wife thought how cute, and started creeping to her bedroom. When my wife got to her bedroom, she could see threw the crack in the door that she was sitting up in her bed talking to the window. My wife opened the door in a wtf moment and turned the light on. She said my daughter turned to her, and my wife asked who are you talking to? And then my oldest stared at her and then started bawling. My wife was trying to ask her what happened. what my daughter said still gives shivers up my spine. She told my wife the "little boy" said that we got in an accident.
My wife called me in the room, she told her to tell daddy what she just said, and such enough she said the same to me. I tried telling her she had a bad dream and mommy and daddy are right here with her and theres no accident.
So we went and checked on the other kids who where 2 and 1. They were fine but we made them all come sleep in our big bed.

Almost Every night we would hear bangs and things would fall off shelves. I would have SP. Thats when my wife started as well.
I got so fed up with it that i called a local psychic to come to the house. She told us its not the house thats haunted, its the land around the house and to have the house blessed. Thats when i got ahold of the medicine man from a reserve just outside thunder bay. Then we moved across the city, about 45 minutes away to the outskirts on the otherside of town. Things started up a few months later there but no where near as intense. My wife went threw a bad depression, she was having horrible luck with every thing. Theres just to much that started to happen to be ruled coincidence.
We moved again to our current home. Things were great for the first 3-4 months, then the same things started happening again. We got a hold of another smudger named Jared. He came to the house and did a walkthrough, he said theres nothing wrong with the house, but that he thought something had latched onto my wife. It sounds absolutely crazey, and if i hadnt witnessed it all, i wouldnt believe it myself.
So being the good sport she is, had him bless her, smudge the entire house, all her clothes, pictures, everything. My house smelled like a fire by the time he left.
That was last summer he did that, and 2 weeks ago we had the shared SP

posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 08:50 AM
Really interesting...

I suppose the rational explanation would be that if you both experience it, then probability dictates eventually you will both experience it at the same time.

However, as someone who has experienced SP once before, I feel there's more to it than just your body going a bit out of sync in the waking up process.

Here's what happened to me.

I live on a longboat, I was sleeping at the bow end, facing the bow, so the whole boat was behind my head, including the "front door" at the stern.

The sound of the front door slamming shut woke me up. I heard a slow "thump, thump" approaching the bed, footsteps that stopped directly behind my head. I couldn't turn to look, but I could see exactly what the entity looked like in my head. A very tall figure with a long coat, wearing a tall hat of some sort. I'm not embarrassed to say I was literally petrified. I've never felt terror like this before. My bones ran cold. Really weird thing for me that's never happened before or since. Anyway, I could barely speak like i was paralyzed except in my eyes, but I finally managed to whimper "who.........the.......F&$*..are.YOU, GET THE F*** OUT. As I spoke it got easier to speak until by the end of the sentence I'd managed to sit up to see that nothing was there.

The weirdest thing I remember about this, was this feeling of terror. I say terror, to distinguish from fear. Fear would leave your heart thumping, maybe feeling light-headed etc. But this was different. I've never felt such terror, but from the moment I shouted at the entity, I felt absolutely fine. No physical consequences from the experience at all, just felt normal, although a bit confused.

p.s. my fiance is "gifted" and has had lots of experiences with the paranormal from a young age, picks up lots of info from people, as if out of thin air. I was always pretty skeptical of such things, but she's proven me wrong too many times to not think there's something to it.

A few months after this experience, I was working on the engine, whilst she sat and watched and she said...

"Is there a Derek in your family". I told her there was but he was still alive so "haha wrong this time!"
She said...
"Oh, there's a tall man watching you work. I think he wants to help"

posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 09:24 AM
Dem0nic, thanks for sharing!
It simply amazing that people all around the world have seen the man in the hat.
He was present in all my SP experiences when i was younger. Now i rarely see him.

Last night i had a really interesting one. What started as SP turned into what i think was an OBE, something ive been trying to achieve at will for a long time. I have had them before but not by choice.
Last night i had a goal in mind and was going to use some techniques that i have read. My mind awoke in my bed laying on my side i relaxed even further by telling myself i dont need to breath my body will do that for me. The presence of fear was still there, it was very dim. I got out of my body and willed myself down the hall. I wasnt able to turn around so i floated up my stairs backwards. I seen my cat laying on the couch. I looked at my front door and moved to it. I went threw the door and got to my front steps. Outside it looked like winter. Everything looked white but it wasnt snow. I got into the front yard but something stopped me and next thing i knew i was back in ky house looking out the front door. I thought about me being in my bed and was suddenly back in my bed again.
Now i dont know if thos was just a lucid dream or if it truely was an OBE. It didnt have any characteristics of a lucid dream and pretty much what i would think an OBE would be like.
I think that by me thinking about being back in my bed, made me return to my body.
But then again it could have all been just a dream that i had complete control over.
Ive been looking forward to going to bed everynight, almost like its a new world that i am to explore. Crazy or not, i really enjoy whats been happeneing for the most part.

posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 09:49 AM
Well, that sent a shiver down my spine!! Thanks (or maybe not) for letting me know the hat man is something many have experienced, that has freaked me out somewhat!

I had no idea about this phenomenon but a little google search tells me you're correct, there's even a book about it. Wow!

That was a very strange element to the whole thing, as I can't really explain how I saw it, as I couldn't turn my head but I knew exactly what it looked like and exactly where it was standing, maybe I went slightly OOB without realising it? I could even see his stature and standing position. My boat is very narrow so curves at the sides and I just got this image of a shadow with a flowing coat and a top hat, contorted around the edge of the boat, bending over to fit in the short headspace. Now reading the comments of others, he's always very tall.

Really odd....

I've been interested in OOB and meditation etc. for some time now but haven't taken the plunge really. I've always wondered though, if you could perfect a technique of lucid dreaming and meditation at the same time, couldn't you feasibly spend 8 hours a night, in a dream state, but one you are controlling, yet still wake up with a refreshed mind? There's lots of research that proves that physical actions/practices etc. can be improved by mental practice.

So could you for instance, construct a dream world that contained a dream guitar and spend 8 hours a night dream shredding and wake up feeling refreshed still, but with some added skill on the axe?

posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 09:33 AM
Thats actually an interesting point. Dreaming of a skill and becoming more proficient at it in real life. I suppose you could if you became good at controling the dream.
Myself though i know when i have lucid dreams, things change a lot in my dreams, like the area or room im in. Even though i know its a dream and im able to do some amazing things i cant in real life, i still end up going with the flow of the dream.
I think you would have to become quite the master at lucid dreaming to be able to create something that you could constantly come back to.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 09:08 AM
Apple juice before bed elicits vivid dreams and sometimes sleep paralysis. Went to bed with a bottle appletizer next to me once, boy was I sorry... I've had 2 OBE's but everytime I'm about to pass through my roof I go back to my body in a panic.

I have intense dreams, almost every night... It's always been like this, sleepwalked when I as a kid and I could remember everything, my consciousness was present, but so foggy that nothing made sense.

I haven't had a sleep paralysis incident in years because I avoid them and their triggers, but I was so calm during the last one. Felt something walk over my chest and felt the duvet contour to it's feet... felt the mattress next to me indent as it walked off. All I could do was mumble the cats name and 'no'. Well my windows and bedroom door was closed, so no cat.

But I know what it is by now... pretty sure my mind just likes to mess with me when it gets stressed out. I have a close connection with my sub-conscious. I love dreaming.

I've seen the mist twice, it was like a grey wisp, I didn't sense any kind of hostility from it. I thought it could be something to do with your eyes when waking quickly out of SP. It dissipated like smoke, exactly like you describe. As for your wife - your restlessness next to her could have caused her to hear the sound of someone running down the stairs and waking her inadvertently.
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posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: macenroe82

It sounds like you've spread your fears into her or she's conformed to your experience. If you're not sleeping properly, she isn't. A huge and dramatic symptom of SP is its tendency to make people highly superstitious. After all, if someone doesn't know about, or doesn't accept, sleep paralysis they fall into a disturbing confirmation bias cycle. Every time they have it is *proof* of evil entities.

It's a logical slippery slope in the sense that once you believe in nocturnal demon visits it's easy to believe in lots of other things. A spouse, partner or child will inevitably begin to share these beliefs and likewise have their experience of life biased towards the existence of dark forces. I'm talking from experience here as I had it pretty bad for many years and it tapered off in my 30s to the point where it's very rare these days.

A few years back I added 'exploding head syndrome' to the SP. It was not a lot of fun! Loud voices waking me up or the bedroom door being battered on. One of the last times I was woken by the ironing board crashing to the floor and it was an epiphany. Why? The actual sound was from my childhood. It was my mum's ironing board that made that noise and it's still at her house. Do you see what I mean there? The sounds originate in our imagination and have no bearing outside our internal senses!!

Now apply that thinking to your wife's account of something doing a lap of the house at night. It's imagination and subliminal fears at play.

Don't get me wrong here. These experiences are truly scary and we can all agree on that. It still puzzles me why they're always deeply negative. Where's my SP experience of Anna Friel sitting on my chest with a sexy smile? Why dark figures instead of Megan Fox in her undies? That's something that I've wondered about. At the end of the day, I've found the best cure for them all is having a bedtime routine and sticking to it. The more structure, the more REM sleep, the fewer night terrors.

I've said this for years on ATS, it doesn't make sense that evil is powerless against a good night's sleep. We can't trust our own senses and it's incredibly hard to see and hear things and then use critical thinking to deny the reality of the experience. It all goes away with the right sleep pattern.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 11:02 AM
a reply to: macenroe82
Thunder Bay has several paranormal groups. I suggest you contact them.

Turn on every lights for a week to test paranormal activities.

If you're a christian, then I suggest you to pray to God for forgiveness and protection, every nights before sleep. You can also enter OOBE state by chanting God's name. Make sure you enter OOBE in pure state. If you succeed, be prepare to battle the unknown. No matter what you do, Do not try to communicate with anything. Your faith will be tested, but you must not afraid. You are there to ask them to leave. Do not settle for anything else. No bargaining. Either they leave or burn them with Bible's verse.

If you are not sure, or if you are non religion person, then your other option is, to Contact local church to help with exorcism. Be advised, use church service only if there is no other resolutions.

Always encourage your family members to be strong.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: Kandinsky

Interesting about the E.H.S.
I also did a thread on it a few years or so back

I wonder how many others that experience SP also experience exploding head?

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: EasternShadow

Thank you for the link,
Indeed i will check it out

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: Macenroe82

I sketched out a thread on it a few years back. There's a racial dynamic in there with black people being more prone to it. Another factor was lifestyle with alcohol and drugs being major triggers. I remember your thread and almost posted in it a few times.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: Kandinsky

I’m a 36 year old white man, I don’t drink and don’t do any drugs, legal or none.
I do however experience my fair share of daily stress with designs being due, or an never ending laundry list of tasks at work.
Maybe high stresses are an agitator in both SP and EHS

posted on Oct, 14 2018 @ 01:13 AM
Mac can you say what kind of things happent in your house?

Im talking about this part here "Soon a lot of weird things started happening in our home"

second paragraph-first line

posted on Oct, 14 2018 @ 07:23 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

Yes, ill elaborate on thata the risk of sounding absolutely crazy!

So at our country house - which has been in the family for over 50 years.
Everyone in my family that has lived there has had something happen to them.
To name a couple here, my uncle woke up with bruises and scratches on him.
My aunt was chased by some sort of light when she was outside as a teenager. My father has missing time.
All including my grandmother have seen shadow people on the property, and in the house.
As well my grandmother grew up in the bush. She is a native american indian.
She said when she first had the house brought to the property, that she seen the Windigo.
The windigo is very similar to what the Utes call the skinwalker.
In that it can change shape and manipulate its surroundings.
Crazy, I know but bear with me here.

It started with an old sounding radio coming from the basement. We couldn't quite make out what was being said, but it sounds like some old pre ww2 music. Which is another thing all the above have mentioned hearing.
Soon it was loud footsteps across the roof at night.
That got so bad, my wife was convinced there was a person climbing onto the roof nightly.
Next it was in the basement, banging around, footsteps, the door being open in the morning with the lights on.

Our oldest at the time was 4.
We were sitting in the living room and she started waving outside and smiling.
Who is she waving at I thought, there's no one around out here.
Then she says the boy on the blue bike.
Kids imagination we told ourselves.
Couple nights later we are laying in bed, its probably midnight or so, we can hear her talking in her bedroom.
My wife goes to check on her and slowly opens her, shes sitting up in the dark laughing and talking to someone.
She turns the light on asks her who were you talking to.
My oldest looked at her and started crying uncontrollably.
After that night she didnt want to sleep in her own room.

One night laying in bed with the wife, we hear a loud growling. It was as loud as someone would talk to another person. So loud enough for me to turn the lights on in the bedroom lol.

Bringing wood into the house one fall night, I seen something out of the corner of my eye and I look up and its a large white orb in the sky. Its like it stopped moving when I noticed it.
I continued to bring the wood into the house and then my wife seen it moving. Look its moving now she said.
I went into the house to grab my phone came back out and it was gone.

The next night im doing the same thing, bringing in wood for the night, 2 of them show up.
I yell to my wife to bring my phone out. I didnt want to take my eyes off of them.
So im yelling like an idiot in the front yard - thankfully the closest neighbors are pretty far away.
But im yelling and yelling while slowly walking to the house, looking straight up.
And im locked out of the house when i try to yell to the wife.
I pounded for at least a minute before she came to the door.
By then I was pretty mad. Like how cant you hear me yelling for one and then pounding on the door.
The tv wasnt on, you can hear a frog fart across the road its so quite out there.
She said she didnt hear a thing. Needless to say when I got my phone the 2 lights were not visible anymore.
Now its been 2 nights in a row for seeing these things.
That night laying in bed I had a very lucid dream and im guessing SP that 2 dark figures came into my room.
I cant remember the exact details, but I couldnt move, or make any noise. Usually when im in SP I do this thing with my abs, by flexing them rapidly so it starts shaking me out of it. I couldnt do it, I felt like I was dying.
I could hear them talking to each other, then it went black and I woke up in the morning.

That night I made sure the wife was outside with me, phone in my hand, Ipad in my wifes, the kids in the living room so I could see them through the wind. Nothing was happening of course.
But for some reason, I said out loud "show your selves"
A minute later - most likely a coincidence, but there it was in the sky.
Now im relating this story verbatim to you.
Believe what you want, im just telling you what happened.
I tried to start recording with my cell phone, but for some reason it would not take a video.
I grabbed I Ipad from my wife, its suddenly at like 50% battery after going outside with a full charge.
I get 10 minutes of video of this thing as it moved above our house.
At one point it was bright enough to cast a reflection off my jeeps tinted windows.
Im narrating the whole time, recording this thing, when a second one show up.
It felt like there was static electricity in the air. Everything felt very out of place.
As im recording the second object my Ipad turns off - maybe I hit the button by accident, I dont know.
But as im screwing around with the ipad I take my eyes off the lights as does my wife because im cursing and getting really mad.
I get the Ipad on and both the lights iin the sky are gone.
We try to playback the video and all i have is 20 seconds of my wife saying "theres the other one, this id $%^6ed"
and its just darkness.

Not long after all this my wife ended up in a bad depression. We both were barely sleeping at night due to the insanity that was happening.
When my wife would leave the house she soon realized that her depression would go away.
It was like the house was what was causing everything.
We called a medicine man named Wolf, that my grandmother introduced me to when she became chief of her reservation.
Now I do not identify as indian, however my grandmother is full, my father is half, and im quarter.
So I dont have the same beliefs as a lot of traditional natives do.
But we called Wolf to come to our house.
He said he could feel a presence in the area 10 minutes before he got to the house.
Which sort of falls in line with some of the local tales of the area being haunted.

10 minutes from my house was Trowbridge falls.
If you look at the link Easternshadow posted of a local paranormal group, you will see Trowbridge falls as being one of their investigations.
So anyways Wolf comes to the house, he says he feels something is very disturbed in the land and that is whats causing all the issues in our home.
He went to every corner doing his ritual.
Then when he was done he apologized and said for something as big and old as this, I dont think I can protect you.
...Awesome, i thought to myself.

Well things didnt get better, it seemed like things got worse.
It was one event after another. And suddenly it was like I was having the worst luck with everything.
Nothing was going right.

Some things happened that left us with one vehicle.
I work out of town so needed to take the truck when I left every second week.
So finally we thought lets move to town, it will be easier living in the city with the kids and what not.

We got a house in the city and things felt so much better.
My wife was doing great, the kids were great.
And it carried on that way for a year.
Then the account in my OP happened with the shared SP.

After 4 years of living in the city guess where we ended back living again?
Same god damn country house.

We went a few months or so this time in that house before things started up again.
Heres one of the incidents, and yes things are pretty much the same.

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posted on Oct, 14 2018 @ 07:38 AM
Also, take what you will from the above.
But I would like to clarify this.

I am a mine engineer.
The work I do, has the lives of over 250 miners every day dependent that im clear headed and making the best calls I can.
My decisions and planning ensure these men go home safely everyday.
I do not drink, nor do drugs.
Everything I wrote above is how it happened.

Another thing to ad:
We have been working with MUFON lately.
Because of the amount of sightings and activity that has been reported by many others in my area, MUFON has taken interest in this.
We have talked about setting up IR cameras, surveillance of my home, the whole 9 yards.

One of the guys ive been working with has come over to do EMF testing.
We thought that would be a good idea considering we've gone through 4 microwaves in this house.
They would start beeping or turning on, all on their own throughout the day and night.
It sucks being woken up in the middle of the night to beep, beep, someone is just mashing all the buttons over and over.
We dont keep the microwave plugged in anymore.
Its just use it then unplug it now.

posted on Oct, 14 2018 @ 09:37 AM
a reply to: Macenroe82

Maybe high stresses are an agitator in both SP and EHS

For sure these are the greatest factors imo. It's also worth seeing if you're 'an owl or a lark.' I lived like an owl for most of my life and discovered the lark pattern was what suited my body clock. Imagine having insomnia and sleep terrors for nearly thirty years and then 'curing' them almost overnight? That's what happened with early to bed, early to rise. I wouldn't presume to say it's a panacea or even that it will work for everyone.

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