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Star Wars Rebels 2 - Ezra to face Vader. Rapture hints?

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posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 02:34 PM
Ezra Bridger will face Dart Vader in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels TV. As you already know, Ezra 15 is fast advancing in the Force, to the extend to utilize the negativity of wild beasts to battle with the villain in the Season 1 the Inquisitor. Ezra is much more mature in the Force than Anakin at his age.

The appearance of Rebels serial is not something very expected. The new owner Disney apparently want to go out of the scenario of Lucas. It already declared such further development to occur in Episode 7, scheduled for Christmas 2015. New characters are expected including those of kids.

The character of Ezra is at odds with a serial that follows logical construction of presenting events before other events. Thus the entire TV serials of Clone Wars presented the events between Episode 2 and 3 of the bigger movies. If Rebels is constructed only to Bridge Episode 3 with the Episode 4 (the first ever filmed Episode of the Star Wars Saga, in 1970s) there isn't much to expect from Rebels. But the 4 decades and the changed reality meanwhile,a long with the changed owners, and even the new abilities of the "cartoon" serials in 3D, make it possible Rebels to surpass the wildest imaginations.

Its premiere is this weekend, with a 1h movie that pretty much would stand alone before the Fall serials. We already know Ezra was almost killed by his own light saber, controlled by the much more powerful force of Vader. Does it mean we will see a rapture-like exodus of the good heroes from their planet Lothal, to a place of temporal security where the other rebels gather their space ships for the next battles? It is logical, if we don't want to see the young character Ezra being killed. His teacher might sacrifice his life, Kanan, as he already almost did once. But it is quite odd to see the young new character with so many qualities to be just sacrificed. Certainly not turned into dark side, as Anakin himself is a good example of the evil, one does not need repetition of Anakin-2.

In other words, I expect the film makers to use the occasion of the 1h premiere to release a powerful new message to the audience of millions of kids around the world. Will it be a message of "get out of your own planet, as soon as the ships come" or some other? Will they prepare for a scarifice of the both heroes to occur before December release of Episode 7 (where they might not take place)?

In the entire Star Wars I always wonder how i possible the Dark side to be presented practically stronger, and to be defeated by chance in last minute light saber duels on the background of space battles. Despite the answer of Yoda to Luke: it is not stronger, it is easier.

Ezra in the Temple - conversation with Yoda's voice

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posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 03:49 PM

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