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Spirit Rover anomaly. The ONLY anomaly I find of any interest on Mars....of true interest.

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posted on Jun, 18 2015 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: wmd_2008

yes its amazing what attrition can do, great picture presentation, and great anology of low res junky picture's.. i would agree with you to an extent, but thier usefullness at acertaining evironment is still vallid,.

but then i always say ,if its too far in the distance only its general shape can be decerned . in mid ground and closeups , much more can be understood as to the nature of the environment and the objects within eg

this shot has one of the other potential extrmophiles, akin to sluggy but with a shell


no earthly comparisons this time , find stuff on mars thats simlar ,/ in similar areas or to where the rovers been, surely if errosion is to oocur as you say its doing it will leave its imprint on the serrounding area and other rocks .

*delivery amongst rampant howling*


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posted on Jun, 18 2015 @ 03:16 PM

originally posted by: swofky
It is 2.2 miles long and 0.67 miles wide and if I remember correctly, about 800 feet high. So probably not a statue or a mask. The link below has some information about this picture and some higher resolution photos taken at a different time. So do NASA's website and Wikipedia. I saw an television documentary with a piece on the 'Face on Mars' recently.

There's a tendency of the human mind, known as pareidolia, that science says causes us to see faces where they sometimes aren't - such as faces in clouds or in other things such as dirty walls, toast, etc. Perhaps that's why we see a face. NASA and many scientists say the face appears in this photo due to low resolution photography and the way the light plays on the formation.

Anyhow, who knows. It's certainly an intriguing picture, whatever it is or isn't. Thanks for sharing it.

This is not the picture I'm talking about. The one you linked to is in the Cydonia region, mine is Gusev Crater. I do find this region of interest as well.

posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 01:31 AM
I've seen this one on ATS before. Skull or skull-shaped rock? Can't really say. One real limitations of the rover is that it can only analyze a few samples, so they can't go after all the anomalies they see.
a reply to: mblahnikluver

posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 07:54 AM
a reply to: mblahnikluver

Let's get to thinking outside the [box] here for a moment.

I'm not saying that it is and I'm not saying that it isn't a skull as to what has been said. However, what I am saying is this. If it were to eventually turn out to be a skull of an alien from an unknown civilization. Would we as humans be able to come to terms that we definitely were and may not still be alone in our galaxy? Would we as humans be able to understand the fact that there have been and still are advanced civilizations in our galaxy? Who is to say that it may or may not be the remains of an alien creature or an artifact from an advanced alien civilization.

In my honest opinion, I don't believe that most of the human race would be able to come to terms that we weren't and are still not alone. I'm not saying that all of the human race wouldn't be able to understand it. I'm talking somewhere on the order of maybe 75 to 90 percent of people either wouldn't understand or would just flat out deny the existence of advanced alien lifeforms. Think of it this way, if representatives of an alien civilization were to come down and land say in Washington, D.C. right when the President is giving a speech in the Rose Garden or in Rome when the Pope is undertaking Passover Mass at the Vatican. Most people would put that off as a mass hallucinations or a hoax.

Think of it this way, it has been hidden by world governments for the past seventy plus years and by the world's religions for centuries. They, being the governments and the Vatican, know that we have been and are still being visited by extraterrestrials to this day. It is being hidden for a reason that is beyond our perception of reasoning. One of the reasons being is that if it were to get out that we are not alone in the universe or in our very own galaxy. The other reason being the mass hysteria that it would cause worldwide if it were to get out that we are not alone.

Then again, it could just be a weird looking rock formation.
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posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 08:32 AM

originally posted by: gimmefootball400
In my honest opinion, I don't believe that most of the human race would be able to come to terms that we weren't and are still not alone. I'm not saying that all of the human race wouldn't be able to understand it. I'm talking somewhere on the order of maybe 75 to 90 percent of people either wouldn't understand or would just flat out deny the existence of advanced alien lifeforms.

I think that is an extremely high number. It's been my experience that a large majority of people (at least people with a moderate enough amount of education to understand the scale of the universe) do in fact believe that the other intelligent life almost surely exists elsewhere in the universe -- even in the galaxy. Most people have already "come to terms" with the idea of life elsewhere.

The idea that "humans are definitely the only intelligent life in the universe" seems to be reserved now only for a few religious fanatics and/or people who don't have knowledge of the scale and scope of the universe.

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posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 08:58 AM
That picture would have captured my attention too - thanks for posting it.

The Spirit Rover caught a lot of very interesting things in it's pictures. Here's one from Spirit that caught my eye a few years ago and may be a mask that was worn by the guy whose skull is in your pic. Weird stuff, huh?

And here's a zoomed in view of the gold "mask"...

Here's a link to the full hi-res image from NASA's JPL website in case anyone is interested: NASA Hi Res Spirit Rover Image - PIA09091
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posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 02:36 PM

originally posted by: MysterX
a reply to: mblahnikluver

Either a skull, or partially mineralised / fossilised damaged helmet showing the skull inside it.

I've always liked this image too.

I think there are a lot of statues and other similar stone monuments that were blown to bits and we see them today, using our probe's cameras chaotically laying where they fell, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago. Most is probably buried under sand and dust and the debris of what could have been a global Martian conflict that literally killed all civilisation there.

This particular chap, looks to me as though he / she was a soldier. A blast took him or her out and scattered body parts and equipment all around this image.

Pure chance led to it's head being in an easily recognisable position for us to see quite clearly...i wonder how many remains and remnants are buried completely, laying at obscure angles, and are so encrusted by sand and minerals that are almost indistinguishable from the surrounding blasted and broken rocks?

Why i think this was an actual living entity, rather than a statue of one is because i can see what looks to be one of it's hands laying nearby, complete with 3 fingers, bent at the natural place for a knuckle. Admittedly, it still could be a statue, but the remains look very organic to me, even though they are very obviously encrusted with layers of soil and minerals.

The hand also has the added bonus of being very much in proportion to the size of the head, assuming an in proportion Human / Humanoid shaped body of course.

The hand can be found quite easily being located at the extreme bottom right side of the image...have a look OP and tell me what you think, or if you can't find it, i'll crop it out and post it here for you.

Or.... it's just a rock? It's a handy rock, you could keep it at the house and park your bike in it's mouth. A humanoid looking bike stand from Mars, take my money now. That reminds me of a Billy Connolly joke, it's a while ago, but something to do with some guy burying his fat wife in the garden with her face down and just her arse sticking up out of the air so he had somewhere to park his bike lol.

I can see an Alien lady (facing west) hugging her Alien child. I'm sure I could point out a few more, maybe my box is a wet cardboard one, but I'll put good money on the fact that all you be seeing is rock, lots of rock.

Did I read briefly that Nasa are going ahead with a mission to Europa? I presume in search for life below the thick ice crust. So think about it, if there's skulls lying about the surface of Mar's, why bother a trip to Europa, what would it prove? (In fact, maybe their plan is to find living creatures on Europa, now that would be wonderful) . I'm still hopeful that they find microscopic life on Mars, that's exciting enough for me, for the moment anyway.
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posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 03:47 AM
a reply to: OnionHead

If microbes are what do it for you, good for're more easily pleased than i am.

We have extremophiles on Earth that could easily be considered as alien lifeforms..some don't require O2, some H2O...yet they live and thrive in their particular niche environments...whether that happens to be very hot thermal vents under monstrous pressures, a thick brine-like soup, an acid pool or a frigid block of permafrost...they all have the capability to live quite comfortably and happily here on our own planet, yet go back only a few decades, and much of these life we call extremophiles would never have been even considered remotely possible let alone known to thrive in the most hostile environments we can come up with.

If we have microorganisms that can thrive under such 'alien' conditions on our own planet, there is absolutely no reason to steadfastly believe that macro-organisms also existing in extreme conditions should not be common, not only throughout the Sol system, but also just about everywhere.

Microbes are interesting and are a good indicator that if life can exist, it will exist. Even in conditions that would very quickly kill a Human being, or for that matter also kill 99.999% of all other life common to Earth. But as interesting as they are, microbes don't 'do it' for me.

The old thinking for gauging the right conditions where life is likely to be found is outdated and incorrect, as these extremophiles demonstrate clearly to us. Life, even complex macro sized intelligent life, could be literally anywhere and in any condition if they had evolved within these conditions and have physiologies uniquely suited to their home environments.

Of course, we in our ignorance and arrogance, always assume intelligent life would naturally follow a roughly similar blueprint to our own mammalian biology..while, amazingly also assuming the fact that intelligent life, spacefaring high technology civilisations, even within our own Sol system should still be in abundant evidence if they existed..forgetting of course, that the Galaxy is billions upon billions of years old and literally millions of completely unique and diverse lifeforms and cultures may have developed, thrived and created a high technology civilisation and died out millions if not billions of years before our primordial ancestors even crawled from the humid swamps of our early Earth...very bad mistake.

Life on Mars and perhaps every other planet and moon in our locale, may have been settled, obliterated and resettled over and over again...Mars and of course, Earth itself could have been home to many diverse and completely unique forms of intelligent life, disappearing into oblivion in what we would measure as the extreme remote past...hundreds of millions of years ago or more perhaps.

I would hope to one day converse and interact with a member of another intelligent species, but failing that, i would settle for identifying a decaying, encrusted and fragile example of an artefact that shows they were at least in our system even if they disappeared hundreds of millions of years ago.

The evidence for such cultures would be naturally be rare and difficult to identify, considering the passage of the enormous timescales that could be involved...but even though these artefacts could be very difficult to identify and differentiate from similarly looking rocks and natural features, they may still possibly be discovered..evidence in the form of massive geological earthworks may still be visible...artificial canals, docks and piers leading into what was once a vast ocean may still be identifiable.

This is what we are doing when we examine these images of Mars and other bodies...we are literally looking for a needle in a haystack. A haystack that is unfortunately millions of miles away from our magnifying glasses, not an easy task and one that is fraught with misidentification and error...especially if these potential artefacts are now so ancient, so broken, disjointed, decrepit and fragile that they are almost indistinguishable from the surrounding natural landforms...but it's fun to imagine something examined in the corner of a less than ideal image, from a less than forthcoming space agency, run by a less than forthcoming Government could miraculously hold the key to proving what many know to be true...intelligent life does exist elsewhere developing more or less concurrent to our own civilisations on Earth, and more than likely has existed in many places, but died out aeons before Humanity even existed on Earth.

Microbes...pah! I want to find Gods.

posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: soylent green is people

It is a high number and it may be a slightly higher number than what it actually needs to be. I came to the very same conclusion years ago which there is most certainly life elsewhere in the universe and in our galaxy. I also came to the conclusion that if we are not alone. How many alien races could be hostile and that being towards humans. However, if it were to ever come down to it. Out of the untold many of those people have accepted the possibility of other life in our universe. How many would be able to fathom the very possibility of one or several alien races being hostile towards us? I honestly do not believe that a lot of people would be able to understand that yes there are hostile races out there. Considering how advanced they would be compared to what we consider modern technology. Most people wouldn't be able to understand that the human race could be exterminated in either a matter of minutes or a matter of seconds.

Of course you're going to have the religious fanatics out there that are going to and will still claim that we are the only ones in the universe. Then again, these are the same people that believe that the universe, the galaxy, and the planet we live in and on were made by some unforeseen deity in less than seven days.

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