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Truth Discovery: A Better Way

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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 04:17 PM
Time is running out. Slowly but surely, our freedoms are being eroded. At the present pace, every action we make will be monitored, policed, adjudicated on and if

deemed so, punished. Fortunately, we haven't reached that point just yet, and one valuable tool we have at our disposal is the internet. We need to use the

internet effectively to find truth and spread the word. Presently on ATS, I don't think we are taking full advantage.

We come to ATS for many different reasons. Most of us here however, are united by one common cause; To find and share the truth.

Many, like myself, come here to keep informed of what's happening in our world that we aren't being told about on the MSM. In addition to this, ATS is also a rich

source of yet to be proven theories and ideas. Of Course, not all of the ideas and theories presented are accurate and this is where the vast, critical thinking

foundations of the ATS community as a whole, can be beneficial to seperate fact from fiction. Unfortunately, the majority of threads devolve into pointless back and

forth between members in an effort to prove their superior debating skills. This contributes nothing to the cause.

ATS needs to be a place where truth seekers can come and find the information they are after easily and efficiently. It needs to be a place where truth spreaders

can post information they have knowledge on easily and effectively. There are many nuggets of truth here on ATS, however they are generally hidden amongst countless

numbers of posts filled with pointless back and forth arguing, name calling, grandstanding and endless repetition. We are wasting this valuable resource by doing

this and the time is fast approaching where it will be taken from us. So let's try and fix it while we still can?

I came across a documentary recently on 9/11. It was promoted on at least one thread here on ATS among various other sources throughout the web. It was called "The

New Pearl Harbour" and runs for over 5 hours. Now I've been aware of the 9/11 lies for many years now, so there was not a lot of new information here to hook me in.

However I was engrossed in watching it and had no trouble at all sitting through the 5 hours. The reason why I found it so compelling was they way the information

was presented. There was practically no effort made to present an alternative scenario, just a dedicated and detailed dismantling of the official version of events.

Each point was addressed one by one and demonstrated to be suspect. In additon to this, the counter argument to each suspect point was also presented and

systematically disproven in the same fashion.

If this documentary was able to have this effect on me, a person familiar and aware of the 9/11 deception, imagine what effect it could have on the uninitiated? If

only there was a way to distinguish a well presented piece such as this documentary from all of the others? One way would be to have a forum on ATS dedicated not

only to presenting important truthful information, but presenting it in a clear, effective and efficient manner.

So how would it work? In a similar fashion to the documentary mentioned above, a topic would be presented with a number of areas of concern outlined. Each area of

concern would then be detailed and the reasons why explained clearly. In response another member could reply to one area only and explain why the reason is invalid.

The moderator would take into account whether or not each post addresses the criteria and importantly, if it has already been addressed. If it fails this test, it

is transferred to a different thread (perhaps a thread dedicated to all of the omissions?) Hopefully this would produce a high quality, concise and accurate thread

for all to benefit from.

What we need to remember is the ultimate cause that most of us come here for; To find and share the truth. It doesn't matter who's right and wrong. Who is the

better debater. Who has better grammar. Who has more points, flags, stars or a nice avatar. All that matters is the truth.

So how about it, ATS?

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 07:27 PM
There is, or was a closed forum, or rather a limited forum for a debate..I don't know what turn it took, ask a mod.

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: -mytym-

You know, I honestly wish ATS were a little more relaxed about some potential BS posts sometimes. A time ago I saw some guy post a pretty far out theory, the sort of thing you'd expect to see on a fringe site, and I sat back waiting to hear from other people who jived with the idea. But instead he got like ten posts telling him he's wrong in a row. And yeah, he probably was, but still... Its like the Ancient Aliens guy: You know he's probably wrong, but you let him explore the idea, you don't have 10 minutes of him and 40 minutes of skeptics, that's a no fun show. 45 seconds of Neil DeGrasse Tyson saying its BS is all we would need to know its probably a tall tale, but we enjoy the ride anyway.

Its good that way. If you present speculation within a context of credibility, you can really get in yourself in trouble. If you present speculation within a context of speculation, you won't. And with stuff like UFOs, even the most scientific investigator is leaning on a lot of speculation. I feel like with a site like this, you want to keep it open.

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