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Living in a Fridge.

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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 01:17 PM
Do you my dearest friend will feel okay if I tell you that you - exactly You.. and exactly right now, you my friend - you are in the fridge! Mommy's fridge.

Let me get to the nuts in a second...

Occult teachings consider three primary forces: The mystical - Kundalini, The Life force - Prana and the Perceptible energy - Fohat
Now our fridge is working fine just because of the nature of Fohat

Every form of life is made up of a certain grade of matter expressing a certain degree of intelligence or consciousness, and the connecting link between the two is the vital force of Fohat.

Fohat is the thing you preceve as matter, force, heat, electricity, magnetism, etc.
All is made of that Fohat thingie, thats why with the proper magic you could turn one form of Fohat to other. Like Electricity out of heat, or vice versa - ha we got to the point - our fridge.

How a fridge works...? Okay... let's ask firstly why a fridge works? - Simple, to change the temperature. Now comes the how. - Even more simple - thermodynamics.

Firstly to make a change in the temperature the fridge has to make things move:

If a system does not interact with its environment in any way, then certain mechanical properties of the system cannot change. They are sometimes called "constants of the motion". These quantities are said to be "conserved" and the conservation laws which result can be considered to be the most fundamental principles of mechanics. In mechanics, examples of conserved quantities are energy, momentum, and angular momentum. The conservation laws are exact for an isolated system.


Thus by the help of a refrigerant to move the pressure!

In the fridge: The liquid refrigerant flows through an expansion valve. (You can think of the expansion valve as a small hole like the one on an aerosol can.) As the refrigerant moves through the hole, it moves from a high-pressure zone to a low-pressure zone. The decrease in pressure corresponds with a decrease in temperature. Pressure is proportional to temperature! In the evaporator, the liquid also expands and evaporates, and as you know, evaporation of liquid takes away heat. The end result of this is that the gas is very, very cold!


So we get the basic Idea - It is pressure - heat exchange. This form of transformation of Fohat I find the most important for the Life in the Universe. Ofc the Universal fridge is a bit more complicated and the thermodynamic laws there work onto various levels of vibration, not only the perceivable hot/cold, but the heat of mind, heat of feelings and heat of movement/unfoldment. We raise the pressure in some area and the heat there changes. We lower it - the heat calms. Any inter-relation between two points is based on this law. Gamma Rays, Cow Farts, Single Whores, Eyeless Fish - All came from a proper pressure input at the different section of the fridge. This post is driven by the fridge too. Let's raise a new Egyptian GOD(they liked to do that thing every two weeks or so, in the past) - Lets praise the almighty - Fridge! (okay I forgot here the Kundalini and Prana, but religion is blind, ye know.)

The following quotes are taken from: Lay Lines and the meaning of Adam by Richard Leviton and Robert Coons

Richard Leviton is the author of Joseph's Seed, the first volume of a trilogy about the relations between mythology, the megalithic landscape, and transformations in consciousness - under the general title of Looking for Arthur. He is also author of Fraser's Angel, a visionary tale about the adventures of a young boy travelling in the angelic realms. Both titles are published in 1987.

The Grid is not something out there , away from us, safely, abstractly separate from our daily lives. Our molecular bodies and human consciousness as we walk on Earth live within the Grid. The Grid is like a unified tuning fork vibrating with our Light/Life/Electromagnetic spectrum for Earth as we receive it daily from our specific Star Evolution paradigm, the Sun, the astrophysical center of our local solar system Grid. Our King Sun is an evolving star, and our lives as humans on Earth are breathed within the Grid-mediated parameters of "His" body, our familiar solar system.

Geomancy and somamancy are two more pivotal Grid-explicating words. Geomancy initially means "divination of the Earth's secrets" (From the Greek, Gaia-mantos), but after a meditative experience with the planetary Grid, the word emerges for us into its larger meaning as "divinization of the Earth," because positive, loving human consciousness interfacing with the Heaven-bestowed Grid completes its intended divinization process. Somamancy (Greek: body-mantos) is the equivalent word operating in the human dimension.

There is on the Earth, state proponents of the Dome theory, a system of dome centers, or etheric energy canopies, occupying the space over sacred enclosures (creating them, in fact), f r o m which extend numerous short-distance straight-running and spiraling dome lines of light radiating out over the landscape. The dome lines link the dome centers with each other in a subtle communications grid.
Each Dome had the capacity to initiate up to 48 affiliate energy centers, or smaller domes, through a series of spiraling dome lines with a smaller dome cap at the end. These became affiliate, spiritualized power points in the landscape, but directly related, like child to parent, with the initiating Dome. Potentially there are 83,808 such dome caps on Earth, a figure that amply explains the near planetary ubiquity of ancient religious sites.

They were apparently material stones, as we know stones, about the size of a spherical suitcase. They were brought here by Plan of the Cosmic Chaplains and Elohim geomancers appearing here in the Domes; the stones were activated by the Domes, then positioned at key sites around the Earth to form what is called a Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar, for the benefit of all living forms. Each Vibrating Stone had its time of significance, in accordance with all the synchronously overlapping Zodiac schedules of activity, from the 12-hour cycle to the Great Year of 25,920 years. All 12 stones resonated in harmony and in resonance with each other.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: Egoismyname

Another word for Fohot is IMAGINATION.

All alchemist are Harry.

From your link:

his can be understood by taking a simple illustration—that of a potter and his pot. He may have an image or images of various types of pots in his own mind. He may have the clay, the water and all the necessary ingredients in front of him, but unless and until he wills to use his own energy and with his hands moulds and shapes the clay according to the image formed in his mind, there will be no objective formation of an earthen pot. This illustration should enable the student to have a clearer understanding of what Fohat is, and how it functions at various stages of evolution. The Will of man is one aspect of Fohat in the human kingdom, on the plane of mind; the potter's use of the energic force to create a pot with his own hands and make of it an objective reality is another aspect of the vital force on another plane.

The esoteric meaning for the word Jehovah is spelled out above.

From my own reality tunnel; Kundalini and Christ Consciousness are synonymous. A concept (state of mind) that has taken on physical proportions.

Occult teachings consider three primary forces: The mystical - Kundalini, The Life force - Prana and the Perceptible energy - Fohat

Explained in the allegorical story of Adam and Eve...

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 05:32 AM
Interesting subject to contemplate this morning.

The next question follows immediately: What is the one eternal thing in the universe that is independent of every other thing? To this the answer is space.

Theosophical metaphysics postulates one unified, universal field—space/consciousness—and one universal force or energy—Fohat—acting within that field. Theosophical doctrine holds that the original Fohatic energy is a tremendous power, vast enough to have caused the primal explosion that gave birth to the universe. The nature of such a formidable power is wholly beyond our experience, although it is certainly not beyond the limits of the scientific imagination

This is the root of what is known as the Logos Doctrine. Space is thus the ultimate, universal, unified field

the Indian tradition space is called akasha, that through which things step into visible appearance, i.e.,through which they possess extension or corporeality. Akasha comprises all possibilities of movement, not only physical but also spiritual, and also comprises infinite dimensions; it is called “the space of consciousness”

“What things are co-existent with space?” The reply is: (1) duration; (2) matter; (3) motion.

It is the fundamental creative power in the universe at all levels, in the sense that creation is the miraculous act of self-offering and self-bestowing, the compelling impulse to give expression to that which lies in the depths of consciousness (space), whether it be a philosophical or scientific truth, a work of art, a religious insight, or simply the gift of one’s heart to others.

On Fohat

I like to think of it as the creative energy which we all have in us and we all manifest in our own individual ways and that we all contribute to the life energy in the space we share. We all have a part of fohat in us, and we are all in a different dimension (or on different levels) contributing in some way. No matter how small it may seem to an observer it is present and it will have a universal impact and be far reaching.

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