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An interesting thought about "Dreams"

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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 11:18 AM
I've noticed collectively as a people we are more concerned with things that seem to be physical and feel as if we are advancing. We have all this advanced technology but in a past time we can see mayans predicting thousands of years ahead, it's interesting how they could.

I've sat and looked at dreams, not indepth but I think randomly on some tiny thoughts and sometimes it manifests.

What is a dream and what is the purpose of it? We don't know.

However, in a dream you aren't limited and we seem to be more on a level that's on par with "Quantum Physics" Time becomes nothing and reality is also nothing. Both men and women experience "wet dreams" and it actually does feel pretty much the same, so how is it that we were able to experience what we've never really experienced. Then there is the matter of "Deja-Vu" and it's rather puzzling, how did we find ourself in an exact same situation as once before, could it be because in our dreams we have literally no bounds where by we may have ventured to the future? Essentially jumping to whatever frame you'd like to. Then the speed that's achievable in dreams is pretty much 'instant'. You go at your own pace.

However to say you visited a planet in your dream and the atmosphere is xyz and you saw yzx it would be completely disregarded because dreams are just that, "Dreams". The last thing I've noticed about dreams, is from time to time, you observe yourself in third person. I read something somewhere which essential tried to put it out there that aliens communicate through thoughts, which are all of the universe so they can communicate vast distances FTL, essentially saying it's all 1 big bubble and they latch on to what they need to to get their thoughts accross, kind of like quantum entanglement. Wasn't a reputable website so I won't even bother to look for it. Now in regards to that from time to time people experience that "Gut Feeling" miles away and you know something is wrong, when you finally investigate it something is indeed wrong.

So if the above is too long or jumbled as many times my thoughts are jumbled these are the questions that i'm getting at.

Do you think:
1) Dreams are our gateway to the universe? If you can imagine it you can experience it you can practically set foot on the sun if you'd like..
2) Are all thoughts linked?

While you dream you are usually experiencing REM, and as it stands eye to eye communication is feeisble in the sense you can feel a connection with someone you stare in the eyes.

Is this why aliens are painted majority of the times with big eyes and huge heads? Because from the eyes brain waves are read?

Forgive me if it all sounds like gibberish.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 11:46 AM
It's entirely possible that this life experience is a dream, when viewed from a greater reality.

Sometime in my past dreams, I realized that this world is like a fully immersed video game.

In my experience we 'unplug', defrag and get rid of the extraneous information, then jack back in for another day.

Such dreams can be extremely liberating.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:25 PM
Greetings friend, I enjoy your food for thought. Just my kind of dinner

Have you ever heard of dream walkers? Human consciousness has this ability to create "their world" within their dreamscape, and can live within it, and experience it, as well as others who have attuned their mental faculties, can come and have some fun..

I have entered many people's dreams, and such, they message me and confirm it

I liken to compare the dream scape to what we have termed Astral state. They are both two paralell spaces that ARE experienced in a real time (not solar calender time of course).

Let me create an addition; when I meditate, I'm able to visualize and go "inside". Within, I can create the most amazing things, shapes, sounds, colours. . You know the stuff, we experience with our human bodies, and their 5 senses.

It's an internal experience, a natural right ability, and actuality, we are all born with, within, and can develop.

Ever wonder why the waking reality, its blueprint is designed to keep everyone awake and reptitive? It keeps one believing and attached to what's outside of their internal self. This is how we lose the connection!

Back to dreamscape and meditstions; the bridge, as I call it, is the substance that allows us to consciously cross "over" into this paralell states of self.
The bridge crumbles when you ignore internal self, have not developed your faculties, and do not express self and share, connect, and BE, woth the other BEINGS you share this realistic experience with.

Rebuilding the bridge is rebuilding connections, your internal abilities and faculties that need development.
You work and train muscles to grow on your body/house, why would it not be the same for your mind and heart, and that which spirals inward?

The internal self. As opposed to the external self we see in the external mirror.

Dreams are fluidity connected with reality. There was a point in my life I was so crossed between the two paralell spaces, I needed specific things in the waking reality to 'remind' me, this is the "real" one.

I'm back of course

But we are deep beings, and we may understsnd and connect with our MBS.

Minds, bodies, souls. That is the key to the door.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:28 PM

Do you think:
1) Dreams are our gateway to the universe? If you can imagine it you can experience it you can practically set foot on the sun if you'd like..
2) Are all thoughts linked?


I have always been interested in dreams. Very rarely do I have dreams that I think have some sort of meaning behind them. But when I do they really bother me for some time because I have no clue how to interpret them.

I do believe however that all thoughts are linked. For instance, have you ever been having a conversation with someone and ether both say the same thing at the same time or one said something that the other was about to say? That happens to me all the time.

Or have you ever been thinking of someone and have them contact you shortly after?

As for your first question, I would love to believe that our dreams are a gateway to the universe. Here is a link to a dream I had a couple of months ago that really made me freak out.

My Dream

Take a look at that and let me know your thoughts.

a reply to: SuspiciousTom

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:54 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

I would like to add one more thing;

The dreaming I described above is CONSCIOUS dream walking, it's being aware with a developed state of self, and experiencing it.

All of us on Earth, includes myself, most of our dreams seem random and have no meaning.

There is no such thing as no meaning. Everything happens for a reason, for a meaning.

Thsee types of dreams, the so called random ones, are articulated and structured through the SUB CONSCIOUS. If we don't consciously create, the deep part of ourselves will abstract, and create for us.

"Choose your path, or you path, will be chosen for you".

Be conscious in your choices within realities, or your choices will be shaped for you. That goes for your waking life, and dream life.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 01:58 PM
a reply to: PageLC14

I have read your post, and that's what I speak of, the bounds are pretty much limitless and i'm guessing you were dreaming in third person and what makes it interesting is that you had no idea you were pregnant and would soon bear new life.

a reply to: Elementalist

Yes, conscious dream walking not sure if we're on the right page but in my younger years I read about astral projection and lucid dreaming. The action of being aware that you are in your dream and hold the ability to create your reality as you plea.

I've done it for about 30 seconds then I woke up, as soon as I was aware I was dreaming I told myself "Am i dreaming or am i awake? the only way to know is to wake up".

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 07:04 PM
Nice thread. I love dreams. But I was wondering has anyone experienced a dream inside a dream? I did this once (don't remember the details) and it tripped me out. I woke myself from one dream only to realize that I was dreaming about dreaming

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 02:05 AM

originally posted by: RealTruthSeeker
Nice thread. I love dreams. But I was wondering has anyone experienced a dream inside a dream? I did this once (don't remember the details) and it tripped me out. I woke myself from one dream only to realize that I was dreaming about dreaming

I have a experienced a layered dreamscape, and it's a very confusing thing when we are experiencing it.

The most bizarre experience in the dream scape I ever had; was a triple-layered dream
I am 110% serious about this experience.

A dream, within a dream, within a dream. The deepest complex of internal mind I've experienced, so deep and structured it was.
Simultaneously, within different spaces and complexes built by the mind.

Knowing I was awake in the Astral / dream, while consciously knowing I was dreaming and creating in that state, while creating and knowing consciously, of another dream scape. ..
while Knowing my body was still at rest in another space! Man..

This was within that period of my life, I ventured dreams to better understand the nature of. Ive never experienced this before, and never have I experienced it again.

I was confused for days in the waking reality. There was just too much going on when I "slept" (body resting in waking reality, but I was fully awake and conscious in this dream complex).
The dream state vs the awake state, was 50/50 in how real and in depth I was with these paralell realities.

Ha! Haven't remembered that dream experince in a while. . Thanks for this recall

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