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A Legacy Set In Stone, UK Nuclear

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posted on Jun, 14 2015 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: fakedirt

Y'alreet marra! Hows't fettle?

The one I attended in January 2011 paid a £50 (I think it was that much) incentive for people to turn up!

You were actually involved in my thread on it Fakedirt....can't believe it was over 4 years ago!

Need help with questions to ask at meeting tomorrow on nuclear geological repository (UK)

This is one of my posts from that thread after I attended the meeting....

Ok, I'm back. Several hours of painstaking listening to them waffle on how it will benefit the area financially and boost tourism.

They pretty much said the deals been done and that the meeting was just to make it look like they had consulted the public, they even took photos as proof! lol.

Well, alright, they never said anything along those lines, but I pretty much got the impression thats what it was about.

Location seemed to be the main issue, Sellafield was agreed right round the room as 70% of the material is already there, but there is to be two areas.........the main "above ground" offices and what not, then an underground facility about 1000(!) metres down and 1km in size.

One of the questions they asked was if we thought there would be an issue if the underground part went over into the protected national trust area of the lake district, which, as it is underground, is open for discussion.

Apparently the government (oh the anti-government comments been thrown around made me chuckle) have looked into all other methods of using and / or storing the material and this is the most cost effective method.

Construction will be done over the next 15 years and storage / management over the next 100, after which it we be sealed off and apparently be self sustaining!

As for the Nirex comment by a previous poster, this picks up where it left off, Nirex said West Cumbria was geologically unsuitable for this type of project, but now we (apparently) have the technology and know how to do it.

After 6 hours of listening to that, I need a coffee and fag..............

posted on Jun, 14 2015 @ 01:55 PM
a reply to: woogleuk

fair to middlin me ole mukka, double digging an not givin it the bag!

wish i'd have known about the £50 4 years ago.

regarding the hole filling I guess we've all got our balls on the table.

posted on Jun, 14 2015 @ 02:17 PM
For those who know of the Great Mariana trench, where one tectonic plate slides under another one, there is an idea I have, that is totally politicly incorrect, is to dump the waste barrels into the trench, and let the one plate sliding under the other, to take the nuclear waste barrels with it, I have read that the under plate wont surface through volcanoes for 250,000 years, the damn stuff should be 'cool' by then, and locked into the lava, just a thought.
A specially designed and built submarine can carry and dump the barrels deep enough to make sure the barrels do plunge to the bottom of the trench.
Yes I know the Japanese might get upset, but I bet they are already working on that idea, if not, why not?

posted on Jun, 14 2015 @ 02:50 PM
a reply to: pikestaff

the idea has been kicked around for some time now. a subduction area with access to the outer core would be ideal. problem is the delivery system, pressure and heat during the process.


posted on Jun, 14 2015 @ 11:40 PM
a reply to: Kester

Woke up this morning and realised was Chris Busby who warned about the copper cylinders bursting, not Arnie Gundersen.

edit on 14 6 2015 by kester because: too early

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