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The quest to prevent Iran from going nuclear, and pretending that it matters

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posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 09:29 AM

For what seems like the fifth time (maybe because it is the fifth time) since the groups inception, the willful recipients of the terror-cell-turned-charity Islamic State have claimed ‘finders-keepers’ on U.S.-donated weapons.

This time, however, members of the radical departure from Islam — so disjointed that its sympathizers attack countries that support their own cause — allegedly scrounged enough scrap rare-earth materials to fashion a weapon of mass destruction.

“This is really worrying them,” Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bisop, said in an interview [with The Australian]. “When [ISIS] swept across territory in Syria and Iraq, she said, “the insurgents did not just clear out the cash from local banks” (The Independent).

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