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Pope is about to ban popular catholic apparition site Medjugorje, after 2 years of failed reforms

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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:15 PM
I suppose the bigger picture is that both/all superpowers had extraterrestrial contacts with different races, not necessarily matching between, at different time before but certainly after WW2.

It is not possible to explain otherwise that the Soviet empire got the first cosmonaut, the big enough Moon rocket used until today (unlike Saturn 5) and space based platform for orbital laser in 1988, when Reagan just started taking of it. It is not possible to have that while in the stores you had shortages like those in the Soviet system. It just doesn't match. You have a completely devastated country after WW2, 3 times bigger than USA, and you get the first space rocket from there, not from USA, despite USA got von Brown and many other scientists from Germany. (and how Germany achieved that in secret?)

The contact is a fact, only the polarities are not determined yet. Fatima talked about it in secret, because that is the only thing not mentioned until now by ecclesiastic people. Perhaps that is inside Medjugorje and other secrets. Is it what the Vaticans don't want us to know, namely the teams or agendas of ET groupings behind each of the superpowers? .

Even if they came to agreement thanks to higher powers, according to insiders like Bob Dean (who speaks in details of Vatican knowledge back in the time of Pius XII) even if they agreed not to annihilate the earth as a result of that higher power intervention, even though we have to know the truth. It is not good manner to throw pieces like the green martians to the crowd, and then to turn back to smash Medjugorje. Isn't it better just to tell the entire truth the way it is. It will make more honor to the respected hierarchy in the Vatican, to continue its mission even further after 20 centuries. Don't take it for granted though!

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:29 PM
Только так победим. БДХ, 1983. Only thus shall we win, BDH Big Children's choir, 1983 Moscow USSR

A song about the coming 21st century and the future afterwards. Not against Jesus.
"Стрелки идут по кругу, время идет вперед".
"Arrows going in a circle, time goes forward" towards the Soviet bright future in 21st century as promised by then USSR system.

Some Western theorists suppose, the Soviet system lowered down guard on purpose, and to buy time, preparing for a future reestablishment.

Many older Russians dream of their youth and of the system they lived in for some 70 years.

Do the cardinals dream of that same, having different childhood and may be never being part of Pioneer camps (compared to today's scouts in the West), singing not of Jesus but of Lenin instead? Jesus was not persecuted. He was absent from public life. As it is about to happen again, this time in the West.

One cannot compare Medjugorje songs to that, can he? They are not against Jesus either. practically, the above song is not anti-religious, it is only pro-Lenin and the bright soviet future as victory "ony in this way shall we win - in the way of Lenin".

What do you want to do out of the apparitions, pastors? What is your agenda? You could have said more 26 years after the communism when you weren't afraid of a nuke over St Peter's dome. Or perhaps even that is not of your concern because you will go straight to God. How wrong! You practically betray the flock.
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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:36 PM
Большой детский хор - "И Ленин такой молодой"

"The fight continues again, Lenin is so young, and the youth October is forward."

Lenin could be cloned by the ET, although it might not be necessary right now. He can stay for longer.

You guys just don't understand where the world is heading to, and what is good and bad regarding to the ET. Because a number of people just don't want us to know what the Heaven communicated. Some of them are in the Vatican and think they hold God's hand ?!? They will be responsible for not telling us the truth, for thousands generations, if Jesus doesn't come now. If he comes, they will be responsible at the moment. Because theoretically they could stop the human race out of existence by letting it die, by not telling us the secrets of Fatima and others. They could stop the rescue efforts, thus making nonsense all God's promises given to the Chosen People, etc. It is better to say who is good and who is evil. And shall the people believe if Our Lady says it in Medjugorje under the secrets? Or if the pope says it finally? And will there be any difference between? Who's who among the ET s will become the hottest question once the now inevitable Disclosure happens. It may be as soon as this September session of the UN where the pope will speak too. Actually, this is the good scenario. Something about the bad scenario I already told of, and you may compose the rest of the story using YOUR BRAIN not someone else who want to delude you.

What you see above in those videos, was the reality of half of the world, and Kruschev promsied it for the other haf in a matter of decades. Even though, the religion wasn't persecuted to the point of extinction. Neither did the apparitions. I guess the seers will have more to say how the Yugoslavian police treated them. Not good of course but they survived healthy. It is absurd they are persecuted now again.
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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 01:41 PM
Actually, the big ET agendas seem to be divided into two main groups: the one world agenda that seems to be adopted on Sept 2015 session of UN under Plan 21 century. With or without ET Disclosure. I believe some ET will appear to help that agenda and not others.

The other is to offer alternative future of humankind thru those ET who would offer transport and host planets, until the earth is being cleansed. I'd accept that agenda.

It is a pity we are being help in dark when that should be talked to right from 1960 as Our Lady wished to. Perhaps instead of making mind deciphering codes, we would know many more facts to be analysed.

I suggest ET enlightenment will occur prior the acceptance of Agenda 21, because to give a second chance of embattled humanity whoever doesn't want one world system to have alternative road ahead, different from the physical death.

Notice Agenda 21 is named only as reference, it is not the old one. I don't know its exact name. It is a brand new plan for the century never before adopted in the UN.

There are two wais: Medjugorje seers endorse exit way of humanity, or they endorse stay here and build up the new society.

Those two ways are pretty much the same for the Catholic church. With the involvement of Francis in the UN, I guess he adopts that agenda. Despite of a possible pole shift (survivors underground).

Showing his dislike of the messages received by Heaven in a way not directly controlled by his own authority, he practically shows the agenda of Mary and her angels is the opposite of the agenda of the UN and the ET who will support it with practical tech bio med help. So not taking position is also taking position. Not speaking is also speaking. If it was otherwise, we would have seen LAAARGE explanations of Fatima on hundred pages books, presentations online and explanations of periods humanity have passed and still has to pass thru. Ideas of salvation in case of disaster would have been offered in collaboration with best scientists. Other apparitions who speak of that too, as Anguera, would have been included without any problem from the Vatican.

We don't see anything like that. We have to assume the timelines and agendas differ and bifurcate at that point, may be in the next two months. We may never see each other again, if we take different parts of the galaxy(s). Those who stay on earth will have their civilization, probably going underground or to nearby bases on Mars for the duration of the pole shift (nibiru, galactic wave, whatever).

The other timeline of humanity will never meet with the left behinders in foreseeable future. Perhaps right before Armageddon (IF IT IS NOT NOW) the two or more timelines will converge again.

If armagedon is now, you have all that with even more striking tones, because the escape timeline is that of the rapture, and the stay on earth timeline is that of persecution of Dragn, beast and antichrist. To be honest, I don't know what is the real case scenario and can't take responsibility to tell people something it will be wrong. Esdras gives longer time frames, others give shorter. Jesus said He didn't know when. If he doesn't know, I don't know either.
But to analyze the above two (or more) timelines is not that difficult having all the info available online,and unbiased mind who searches not established paradigms, canons and taboos, but the truth behind them. The truth that transpires against all odds. It is already in the air that knwoledge and you cannot stop it in secrets anymore. Even less with bans, and that is just absurd my elaborated views were met with declarations of what the Catholic church taught centuries ago. OK fine. Go your way with that outdated status quo, and I go my way with what is given as grace and info in modern days, and also some logical reasoning on it.

It is clear the planet earth cannot go any further with 7 bln pop in the conditions it has today as economics and politics. From that base line, it is up to one's intelligence to build up model that fits core parameters. My model reaches not only to nearby stars but also to galaxies that already contacted us according to insiders. Your model may reach to underground bunker, talked of by Josephat of Marmora, that might be good enough for the physical and spiritual survival of your family. Just be careful whose side you will choose to save you. Because it won't be exactly democracy once the pole shift occurs. (one of the few things Vatican indeed released about Fatima, thank them!)

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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 01:21 AM
I don't agree with the idea that every apparition must be approved by some Vatican committee. The history of the Church both Eastern and Western, shows otherwise. Major apparitions, especially those given to popes and patriarchs, weren't subject of any investigation and committees but taken as final proof of Heaven of particular earthly situation. Such as the battle of Lepanto and the vision of St Pius V of it, without telegraph or internet.

One may say, the apparition of the Risen Lord Jesus to the apostles and Mary, wasn't subject of investigation of anyone. It was apparition only to be seen for those He chose to see Him. Firs He chose women, and then rebuked the apostles for their disbelief! Perhaps not everything has been told about that apparition too. Perhaps Jesus told many more words after resurrection, speaking of the mandate "go to the Entire Universe" with many more details, including those of angelic contact. All of that was brutally cut off by those who took over the Church commanded by pagan Rome.

Will there be any strength in today's top leaders to reveal the truth of Jesus Christ? Or they will hide under canons and rules until their entire construction fell down? Don't take it for granted Rome will stay until the ends of ages. Actually Jesus never ever mentioned Rome or papacy the way we know it from history. Will Rome find strength to reform itself, and by doing so to help the believers and the rest of humanity to find the truth of Lord Jesus? Or it will just fail both spiritually and physically, as Malachi predicted. Not as martyrs but as deserved punishment sent by the God almighty, as warned so many times thru canonized saints. I can't understand why they lost so much time after the end of the Cold War and the danger of one shot kill off everyone in Vatican. They took it for granted. Instead of selling words to crowds for practically playing world superpower and spiritual mind control, they should have told us the truths they still keep secret. Because the Heaven demanded so. Both secret Gospels and secrets from modern apparitions. Otherwise, they lie both us and Heaven.

Our Lady appeared multiple times in Cairo Egypt, 2009 and before. There were no problems for His Holiness
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria not only to "approve" but also to thank Virgin Mary, and thank the people who gathered, both Christian and Muslim. (the late 117th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of All Africa on the Holy Apostolic See of St. Mark the Evangelist of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria)

When images of Our Lady appear in Medjugorje and elsewhere, when dancing suns appear in a dozen of sites, including Argentina and Chile, the reaction is "demonic", or "ufo". Then let redefine what UFO is.
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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 02:58 AM

Is it possible finally the Vatican to be taken out of game by angelic/extraterrestrial strike, EMP or other? We rule out possibility of intervention of ET in our home affairs on Earth. But in fact they did so at several key moments in history: During Alexander the Great advances on the East, once to assure his victory against fortified city, and once to stop him from moving into India. The vision of Constantine of a cross in the sky that changed the history of both the Roman empire and Christianity. We would have a very different Christianity today if it was not the "conversion" of Constantine, along with his shape of ancient Christianity. We got imperial Christianity since then, that pretty much continues to this day. (the pope is considered king of the earthly kings, therefore his Tiara triple crown, abolished by pope Paul 6). All thanks to a single vision in the sky to a pagan ruler yet-to-become emperor. Unbelievable.

Some insiders who speak of Aliens say the Aliens when come will take care of Vatican, too, besides other things. Sorry I cannot provide link other that it was said some years ago in one of the many interviews in Project Camelot.

Rome underestimates all that and the worst is we are the fools who should buy all of the negatives as result of mistakes for decades. If it were otherwise we would have God's kingdom on earth after 20 centuries sacraments and bishops, and 26 years after the communism end, branded by some as the beast of revelation. We do not have that, instead we are at the edge of the abyss. Instead of help from Rome, we get absurd rulings on everything, from making children, to ... apparitions.
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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 01:05 PM

All those thousands people are not idiots deluded by a seer who sees the devil instead of Our Lady. All messages speak of love and of Jesus. The last message mentions Him only 5 times, 3 times in reference to the priests with request for prayer for them! That is not against Jesus of the Gospels.

BTW those are the same people who attend papal masses when such availability (financial and others) occur. The same people, several generations, who spent their entire lives consecrated to Mary and Jesus' Hearts, Fatima, Lourdes, and in modern time Medjugorje and Garabandal. Some of them follow more apparitions, especially those in Latin America. But everyone knows of Medjugorje. It is all those devote people who make the Catholic church breathe, besides the consecrated persons. As the Orthodox doctrine says, the bishop is not a bishop for himself, he is elevated as such only because there are faithful. If no faithful, no bishop either.

I want to know what those faithful persons will be awarded in this life, for praying out the end of the Cold War without a single nuke (it could end with 2 nukes as WW2, or more). What will be the gratitude of the clericks who live really a luxury life in time of crisis, to the several dozen million MOST FAITHFUL prayer warriors who make it all beautiful homilies materialize in the real life. Will the top recognize their role in salvation plan in history, or not. They are "priests in Christ's priesthood" too. They deserve to be thanked, and some of them to be elevated, not to be blamed and ridiculed for believing what Mother of God offers as a way of love, way of salvation. Does the Church top offer something else, so it feels offended somehow?

Or God does not reward in this world, He is there only to punish, the Church does not thank anyone, she is there only to forgive sins on lists prepared by her own officers with screwed up view on world. Why should be one good, if for the goodness and following all rules one should receive the opposite of reward? Isn't the secular society a better option, not to say something more? The so presented picture is absurd, as well as much of what is being promoted recently.

When these several millions of people are removed finally, as their reward to escape the worst, given by God, it will be too late for the rest to repent. Including priests and bishops. The world will be left without those who stop the devil right now to take his final harvest.

I am afraid the pope will announce evil aliens after such prep. talk on Medjugorje. It is better you update your knowledge from secular sources, such as Dr Michael Salla's classification from 2003 on ET intentions/agendas. It is found online both on his own website and elsewhere. Read and enlarge your horizon before the pope tells you the Martian is your brother, the one with the big green ears and nose. He might be though, but the pope could have chosen a better example of God's creation beyond Earth. As for example, beautiful human looking Pleiadians, Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Altair, Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti, and many others. Let start fromt he human ET before we move to accept as brothers those who look a bit different from us. Or is there a reason exactly the human ET to be sidelined, back to the gospel angels?

The pope should say now one big and sincere "sorry" to the millions of believers, and CDF chie should have resigned if he had dignity. Or...they plot something really sinister this September. Hope the spaceship ride is scheduled before that date.

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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 01:51 PM
Medjugorje Seers deserve to be elevated to Lay Cardinals! There are historic precedence, and the females are theoretically admittable since the cardinalate is not a sacrament of ordination in priesthood.

I wonder what all reform of Francis is about, if we see not a reform but persecution of past centuries. We don't need the next Jeanne d'Ark to be canonized post mortem. We need alive persons full of energy and spirit, who want to build exactly what the popes wanted to build - civilization of love. If those wordings have any more meaning after the death of St John Paul II.

Instead of starting quiet but sure persecution on the apparition and its seers, the Vatican should take their experience with the supernatural as a leading star in the tunnel of darkness the Church and the world are eclipsed right now (Benedict talked about that darkness of the world, if you will).

Pedro Regis of Anguera should be cardinal, too. And a number of other seers who showed not only fidelity to the Church, but also are proficient in theology, in MODERN Theology. Thanks to the ongoing apparitions of the real, resurrected Virgin Mary who comes back everyday to this planet, for a purpose. Surely not only to tell us to love and pray. We have been given last chances with those apparitions. The legions of angels are at the disposal of the Queen of Angels and Her Divine Son, on minute notice. Let not forget examples of the Old testament of Angels' actions.

It is the Vatican that will take its decision for its own fate. Our Lady already gave all of Her love in this and other apparitions. So did Jesus on the Cross, and after the Resurrection too. To put on collision course Jesus and Mary is the worst scenario ever, and it will imminently bring response from Heaven, from the Father, because Mother Mary will ask Him not for mercy and delay anymore, but for action. So said Blessed Canora Mori beatified by St John Paul II. Too many saints and too little nowadays hierarchy to listen to them. Why don't the hierarchy write about that? Sure there are those who favor Medjugorje and a CHANGED COURSE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH 15 years into the new Millennium. We lost aready enough time.

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 03:24 PM

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O most pure heart of Mary, full of goodness, show your love towards us. Let the flame of your heart, O Mary, descend on all people. We love you im- mensely. Impress on our hearts true love so that we may long for you. O Mary, gentle and humble of heart, remember us when we sin. You know that all people sin. Grant that through your most pure and motherly heart, we may be healed from every spiritual sickness. Grant that we may always experience the goodness of your motherly heart, and that through the flame of your heart we may be converted. Amen.

(Dictated by Our Lady to Jelena Vasilj of Medurgorje, 18 November 1983.)

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 07:19 PM
Never mind, not worth the effort.

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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 11:33 PM
a reply to: markosity1973

I could say more, and more substantial also for the Medjugorje seers themselves, because they are not saints and never pretended to be. May be it is not worth the effort yes. I restrict my posts to what is already posted, that is already too much info given to the people (no matter catholics or free thinkers). In anyway no one believes posts like that, and if some do it is only to fill their own books of scenarios, for free. I know some of them who read here. Tomorrow they may proclaim parts of it as their own teaching. They are the second gear of the same system.

You will be very surprised, those of you who still don't get it, when tomorrow, after 1 month or 3 months there will be new ideas proclaimed by hi place. Not necessarily the true ones. I don't know what they come up with, only guess based on what they already leak for years.

Get saved, get out of here!
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