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Mystery explosion of Gyttorp Sweden (1976)

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posted on May, 27 2015 @ 04:45 AM
This thing has bothered me for years and i hope bringing this to public will help me solve at least some part of this puzzle.

It all began at Gyttorp Sweden. A tiny town in the middle of nowhere. But all the residents work at the same place, Nobel dynamite factory, founded by THE one and only Alfred Nobel. That factory has been producing ammunition, explosives and variety of chemicals since 1858.

My father happened to work there in the 70's, mostly with dynamite and shotgun shells.

In the mid winter of -76 something strange happened. Twice. First of all, there was reports of flying saucer activity on the area, some have even claimed that the saucer has landed on the frozen lake just next to the factory. And all the evidence seems to support this, as my father told me that he has seen the marks on the ice that saucer has left (as did my mother). A perfect circle in near the beach, with 4 "landing gear" marks on the each "corner" of the circle. Winter was on its coldest so it did not melt all the ice, just enough to be seen.

Gets even weirder.

Gyttorp factory was and is guarded place, naturally. They make munitions there so that is expected. None of the nightguards has no memory of that night. Nothing. Zip. Nada. They even have guard dogs there, but of course, dogs dont speak. Someone local could perhaps find news articles from local papers from that era, i'll try to dig in that later to confirm these events 100%. I've heard these stuff from multiple sources so i have no reason to doubt them.

SO. What happens next is the crazy part. Believe it or not.

A week after this, in the middle of the day, all workers go for a lunch. Machines stop and everybody went to the cafeteria or their homes to eat (town is practically a stone throw away, i've been there). Except for two guys, Pelle Svensson (funnily the most stereotyphical swedish name ever) and this engineer (my dad did not know his name) decieded to work over lunch so they could leave early to play hockey in some local match (both were very sporty guys). These guys were working at the chemical side of the plant, making TRINITROMETHANE.

At the noon, that section of the factory exploded. Pelle was torn in 2 pieces and died, engineer lost all his limb but survived.

My father told me they were making trinitromethane for american customer. Googled what that is, and i was struck by a lightning.

"The potassium salt of nitroform, KC(NO2)3 is a lemon yellow crystalline solid that decomposes slowly at room temperatures and explodes above 95 °C. The ammonium salt is somewhat more stable, and deflagrates or explodes above 200 °C. The hydrazine salt, hydrazinium nitroformate is thermally stable to above 125 °C and is being investigated as an ecologically friendly oxidizer for use in solid fuels for rockets."

in short:

Ufo visited the factory->guards lost their memory->chemical plant that was producing rocket fuel explodes at lunchtime, killing one and injuring one poor souls that decieded to leave early.

Coincidence? I think not.

I'd love to know what you think, and MOST OF ALL, why "they" would do this?? To prevent WHAT from leaving earth?

posted on May, 27 2015 @ 06:12 AM
Quick search reveal that there was indeed an accident and a UFO sighting (you should really include sources) but I wonder, when was the accident? I can only get -76. The UFO sighting occured the 21st january (and another note on the 26th about some hole in the ice I think). If the accident happened later that year, its unlikely that they where even remotely connected - the plant has had plenty of accidents. The UFO report at make no mention of an accident whatsoever and it is being noted 2 months after the sighting. You'd think they would say something. Do you have a source for the accident date? Your note about the security guards doesnt make much sense, as it was a security guard that reported the sighting.
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posted on May, 27 2015 @ 06:43 AM
My source is my father and my relatives living there, very reliable and they have no reason to alter facts. I could not find exact date of the explosion, but as i said before, my father told me that it happened next week after the alleged UFO sighting. I think he meant the security guard(s) that was specifically guarding the chemical plant area. Gyttorp complex is quite big and there is lot of ground to cover, it simply cant be guarded by one single person, in this case the guy who saw the lights.

And he was not the only one who saw those lights, many local people (including my uncle) did see that/them. Yes the plant has had many accidents, but none of this weird. Considering they were making rocket propellant for AMERICAN customer.

posted on May, 27 2015 @ 07:23 AM

originally posted by: Pastor
...Considering they were making rocket propellant for AMERICAN customer.

What evidence do you have that they were making rocket propellant? You stated that your father said they were producing trinitromethane, which, while explosive, would not be suitable for use as rocket fuel. The other compound that you mentioned, hydrazinium nitroformate, uses trinitromethane in its' creation, but the two are not the same.

Accidents happen, especially when and where (presumably) large quantities of explosive materials are being produced. There's nothing whatsoever that would suggest any correlation between this accident and any supposed UFO sighting that occurred a week or so earlier.
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posted on May, 27 2015 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: Pastor

And he was not the only one who saw those lights, many local people (including my uncle) did see that/them. Yes the plant has had many accidents, but none of this weird. Considering they were making rocket propellant for AMERICAN customer.

I am not understanding what significance the customer has in the story, or the significance that the customer was AMERICAN. Maybe if the customer was ALIEN?

posted on May, 27 2015 @ 11:25 AM


posted on May, 27 2015 @ 11:33 AM
a reply to: Pastor

If that is the only dynamite factory there, then it had a LOT of explosions occur over the years. I can't find any newspaper reports on one in the 1970's (one from 1971 but not 1976), but I have found 2 or 3 other reports from the 60's of that factory being blown up with multiple casualties.

Sounds like they were not very careful there.....
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posted on Sep, 25 2015 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: Pastor

UFO on the lake Vikern in Gyttorp.

Date of incident: January 21, 1976
Name of paper and date of clip: Karlskoga-Kuriren, March 16, 1976 City and country of newspaper: Karlskoga, Sweden.


Nora, - I thought I saw wrong when I spotted the object on the ice. Round like a cheese and a weak yellow-white light was seen from it. I tried to figure out all kinds of solutions that were natural like glowing animal eyes, but it was there almost the whole night and I stood a long while looking at it. . . Allan Jansson in Pershyttan outside Nora doesn't really know if he should believe what he saw the evening January 21 this year. He [is not] superstitious and has never believed in flying saucers. But yet today, two months later, he can't find a natural explanation to what he saw on the ice of Vikern when he was working night shift. And now has the UFO organisation that deal with what's popularly called flying saucers, found out that it might have been a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that Allan Jansson saw.


We have no proof, but we have one person who saw the object and we have the traces in the ice on Vikern that are very interesting and cannot be explained by natural explanations, saysThorvald Berthelsen, chairman of the UFO-association, which has been in the town of Gyttorp and the examined case.

It took three days before Allan Jansson told his working partners about the incident.

You never know what people might believe if you come and tell such things, he says.


At 3.00 a.m. in the night the object had gone again and than Allan thought he just should forget about it entirely. But when he was on his way to work a couple of days later he looked out on the ice and discovered a round ring on the ice where he had seen the object.
I should prefer a natural explanation to what I saw, but I went to some foremen and told them what I've seen.
Soon the UFO-organisation was contacted and Allan Jansson experienced a great excitement and had to tell all he knew and had seen.
I saw the object at about hundred meters distance so it's hard to give the right measurements. But I should guess it was about one meter high and 35 meters in diameter. It was easily seen against the ice also steady light came from it, but no light was reflected from the ice.
UFO-association has examined the ice in the ring that was visible on the lake and let experts look at the crystals. All natural reasons that could be have been eliminated and the Gyttorps-case is very interesting, says. Thorvald Berthelsen.

APPENDIX to this case.

I myself was on the ice at Vikern one day after the event. It was at least 14-17 degrees below zero in the air. Crystal formation was almost completely intact. In the middle was the height of the crystals approximately 20 cm. In the outer edge of the circle approximately 4.5 mm. There were many speculations about the incident at the time. But the crystals that resembled small panes of glass in crystal form entangled in each other could not be explained by natural means. We took photos of the circle and close-ups of the crystals. There was fresh snow across the circle and over the lake.
To all this thera where other witnesses who wanted to be anonymous. One man and his wife saw an red steady light at 18.30 the same afternoon over the lake And saw the light stand still at the same place. They thought it to be some Helicopter without any sound. As closest to the object Allan Jansson was only 100 meter away and saw it had an boddy like an round cheese and many what seemt to be windows.

Next event.

In late March and early April, the lake Vikern attention again. Some local residents woke up the night of 29 of what appeared to be a strong wind. The next morning you could see a big open hole in the ice. We also investigated this case and hired divers to see what was in the water. No particular part cloudy mass that later proved to be from Dynamex, a substance produced in Gyttorp. Probably wanted to play a few tricks on us, or also wanted to draw ridicule over the incident on 21 January. At the event with the open hole on the ice, there were several people who showed interest. Later in an coffee shop in the town of Nora. One of the people that he came from the University of Norrköping told us that he had shown pictures of the crystals to some University lecturer who, together with some others including a physicist discussed the case. They had different reasons, the main reason was negative gravity. But this should not get out to the public. Recently I found a tape of that time, where I have an audio recording of this event with the person frome the Norrköping University.


The explosion at Gyttorp took place on 5 February 1976. 5 people were injured, including one difficult. A person "Pelle Andersson" 22 years old was killed instantly. Through the years, at least 60 people died in Gyttorp plant since the company was founded in 1864. The first serious accident came four years later in 1868 when the total of 14 people died in an explosion.

It would be nice if the person called Pastor could read my text...Maybe he would get som answeres. I have all the storrys frome that time newspapper and could make him some copies...

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