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The Past can Rule the Present and Block the Future... Unless?

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 12:01 PM
/The past…

//WILL those in the present Learn from it or mimic mistakes so the mistakes ever last?

/Looking back at mistakes made AS A SPECIES
Shall we move forward or continue to fall behind?

//Thinking-because one “group” Nation or (Species) made Mistakes
then in turn to make similar mistakes in the Present…
That every thing is fine?

-ex- Look what those humans from there did in the past
So why cant us humans do the same now in the present-ex closed-
Even if observed the cost of human life lost, same mistake or similar still contemplated or made.

/From a more Observer or WATCHER
Cosmic/Dimensional/Spiritual ETIC position
these Species mistakes, how are/would they be viewed?

-ex- Aliens / Angels-Demons / CREATOR GOD Sends or Demigods, however you perceive Higher dimensional beings Watching-plotting on/Guiding-Overseeing Humanities growth since Humanities Energy was Created-ex closed-

//Is a species that practices self species hatred acts upon itself from its past to present PREPARED TO ENCOUNTER THE ULTIMATE TRUTH?

/Or should they be left alone as the hate grows even stronger in mass?

//why some are “selected” individually making the NU group who have LOVE to Manifest.

/These individuals originally thought of as Sheeple
in the groups, being spiritually and consciously and possibly physically herded
Can sense something going wrong.

-ex- The EnLIGHTened (nothing special ALL* can become so don't misread) and those being prepared to be in Light… Who seek Truth to help their habitat EA*RTH and see through manipulative social pyramid schemes that misguide the masses, and those who DENY the EYEs that sit above the many social pyramid schemes of this planet and so control ignorantly many as many are controlled -ex closed-

//LOVE does exist beyond here and so some at times come from beyond

/The ARRIVAL 1 can imagine could/would be devastating depending on the state of man as the Observers see the deeds STILL? Humanity has done.

-ex- use your imagination you sense it even if you deny what 1 means… -ex closed-

//Where some REALLY believe
Materialist gain - Greed and Power
Have more influence over their Spiritual and physical reality
then those who are also many but also = One…

/The FUTURE can be blocked as long as mistakes of the PAST continue to rule the PRESENT.

//Instead of Humans pointing fingers at past mistakes by humans? From different nations or religious groups and attacking-retaliating or holding grudges from the past plotting against their own species in the present, why haven't these mistakes been taken as LEARNING Lessons?

If some in the present continue to look to the past mistakes made not to learn from them but to mimic them and try to use the past as reason to give more momentum to present negatives the Future of the species continues to remain under rule of the past mistakes… (sad)

If you notice your supposed enemy of your same species made mistakes in the past
that have made you their current enemy-

-WHERE IS IT LOGICAL TO MIMIC THOSE SAME MISTAKES or similar IN THE PRESENT IF YOU ARE REALLY CONSIDERING A FUTURE FOR YOUR PEOPLE OR CAUSE? Knowing you will become the future enemy of another still of the same species because of making the same mistakes.

Or is it hidden material gain greed and power just reformulated into a new manipulative ignorance projection? To hide the goats and control the sheep.

1 wonders.

This thread was spawned out of concern for humanity and the many many many who find reasons to hate one another of their same species due to mistakes made in the past which in turn keeps hate present blocking the future as the cycle cannot change if it remains stuck on the past.


posted on May, 21 2015 @ 12:51 PM
I see a simple slavery operation going on with alot of negative programming, and lights and big souls have been captured in this level. And The Good is always working to free them.

What is learnt, well if some nefarious group isn't stealing all our experiences and rewiping us in perpetual slavery then all the information good and bad eventually works.

However, simply put, no matter what a person believes, trying to grow up, and get others awake, so that they both start to caretake nature, environment and mother earth, in a responsible intelligent caring way, as well as each other, and progressing.

Past/Present/Future to me is simultaneous, however. For a person's progression, its more Higher Mind, to Lower Mind Constructs, to Higher, oops again slip lower, and a gradual returning home.

In the macro sense, Higher Ups really need to physically intervene and change lower mind constructs if people don't get an opportunity as a group to progress, if its just one by one. Because that is obscene. Unless a majority can change mind and see the results of positive choices relatively easily, then its a very unbalanced and unfair system and Love would never stand for this abuse of their Brothers and Sisters.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Hello Unity_99 thanks for coming and sharing.

Yes many are enslaved mentally, spiritually and even religiously.

In no way is 1 attempting to speak bad of religions because its understood in the past over time many religions and religious influences have made mistakes due to ignorant ones taking advantage.

Mistakes that in turn affect the Mental which further affects the Spiritual as the mental generates outlooks and belief systems seeded from some religious influences. So its ALL* connected.
Especially when considering there being higher dimensional energies interested in seeing failure of the physical so that they can have more DIRECT access to the more astral -spiritual- ethereal forms primarily held by the "current" physical human.

Would some kill others who didn't follow their religious beliefs, BELIEFS DEEPLY ROOTED IN THE ASTRAL-ETHEREAL - SPIRITUAL, knowing that their deeds would follow them through the transitions of life and death in the Astral -Ethereal- Spiritual realms of Existence?
1 doubts many if any would Unity_99 because they would know there is a balance that "encounter" them that is not hatred based but based on the protection and survival interest of ALL* making up the WHOLE*

But perhaps that's why the veil exist so some can be WATCHED, Observed and interacted with from behind the multi way mirrors between dimensions to see how some would really act on their own free will...

Which provides accurate CREATOR Creation behavior data abroad and also provides cover for the Family both benevolent and malevolent (as their existence is doubted) to cross over to help and try to re direct a soul energy or group or groups from potentially allowing their soul materials from being captured or parasited from why in the physical if not used for some para/supernatural technology to open or invoke things by the malevolent and unaware benevolent family.

But the self species hatred mistakes made even if many of the family cross over still prevent many from advancing into the Future. As many fail to recognize they are One and so hating them selves in groups in various controlling ways why at the same time potentially feeding the parasitic a "feast" of energy the more some destroy many others with ignorance associated with the past...

So when some plot to kill or kill so extremely and then say they do it for their god or in the name of their god or religion and then in turn want their followers to follow them it strikes me as odd.

Have they even researched the god they represent and send so much energy to or is it just a free throw of thinking and metaphysical prayer energy tossing? Allowing some undetected above the below to manipulate upon the below.
Do they believe in the existence of actual physical and or astral ethereal GOD / Devil / Angels / Demons or Aliens?
Are they in any real concern for the advancement of the souls of their followers or are their followers unknowingly sacrificing and bonding themselves to a energy unthinkable by those unaware?
Is it GREED driven to enslave control manipulate with outlet propaganda.

Meaning are these mistakes or are they games played against humanity not one or many specific groups of it by those with influence from higher 1 shall say perspectives...

Still evaluating, my friend.

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 02:03 PM
There is a logistics kind of way that the past blocks the future. To me there is the dark side and their dead stars or failed civilizations. Those who could not progress and move beyond predatory, warrior, survival of the fittest, do tend to block the present, and also, the elite here who seem to serve Moon/Saturn/Sirius B type coalition, have the past directions and distorted information, as their religion.

They try to avoid allowing anyone to learn lessons from the past, by rewriting history altogether while keeping their own copies of it intact. But they don't seem to learn anything, just resets and hording power.

But I believe we have more than groups watching us, though even neutral watching is better than dark side and in a sense, that would make our experiences and lessons live on and spread through many systems. Many could learn and progress via the things on earth, and planets like earth.

However, I also believe we have our Family there and that nothing really can happen unless allowed. So even a trap or recycle that would affect any individual can not only be changed, but would have to serve something bigger than the negatives who have hijacked the system to operate this kind of slave exploitation of living souls. Our Family is the Highest Powers and we are safe in the long run, no matter what. That this is all temporal distortion.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Yes it appears there are many lessons to be learned from but many are not learning or as you said are being blocked from remembering to learn.
-ex- Hypothetically speaking if there was a advanced civilization connected to man or even mankind ancestors who destroyed the planet mankind was on last with nuclear and other advanced like weapons found here now. Would mankind knowing this data even think of looking at a nuclear weapon or energy knowing what it did to the past and can prevent future advancements and or slow them -ex closed-

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

I think dark entities and their corporal counter parts, including our 1% world mismanagers who are also their minions, may be running soul trap systems in many areas and mining the gold of human consciousness/experience, wiping memories away for many, so that few actually learn. Some believe we're like batteries, positive/negative charge to jumpstart dead stars. Whatever the idea, they wipe memories. And recycle souls. And it takes rising above this to get free.

But then what I was saying is if this is the case, and only a few ever get out of this, that would be something so hideous that Love would physically have to sail in and remove those things as it would violate choice. So am not 100% certain it can be run that way fully.

I just know what Love does and that wouldn't be allowed for long unless there was volunteers so that they get it all and more back, and the experiences the others are stealing do actually bring to life the dead entities conscious and they begin to progress as well. Maybe there is a long term plan involved.

On the other hand, it could be what the elite foolishly work for and believe, misguided and given distorted info, nor realizing intent of heart is the key to everything and so they're reading from the wrong book altogether.

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

It is possible that some get to learn more why others may not and are somewhat left behind or in a consciousness in lack of clarity of the reality many are actually part of.

Yet many different Documents some religious some scientific speak of the life after or multi dimensional-versal... Their even searching for it/through it with certain advanced machines.
Documents that many follow kill/die for and also worship. So at times 1 considers that yes some percent of many "known" of may have head starts or have been pre-condition by another percent of some kind in order to remain ahead of the rest.
For reasons of responsibility to oversee some or even guide some.
Some still should however use their consciousness and free will as much as possible to find ways to get ahead. And not sit and wait to be "directed" in soul...

This is the hold back, keeping many locked or blocked in the Past attached to this realm-world of reality not even fully understood. Preventing some from considering looking beyond and so many do things here which others may set up or orchestrate in order to keep the "behind" trapped in insane like life death Soul/Spirit/Internal Energy and flesh cycles (doing the same thing over and over and over again) Cycling ETERNAL ENERGY to their interest and advance.

Its like keep them behind is the game, them...? Potentially.

Processing-some may have taken advantage in the Past of things they were authorized to have access too, in relation to what many now would call paranormal supernatural Tesla like BLACK Project level technology. Were / Are they thinking of doing the WHOLE* ultimate good S.T.O? when these techs have and are being used or is it S.T.S?

Still processing Unity_99

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

Unless that theory about string theory where trying to go to the past could lead to multiple permanent parallel realities like the butterfly effect or multiple doom paradoxes. Or unless the Universe has a sense of humor where its that simultaneous.
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posted on May, 22 2015 @ 12:52 AM
Faith is powerful. Our beliefs affect this physical reality, and this world is maintained as it is through the collective of minds on this world. Energy goes where attention flows. Law of Attraction speaks of this. In Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience, she died and left her body, and even went beyond her human ego and saw from Spirit level how we all create this physical reality together through our Beliefs/Thoughts and people holding on to negative beliefs slow down the progress of humanity as a whole.

Believing that evil must take over and the world must be destroyed for a "king god" to take over (as taught by the book of Revelation, and other apocalyptic prophecies of other religions), is a negative belief to hold. Believing that evil is more powerful than good and has everyone trapped is not a good mentality to inspire loving people to make positive changes.

If everyone who gets angry and do violent protests were putting all of that money and energy into charity, feeding the poor, and sheltering the homeless, the world would already be getting more and more positive. As people feel the LOVE, and stories about the Generous people who HELP others like HEROES, there will be more positive minds inspired to be good. Some conspiracy theories are true. Yes, some people hide and work together to do negative things, but the more you give all of your energy/mind/focus to them, the more depressed/hopeless you feel towards the Power of Love. There is a lot of Compassion and Generosity in the world, too. One person will probably not get rid of all negativity in the world, but one person can undo a lot of the pain created by the negativity by doing acts of kindness to help many.

Spreading information which causes people to feel that all hope is lost for Goodness/Love in the world and that darkness has taken complete control - is actually helping the dark ones because it removes the Inspiration to Love and let your Light so shine. The only thing that Helps is Helpfulness itself, then the negativity will be kept away.

As the saying goes:

"If you're not helping me up, then you're keeping me down."

I would rephrase the saying slightly to include all:

"If you're not Helping others up, then you're keeping them down."

posted on May, 24 2015 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: Specimen

Interesting can you further clarify more Specimen?

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