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I think the all mighty is trying to get our attention....

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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 12:30 AM
I don't know if you will understand what i'm going to try and tell you and there's probably no point, but i find it far too interesting to not share with others. Something has been messing with my mind for the part 5 years since I started noticing this stuff. It's like it enjoys scrambling my mind and irritating me so this is probaly considered a poorly presented splatter of information as my mind keeps bounding around all day everyday. I also rarely talk to people or write anything so this is going to be messy probably...
Anyway, if you think about it all enough you'll realise there is something extremely disturbing going on with this solar system...

I was born during the Tangshan earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people on July 28, 1976...
A Caesar Cipher is when you shift the letters of a word to encode it. So shift the letters of GOD 2 spaces forward.

GOD -> HPE -> IQF.
I=9, Q=17,F=6.. That is 9176

Now count from that earthquake and my birthday. 7/28/76 + 9176 days = 9/11/01. Look on google earth at the coordinance of the twin towers. 40.7 lat 74.0 lon That is DoG and 74 for GD/GOD and Americans even celebrate July/7 4th...

Now look at a clock and position the hands on the letters of GoD. G=7 D=4

Take note of the hours and keep going around past 24. Notice these five combinations that are present when the hands are at the G-D / 7-4 position.
7-4 , 7-16, 7-28, 19-4, 31-4

7 - 4 = G-D / GOD.
7 - 16 = GP = CB
7 - 28 = July 28th
31-4 = 314 = PI 3.14
19-4 = 4/19/10

Now 4/19/10 - 3142 (PI) days = 9/11/01
Note about the GP/CB thing... I won't show it all in this thread but part of the codes in the language are that each letter in the alphabet has a distorted opposite. C is a Broken G and P is a broken B.

The day after 4/19/10 is when the deepwater Horizon exploded and caused an oil spill...
Look at the coordinance... 28.736667, -88.386944 Now i'll mention that in this coded reality I am the 3rd born of the family and we were named in alphabetical order.
1st = A for Angela
2nd = B for Ben
3rd = C for Chris

Those coordinance are 28/7 3 for C/Chris and 666 where 666= 6:66=7:06=76. Now if you look to my other thread from months ago where I joked with you about being the son of the creator, I showed you the weird patterns that relate me with 666...

Also, The book of revelations associates 666 with "The Beast". As silly as it sounds, go watch a copy of a silly movie called Kung Fu Hustle. The main villain character is called "The Beast" and during the final fight scene he gets his forefoot crushed just like my forefoot was destroyed. The movie is relaying the idea for others that the beast /666 got his foot crushed... You're all puppets acting out clues to our identities...

So the next part of the coords is the 88 which may suggest to look to the 88 constellations.
An approximation of PI is 22 divided by 7 which is 3.142___ 7/22. Use the program called stellarium to look at the skies and you'll notice that on 7/22/13 is when Mars and Jupiter crush the foot of Gemini.

Back in 1999, which when rotated is 6661, i was working and my forefoot was crushed between rollers and totally mutilated. Now shift the letters of GOD forward until it becomes OWL. Yes GOD actually becomes OWL. OW as in hurt and L being the shape of a leg and foot. OW FOOT / GOD...

Here's something I threw together to try and visualize it better.

Oh and here's some more we just discovered! I was talking to my sister and suddenly thought of the golden ratio so I got her to search on her computer for a golden ratio calculator and told her to enter in 9176. The result didn't appear as much so she tried 1013 which is 9+1 and 7+6. The results were
a+b : a = a : b
1013 : 626.07 = 626.07 : 386.93

"A" backwards is 70626. This is interesting! 706 = 7:06 = 6 hours and 66 minutes (666) and also 7 hours 6 minutes for a 76. 26 is the letter Z. Handwrite one of those curvey Z's and notice the symbol looks like a combination of a 3 and 2 which would be CB. Now put it in the center of a clock and the 3 points of the Z point to 2,8 and 7. For a 28/7 so all together you get 666 - 76/28/7 CB!

And something i noticed years ago when this started. Square root of 5 = 2.23607.
Backwards that's 706 322. 666/76 CBB.

OH and there is a female identity that relates to these GoD patterns as well that I showed in the other thread on the 2nd or 3rd page. As far as I can tell she is living a scripted mind controlled life as well. I tell you we are being supressed, controlled and forced to live coded lives that relate to these patterns!

I'm thinking either there really is a God and its trying to trick me into thinking this a simulation or we really are all living as puppets being controlled by a simulation. I'll give you a brief example of why I consider such thoughts. Yesterday I suddenly thought of hawaii and that other character Erin born in 87. Then I went for a coffee and on the way back I stopped at a crosswalk and on the license plates of the vehicles that pulled up were 807 and the other said Hawaii. As if they were puppets meant to be there at that time and something uploaded thoughts of it so I'd experience an impossible coincidence. Such things are happening regularly in this city. I think this place is totally mind controlled.

Now don't be mean and mock or insult me as I have thin skin and just trying to be nice sharing what I notice about this screwed up reality.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 12:38 AM
I can see you put a lot of hard work into this; kudos for that. Cheers my friend.
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edit to add:

So, it sounds like we are talking about synchronicity here, a term coined by Carl Jung:

Synchronicity: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

I have had several different periods in my life where synchroncities have meant different things to me, and make no mistake here, the only real meaning behind them is the meaning which the observer gives them.

  1. Nothing - for most of my younger life synchronicity was unknown to me. Sure, there were little coincidences here and there but for the most part they went unnoticed.
  2. That i was doing something right - for a couple of years these signs seemed to be everywhere. everywhere i looked there was meaning and i took it to mean that i was doing something right in my life. it should be noted that this was during a time in my life when i was doing a lot of things wrong. Some things right, sure, but suffice to say i was not in the best headspace.
  3. that i need to wake up - i will kind of lump synchronicity in with the 11:11 phenomenon here. i have heard the 11:11 thing equated to an alarm clock and that seems to ring true with me now. The universe's way of telling me its time to open my eyes and get moving, as such i seem to be experiencing these curiosities less and less these days when i do just that.

i hope this at least gives you something to think about.

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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 01:05 AM
a reply to: ChrisB76728
That sort of stuff happens from time to time. I personally think its just because this whole existence we live in just reuses everything over and over in different ways, the whole practical universe even actual matter is Phenomenalism and a batch of the the whole fractal universe were everything is in itself a fractal of a higher or lower version of itself.

Basically this universe is like a hardrive which is full so it compress all the data in as many infinite variations as it can. Its all basically just redundancy. Once in a while you reach a place were that redundancy is overlapped and superimposed over itself, hence the whole this is not real feeling, or been here before, or done that feeling, or as you put it everything is just a copy paste of itself, a written out scrip and your basically the doll living it all out in iterations and variations, and for a brief moment when things overlap and superimpose you catch a glimpse of certain things. And then the moment passes.

Its basically kind of like the whole homonym thing, there/their/they're. Or when your in a musical mood you crave some bass, or when your hungry from some seafood you crave that bass. So you know. Deja Vu, knock on wood.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 01:13 AM
I'm going to try to put this lightly, as the efforts in this thread clearly mean a lot to you.

Everything you've just wrote is pretty much the exact same scenario in which Jim Carrey's movie The Number 23 was all about. Just to clarify, I'm not calling you crazy or in any way mentally ill. The plot involves an obsession with the 23 enigma, an esoteric belief that all incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23, some permutation of the number 23, or a number related to 23.

One of the great points in the film is how people place purpose behind specific things; in this case the number 23. In reality, the number 23 is just a number. There's no special thing about it, and it's only when a person gives meaning and purpose to it when it actually becomes something different (according to that persons beliefs alone).

Honestly, I think your post tells a lot about you psychologically (again, not saying you're crazy, but it does let us into how your mind perceives things). Although, you're going in looking for answers you want to find, so you make things fit when really all there is is coincidence.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 01:42 AM
a reply to: Ghost147

I agree with you here, it seems that everything truly does happen for a reason, every moment is sacred. Whatever paradigm you are perceiving within the reality, the universe begins to manipulate things to match up with your paradigm. as if whatever you believe the universe will play out to be that way. In this case a coincidence could be something that was overlooked,possibly every second of time is a coincidence?

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:26 AM
a reply to: ChrisB76728

This is absolute nonsense.

I am not trying to be mean to you. I mean this in the nicest way, you are trapped in random convergence. And you are torturing yourself.

Give this up, and take up long walks in nature or fishing or something.

Universe is not random, everything is preordained and connected but what you are trying to do is to somehow comprehend God.

You can only do that after you die. As a human you are deluding yourself with number connections.
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:33 AM
You are from my point of view noticing the mystery in god mysterious ways on a conscious level. Synchronicity is where quantum physics and spirituality meet and you see the objective truth (like every synchronicity being a measuring point increasing your understanding of reality on all levels of creation).

In quantum physics there is a concept called entanglement where two different particles in the 3D+1T (3 dimensions of space 1 dimension of time) is connected to each other regardless of distance from each other (wormhole like phenomena), and if you effect one particle you automatically effect the other particle. In synchronicity the cause and effect becomes harder to understand. The only thing you can be sure of is that one state of 3D+1T is connected to another state of 3D+1T (one state of reality being connected to another in space time).

From my point of view the field of probability is how this 3D+1T is transformed from probability to what happened/will happen. It controls all energy on all levels of creation. See double slit experiment.

All creation is all just energy in different form. And spiritual light is part of the equation. With it you can reach energized body states.
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:34 AM

originally posted by: Aboveway
a reply to: ChrisB76728
what you are trying to do is to somehow comprehend God.

You can only do that after you die. As a human you are deluding yourself with number connections.

Well said. I don't think there is any way for the mind to comprehend what the soul already knows.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:46 AM

originally posted by: soulshn

originally posted by: Aboveway
a reply to: ChrisB76728
what you are trying to do is to somehow comprehend God.

You can only do that after you die. As a human you are deluding yourself with number connections.

Well said. I don't think there is any way for the mind to comprehend what the soul already knows.

And I thought the mind and soul could connect to each other and create a symbiosis where the information in the soul raises to the human mind and the consciousness is able to see the larger picture. As Yeshua, Nanak, Buddha and Rumi did. The whole soul and mind becoming one so that the consciousness is able to seek higher level understanding and wisdom. It might not be the 100% objective truth (that includes all knowledge on all levels) but it is still better than the all subjective alternative.
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 05:02 AM
You seem to be putting way too much time and energy into whatever this is supposed to be. Go outside, and get some fresh air...

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 05:05 AM
I can't help but notice that some of your observations OP are almost forced to fit in with what you expect.
It was clearest to me with the clockface. You place the hands in the GoD way [7 and 4], my brain was immediately shouting that:

a) where on earth is the 'o', which should be at 15 but is 'conveniently left out', because with all letters used, the whole thing would mean absolutely nothing.

b) as a German who spells god G-O-T-T, I couldn't even place two clock hands in any meaningful way, now imagine the french spelling [Dieu]

c) maths is very powerful, numbers can be rearranged and you will get some amazing outcomes. The reason is that the universe is based on maths. Hence whatever you do, amazing things will come out and you'll go "woah". It is this fact that people study it and can spend a whole life finding new mind blowing things about it.
However it doesn't mean that there is an entity behind it, it is what it is.

OP you clearly put a lot of effort into your post and I appreciate it, but why on earth would a god want to play silly-buggers with some people by hiding a secret so well that it takes a peculiar arranging of numbers [and leaving out what doesn't fit] to just come up with dates where 'some' stuff has already happened?

Notice the 'some'. Because there are far worse things that happened on this earth than an oil-spill, yet they don't come up in your number game. Hence I can only conclude that an oilspill is worse to your god than Fukushima or Nagasaki or Hiroshima or the holocaust or the first man on the moon or the great plague or the fire of London or the Ebola crisis etc etc. [If one of these is mentioned, I am sorry I could't read all of it, but the gist of what I am saying should be clear].

If you believe in the biblical god [I don't], then you should also notice that he/she/it used to be far more 'hands on' and as an omnipotent being who created everything and can do anything, I find it illogical that it would bother hiding 'important' dates in such a way that nobody with a normal life could ever find out.
He/she/it used to come down and warn humans not to do this and that and if they didn't listen it would kill them horrifically.

Now that is clear to even the biggest imbecile. So if it is worried about oil-spills there is no reason that it couldn't just say it as it is.

OP, I mean this in the nicest way possible but you need to give this a break. Alternatively read good popular science books about the wonders of maths, they will entertain you and maybe show you how to use it in a more factual way. There will still be enough mysticism left once you use numbers correctly [quite a lot actually] but you won't be bogged down with false positives arising from forceful fitting and bending.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 05:25 AM
a reply to: ChrisB76728

How many people do you suppose were also born that day?

My brother was born Jan. 1, 1976, making him a New Year's Baby (he was the first born in Ohio that year). My sister was born the day before the 1978 Blizzard that hit Ohio.

There are always events happening and we just happen to be born when we are born. All it means is that your parents had sex in October (if I am counting correctly). Had they not had sex that day, you wouldn't be here.

The day I was born, the Beatles song All You Need is Love was number one.

All these famous people share my birthdate..

1967 – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, English actor 1967 –
Ty Burrell, American actor 1967 –
Alfred Gough, American screenwriter and producer 1967 –
Yukiko Okada, Japanese singer and actress (d. 1986) 1967 –
Layne Staley, American singer-songwriter (Alice in Chains, Class of '99, Mad Season, and Sleze) (d. 2002) 1967 –
Bill Welke, American baseball player and umpire

I think the Almighty just might be saying "call your mother and thank her for having sex when she did so you could be born".

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 01:31 PM
Now don't be mean and mock or insult me as I have thin skin and just trying to be nice sharing what I notice about this screwed up reality.

Bro, you are missing your calling. Apply for the NSA. No, I'm not mocking you. I'm serious.

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 02:15 PM
You guys ain't believe this either, but it's all the truth and you can't make this kind of demented stuff up.

It's another blob of wierd coincidences I just experienced. After I wrote this thread I got guided in my charades life to the song First of the year (Equinox) by Skrillex. For some reason I liked it and listened to it over and over on repeat until I realised why I was guided to it. At first I thought it was because the thread was in part about 9/11 and the song screams " Call 9/11 now" a couple times, but then I looked up what the equinoxes are this year. They are 3/20 and 9/23. Now get this...

I am CBB which is 322 and that is two late from 320. LATE as in L(Foot) ATE(Eight) and L8 are symbols which together are a foot being crushed by rollers like mine was. My only child from my scripted mind controlled relationship is a son that was born 9/21 which is two SOON(SON) from 9/23. So in the design of our solar system it reveals that CBB gets his foot ate/crushed and has a son born 9/21! CBB/322 LATE - SON 9/21...

I think something really designed and created this place and we are puppets created to live out story lives that go along with the design of the planet. I swear this entire miserable life is scripted!

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:00 PM

originally posted by: ChrisB76728
I think something really designed and created this place and we are puppets created to live out story lives that go along with the design of the planet. I swear this entire miserable life is scripted!

Then Just End it Bro. If you can't withstand what this "god" of yours is telling you, then you are not strong enough...

I like to think: God would never give one individual so much, that he/she could not handle it. If you can break the code, then put everything that is "You" into decoding it. (This could be your propose, and you just complained about what "god" had assigned to you)think about it....

Just don't complain about this life, if its fake, break thru it and save all of us here on ATS!

posted on May, 17 2015 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: ChrisB76728
We can notice that we never experience anything except as a psychic (perceptual) event. As this becomes more obvious, one may also observe that the inner and outer worlds are not truly separate.

In other words, everything we experience in our so-called external world is a perception, a psychic experience. What we think is our inner world vs. our outer world is just an arbitrary distinction based on a presumed sense of separate self. But in Reality there is only one Event - not an inner one that has nothing to do with the outer one, as is commonly believed.

We tend to think that the inner world and outer world are separate, but in time, as we really start to embrace Reality for whatever it is altogether, we will notice the inner and outer worlds are one psycho-physical happening, and also many synchronicities between the so-called inner and outer worlds can be noticed.

For example, ancient peoples granted dreams much more reality than we do, and noticed that signs from dreams would often sync up with and even inform their waking world experiences. And signs in the waking world, particularly animal signs, helped them with their internal processes. They understood it as one event - not just two separate worlds.

What you are experiencing appears to be a syncing up or noticing of your inner world (of mathematical patterns) with the outer world's events. Again, this is all one event in Reality - no inner and outer other than how we define it based on our felt sense of a separate self.

A funny synchronicity here - I too was born on July 28 (but 1949 which is also a 23 year). And I also recall exactly what I was doing on yours and my birthday in 1976 - it was a very special moment for me. I was just beginning to understand by considering with someone much wiser than myself, that we do not know what even a single thing is in reality, no matter how much we can analyze it, describe it, observe it, break it down to its atomic structure, etc. - we still do not know what it IS in reality. This deeply felt understanding of our true nature helped me to notice much more synchronicity in my life between the inner and outer worlds.

We are participating in a most incredible mystery, and what we do inwardly can and does get reflected outwardly, and vice-versa - because it is all connected in the one Reality. We are controlled - by our own identification with the mind of separation, with the illusory "I" that defines inner and outer realities, by our collective psyche - but this is our moment to moment choice that can be changed. We are not victims here, except by our own choice in any given moment to not go beyond our limits.

We are in actuality, fundamental awareness that never ages, never dies - but awareness is caught up in the illusion of being identified with the body-mind. But I venture off-topic to go any further than this right now.

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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 08:49 PM
Interesting connections you've made, but can I ask you something? Even if all of this is true, what does it change? What's the point of trying to make all of these connections and what do you think the outcome will be when you've connected all the dots?

My advice is not to dwell on it, just let it go because in the end it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, synchronicity isn't all that uncommon and you pouring so much time and effort into something like this is fruitless in the end.

Just my two cents.

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: ChrisB76728

Not trying to hurt your feelings, but this just looks like you just went around in your head until you made the numbers works. You can make numbers do anything.

posted on May, 23 2015 @ 11:22 PM
Here's more handiwork of GOD or high tech aliens controlling whatever this reality is.

When I moved into this place one morning I looked over the balcony and noticed these branches on the tree were the shape of an upper case "E" and the shadow they casted formed a lower case "e". I thought there is no way that can happen as a coincidence so I took the picture.

Fast forward to now and the sun is rising higher so the shadow became a deformed "c" stacked on an "n". Where c=3 and n=14 which creates 314 or 3.14 (Pi)and it's all happening now as I made this post about the PI stuff.

I don't know what to believe anymore. Is this all a simulation or is there really a supreme being that controls everything including plant life?

posted on May, 23 2015 @ 11:30 PM
a reply to: ChrisB76728

You are making things fit and seeing what you want to see.
It is not healthy.
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