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Heroine. [MAY2015]

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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 03:43 PM
Path barely discernible she stumbles along, deep in the the frozen woodland enshrouded in tangible mists , depths of winter, Bridie and the spectral arboreal, silence only broken by sighs, she is lost.

Trepidation, a pause in time, to continue or retrace, ahead a robin is observed hopping amidst the branches of a thorn bush and a decision is made, Bridie puts one foot forward and it is as if a ghostly hand brushes over the top of her head, she heard the sound of it's passing and turns to see an arrow embedded in the elm tree behind.

Startled she again turns, to see a wolf emerge from the undergrowth, or at first glance a wolf, but upon second a man wearing the full pelt of that forest creature, yet as lean and ranged in limb as any lycian.

-I just saved you, says the wolf.

-From what?, says she, surprised that he is not the only present peril.

-Look down at your feet, says he, and doing so she barely catches a glimpse of a large black spider as it scuttles off into the undergrowth.

-It was dangling over your head and rapidly descending, i shot away it's thread such that it fell before your feet, says smilingly the wolf man, cool blue eyes twinkling beneath his shaded guise.

-Then i thank you for that, says she and adding, i am Bridie of the Western Extremities and who might you be?, warm hazel eyes making gentle enquiry.

-I might go by the name of Robigo, says he but also adding, though in these times nothing is certain.

-Then Robigo perhaps you could help me for i find myself quite lost in these woods having strayed i fear from the path, Bridie hopefully explains.

-And where is it you were heading?, Robigo obligingly enquires.

-To be honest nowhere in particular,Bridie thoughtfully admits.

-Then you are not lost at all but have found the very place!, Robigo happily declares.

-I have?, ponders Bridie, continuing with, perhaps it is as you say, you dwell nearby?

-Always, replies Robigo adding, come lets us go there and you can eat and rest.

-Very well then lead on, responds Bridie, and so off they set into the heart of the forest, exchanging glances and enquiries as engagingly they stroll along.

Presently the arrival at a clearing, the late afternoon sunlight streams down into that secluded place, illuminating figures gathered around a fire the smoke of which hangs heavy in the still air, the smell of which assails the senses both pungent and aromatic, the warmth of which beckons invitingly.

-Here we are then, states Robigo with an expansive gesture.

-These are your merry men?, asks Bridie intrigued.

-These are miserable malcontents, says Robigo laughingly, stepping forward to the group seated by the fire, saying to all gathered there, -may i present Bridie of the Western Extremities.

-Hi nice to meet you all, sayeth Bridie of the Western Extremities.

-That there is Llyr, says Robigo, indicating a burly figure of a man clothed in what appears to be dark and shiny seal skin, his hair hangs down about his face dishevelled and greased not unlike seaweed, he seems agitated barely forcing a glance upward in recognition of the introduction, just sufficient to afford Bridie a view of his fierce eyes of blue and green.

-And beside him we have Bran, continues Robigo, pointing out a man that though tall in statue appears elegant and refined, wearing a full length green hooded robe , he looks up from a drum that he was softly tapping upon and smiles serenely towards Bridie, eyes of softest cerulean, distant and calm.

Next we have Amaethon, continues Robigo, directing his attention towards a roguish looking character clad in a broad rimmed black hat and the ragged tunic of a peasant that reveals his rough sinews, he looks upward to Bridie, dark enigmatic eyes.

-About time you got here, says Amaethon bluntly.

-I don't understand, mumbles Bridie perplexed.

-Ignore him, says Robigo jokingly, adding, -he's a mystery all to himself, next may i introduce you to this fine fellow Math.

-You're a Princess then?, asks fine fellow Math.

-Good Heavens no! laughs Bridie, enquiring further - what makes you ask that?

-You're dressed in purple, only Royalty wear purple, asserts Math.

-Where i come from anyone wears purple if it suits them, kindly explains Bridie.

-Yes but you're not there anymore, concludes Math.

-He's got you there Princess!, exclaims a sprightly youth dressed in pristine white linen, leaping to his feet and continuing, - allow me to formally introduce myself, i am Gwydion illustrious bard of this woodland glen, swiftest in thought, word, and deed, lightener of the otherwise all pervasive darkness, provider of sweet musical accompaniment to the stars themselves...

-And if i might interrupt also a little prone to exaggeration, suggests Robigo.

-Then if i were to suggest that this Princess who has entered into our midst is surely the most beautiful that has ever graced this enchanted realm with her presence, that only a notorious dullard could fail to appreciate such exquisite refinement and charm, not thinking of everyone in particular, you would accuse me of exaggeration?

-I'd just tell you to shut up, says Robigo winking, -i'd also like to introduce Beli.

Who arises and steps forward, a handsome young man of radiant features, long golden hair falls over his broad shoulders from which hangs a saffron robe, he warmly embraces Bridie, plants the softest kisses upon her cheek, steps back smiling broadly and bows before her, before returning to his seat, Bridie quite overwhelmed struggles to regain her composure.

-Here take a seat Bridie amongst us, suggests Robigo, which the exhausted Bridie gratefully accepts warming her hands by the glowing flames, and asking;

-So what exactly is it that you all do?

-Well, considers Robigo, Llyr stomps his feet, Bran plays the drum, Amaethon the cymbel, Math the horn, Gwydion the lyre, Beli hums, and i play the pipes, all badly.

-Then you a band of musicians?, seems likely to Bridie.

-They're a band of good for nothings and don't believe a word of what they say!, comes a woman's voice from outside of the gathered circle.

-lengthening shadows gathering bloom what now approaches if it be not doom, says Gwydion laughing, the reward for which he receives as a smack around the head from the newly arrived doom.

-Bridie may i introduce to you my most fair and beloved sister Lillaenna, a huntress, says Robigo with an open armed gesture toward, seemingly appropriate to her magnificence, as tall and as ranged in limb as her brother, long flaxen hair hanging loose over her bearskin cloak beneath which an emerald robe, refined of feature and grey eyes that shone bright as steel.

-I see our little stray warms itself by the fire then, says Lillaenna roguishly.

-Lillaenna that's no way to address a Princess!, roars Math rising from his seat.

-i concur, says Gwydion, the address of a Princess should always be grander than simply by the fire.

-Oh give it a rest, says Lillaenna seating herself by the fire, adding with a smile, welcome Bridie and here's to straying.

-Thanks, says Bridie, i've really no idea how i ended up here.

-One of life's little mysteries i suppose, sympathizes Lillaenna, continuing, but well here you are now and as you can see life here tends to consist of sitting around a fire and doing very little.

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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 03:43 PM
-There are those who consider that very much can be achieved by doing very little, helpfully interrupts Gwydion, -i'm not one of them, just something i heard.

-Yes these are the living proof that very little is achieved by doing very little, laughs Lillaenna.

-That's not true sister, chides Robigo, adding, -Gwydion works tirelessly towards our cause, composing ballads and epics with regards to our glorious deeds.

-But that's my blooming point!, remonstrates Lillaenna, further pointing out, -you lot haven't actually performed any glorious deeds in ages, all you do is sit around here drinking and coming up with endless variations on essentially the same story.

-The time has not yet come, counters Amaethon.

-Indeed, there is no foe worthy enough, agrees Math.

-As my brethren rightfully point out that is indeed the case, joins in Gwydion, further explaining, -to enter into open conflict at this point would simply be the massacre of the innocents, our part in such could only be villainous.

-Who are you fighting?, enquires Bridie.

-The world, helpfully informs Robigo.

-I don't understand, how can you fight the world?, says Bridie puzzled.

-Well not so much the actual planet we sit upon, begins to explain Robigo, -but rather those who control and exploit it's resources, who orchestrate false religious and political systems of control and conflict, those who give their support to such, the problematic.

-You'd be taking on a heck of a lot there, thoughtfully points out Bridie.

-And therein lies the glory, gleefully exclaims Gwydion, -mighty hordes vanquished, empires brought crashing down, thrones overthrown, despots despoiled, doom long foretold unleashed.

-Don't get him started, sighs Lillaenna, -the fact is the world gets worse by the day and they do nothing because all they care about is their vain reputations, only the fighting of opponents they consider worthy, of those seemingly there never has been nor ever shall be any, of any of this therefore the world cares little.

-Well it's nice here and you're probably better off not getting involved, thinks aloud Bridie.

Never!, roars Llyr slamming his mighty fist down into the Earth such that it seemingly reverberates, Bran plays a staccato accompaniment to this on his drum.

-Calm yourself brother, intercedes Robigo, -Bridie knows nothing of our ways and is the better off for that, so enough of such talk, and i see that supper is arriving.

As brought forth by a comely damsel of middle years, long and thick auburn hair hangs down over serving gown, seeing Bridie her kindly face breaks into a great cheery smile and asks;

-oh hello there stranger, haven't we met before?

To which Bridie perplexed responds-no i don't think so, i'm not from around these parts.

-Don't worry love i'm probably just going mad in my old age, i'm Marie by the way, adds the aforementioned.

-Thou art madder than a madent Madagascar Rose, yet merrier, agrees Gwydion.

-For serving you gluttons, indeed, laughs Marie distributing steaming bowls of venison broth to grateful recipients.

-This is excellent, thank you Marie, beams Bridie tasting the dish set before her.

-Our culinary Queen has no equal, agrees Robigo.

-And is this but a dream or do i also see approaching the steam that portendeth potent warm mead? adds Gwydion.

-No dream brother, Bridie this is our fairest sister Celine, introduces Robigo.

Approaches a young maiden clad in a long black dress wearing a white serving apron, pallid in complexion and lightest of hair, smiling sweetly and carrying a tray of warm tankards filled to the brim with the ambrosia of the Gods, which she distributes amongst them and then seats herself on the ground beside Bridie, to whom she turns and says;

-I'm glad you're here.

-And so am i and lovely to meet you, states Bridie.

-You can sleep with me in my hut, and look i've found these for you, says softly Celine, reaching into her apron and handing over to Bridie a tiny black Beetle enclosed in a teardrop of amber hung upon string, the nut that the squirrel overlooked and the dandelion that time forgot, all pressed into her palm.

-Why thanks and let me find something for you, says Bridie most charmed with her gifts, and reaching into her stylish black shoulder bag produces an exquisitly crafted tortoise shell compact which she opens up and offers to Celine.

-Is it another Moon?, asks Celine gazing into it's flawless shining mirror.

-Why no, let me show you what it's for, says Bridie, and taking the soft sponge contained within dabs on the cheeks of Celine the pink powder stored beneath who continues to gaze into the mirror and is most delighted with her transformation.

-Ha now we see revealed the secrets of the alluring Princess and her bag of sorceries!, exclaims Lillaenna.

-Leave them be, can't you see that they're happy, insists Math.

-And do not the leaves themselves undergo charming transformation in colour according to the season, reminds Gwydion.

-Well it seems that you have all taken leave of your senses, concludes Lillaenna.

But as the night draws in all differences are quickly forgiven and forgotten and it seems that the small group gathered around the fire drinking and making merry is all that the world might conttain the rest mere darkness, before heading off to sleep a question arises in the mind of Bridie;

-Is there anywhere i might take a bath?, she asks, astonished faces look up from around the fire.

-The river Belissima lies in that direction, indicates Lillaenna laughing.

-But not to be recommended as it flows swiftly and most chillingly at this time of the year, notes Gwydion, -and contains many a sharp and slippery stone that would imperil such delicate feet and dainty ankles.

-Yes i'll pass on that thank you, considers Bridie, -but you have nothing else?

-There is a place, ponders Robigo, -an ancient and long forgotten one, leave this matter with me and tomorrow at noon you shall have your bath.

-Very well , replies Bridie, before bidding all good night and accompanying Celine to their candlelit thatched sleeping quarters at the sites periphery , were a warm bed of the thickest and softest furs awaits.
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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 03:44 PM
It is many months later and towards the end of Summer, Bridie carefully and quietly arises out of her bed so as not to awake Celine who lies sleeping beside her, she puts on her fox skin robe that has been artfully crafted for her by Marie, stealthily departs from the hut into the darkness of the night and heads out into the woods.

Under the starlit sky she finds her way through the following of shadows and by the touch of familiar textures and whispers of the forest as taught to her by Celine on their many gathering ventures, the knowing of every plant of the forest floor, the recognition of every shrub and tree, familiar friends that guide along the way.

Moving in silence she recalls the first day she was led to the site of the ancient bath house, they had all worked so hard in clearing away the trees that had over grown it, in unblocking the water channel that fed into it from the nearby river, in preparing the furnace that provided the underground heating for what was an ancient Roman bath house, dedicated to the Goddess Minerva, and that though no longer having a roof was still in remarkable condition with tiled mosaic flooring and retaining the greater part of its red wall plaster adorned with fresco, she also recalled the many romantic encounters she had shared there with Robigo.

Arriving she expects to find him there, but the place is deserted, yet steam rises out of the warm waters through the fire that has been prepared, petals and leaves of overhanging brances float upon it's surface, and so she disrobes and enters into the dark waters, lays back and blissfully gazes into the Heavens at the stars that look down upon her, she reflects upon all the strange and wondrous things she has seen and learnt over the previous months, until she hears someone enter behind her and turns smiling, but it is not who she expects;

-Well hello there, announces Lillaenna, -fancy meeting you here.

-Yes fancy that, replies Bridie cautiously.

Lillaenna walks to the other end of the pool, removes her sword belt, slips her bearskin robe from off the shoulders and slips naked into the pool, arms resting on the side and looking intently toward Bridie as she gently floats in the warm water.

-I'm afraid my brother shan't be coming, he is indisposed, in fact they are all indisposed, she smilingly informs.

-What do you mean?, asks Bridie with trepidation.

-Oh nothing much, Lillaenna responds, - i just slipped something in their drinks at supper, they all sleep well and shan't be awakening any time soon.

-Why would you do that, i don't understand?, asks Bridie uneasily.

-Simply so that we can have this quality time alone, informs Lillaenna, -there is something i need to tell you.

-And that is? -asks Bridie nervously.

Lillaenna slowly allows herself to slide beneath the waters, after what seems an eternity she rises again, wipes the water off her face and wrings out her hair, before stating;

-That tonight you leave this place.

-No!, shouts Bridie bringing both her hands down upon the water with force and sending a good deal of it in the general direction of Lillaenna.

-Yes, states Lillaenna, flicking the surface with her hand and sending a small amount directly into Bridie's face.

-Look i know you've never liked me, sobs Bridie tears begining to fall down her face, -but there's no need for this.

-Oh really, it may surprise you to learn that it was my arts that drew you here in the first place, and i am most pleased with you little sister, says Lillaenna kindly.

-Now i really don't understand, states Bride perplexed.

-You belong here and make everything complete, states Lillaenna, -but too much so, you remove all incentive for change, the malcontents have become the overly.

-And so?, asks Bridie.

-And so you must return to that world which you came from leaving behind a void that can only be filled by absorbing your world into this, muses Lillaenna.

-You wish to use me as incentive?, ponders Bridie.

-Exactly, proclaims Lillaenna, the catalyst for much needed change.

-And if i refuse?, considers Bridie.

-Then i shall kill you here and now, smiles Lillaenna, -and your blood shall make dark red the waters of this pool, one way or another you will be sacrificed, how is your choice.

-Robigo would never forgive you, weeps Bridie, -we are in love.

-I know sweetness, i know, but if i do not follow my own ways i can never forgive myself, murmurs Lillaenna, and going over to Bridie puts a consoling arm around her to which Bridie falls into inconsolable and they tearfully embrace.

And so some time later the pair are walking down that same path upon which Bridie first arrived, first twilight begins to seep into the forest, a lone bird begins it's calling.

-Will i ever see any of this again, sadly enquires Bridie.

-Yes my dear, they shall come for you just don't ask me when, perhaps when you need them most, in the meantime try to remember some of our ways and be true true to your own, though that will be difficult as the cynicism of your world once more washes over you.

-I won't forget, smiles Bridie.

-That's good, hold that thought, and here we must say goodbye, i'll miss you little sister, we all will, especially my brother, farewell, and so saying with a gentle push Bridie finds herself at the very point which she entered the woods, turning to also say a final goodbye she sees only a spider hanging down from the branch of a tree silhouette against the golden dawn.

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 04:50 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

A timeless fairy story with a nod to my favourite goddess. To sacrifice for love; is there a nobler cause? That was gorgeous, with great misty imagery - I can almost smell the peat and the moss.

S&F for you, that was excellent,

B x
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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 04:51 PM
Very interesting; Nice story.
Now when Lillaenna says "One way or another you will be sacrificed," What exactly does she mean? Birdie will go back to her World - is she going to die there? Is someone going to kill her??

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

Thanks, there are i guess quite a few Fairy stories mixed in there, as well as Welsh, Roman and Sumerian Deities impersonating the Greek...

a reply to: MidNight sun

Essentially yes, the ways of the world will consume her.

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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 05:22 PM
Soo - Birdie will become brainwashed like everyone else?? Sorry, I don't mean to be obtuse,

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: MidNight sun

In not forgetting completely and retaining hope Bridie eventually saves the world as she is the only reason for Divine intervention, the Roman God Robigo is an aspect of Mars that concerns himself with whether the harvest goes rotten or is saved, as things stood in the story the situation was stagnation, his Festival Robigalia closely related also to the Lupercalia thus Bridie provides potential motivation for Robigo to act, to eventually save her and an allegorical harvest, which requires the destruction of the world, or at least its wicked ways, the reaping of the harvest.

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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 06:36 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

-But that's my blooming point!, remonstrates Lillaenna, further pointing out, -you lot haven't actually performed any glorious deeds in ages, all you do is sit around here drinking and coming up with endless variations on essentially the same story.

Just wait. My next thread will really blow the lid off.
Just as soon as Hebe pours me some more. She makes an old man feel young.


posted on May, 12 2015 @ 02:44 AM
a reply to: pthena

Lillaenna gets her attitude through being the ghost of Inanna haunting the former places...

The epithet (or maybe aspect) given to Inanna here, Lil2-la2-en-na, is a class of demon - Jacobsen translates the term as "Strong wind demon" noting that en-na means "strong," "indomitable"

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posted on May, 12 2015 @ 05:07 AM
a reply to: Kantzveldt
Well the little conversations these characters have are readable, even sort of adorable and cute, at first it is kind of boring but it almost picks up latter. But the whole story is just so melodramatic and overdone especially the ending, its just cringe worthy, and you can see it coming, and really were else would it go besides into some point the author wishes to make. But over all, its not a bad story if you dont mind stories that go nowhere. But then again I am not sure any of them ever do go anywhere. Either way I gave you a star for the effort.

posted on May, 12 2015 @ 09:14 AM
Meeting the Gods in the woods and hanging out with them, falling in love, only to find out that you are a tool to inspire them to get off their duffs and act to save the world - poor Birdie, being a Heroine is not, for her, about a great deed, so much as sacrifice, one way or the other, without choice.

I enjoyed the rhythm and the tale, Kantzveldt. It is subtle and dreamy; I appreciated the "backstory" information on the characters - it illumined things quite a bit.


posted on May, 12 2015 @ 11:40 AM
a reply to: AboveBoard

Yes that's all true, as Johann Valentin Andrea put it, from the Tomb of Truth labeled “Mea Tempora” or “my times” a bronze plate which reads:



a reply to: galadofwarthethird

You're such a miserable malcontent...!!!

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posted on May, 12 2015 @ 07:15 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt
You are seeing things. There just words I would not get to hyped up on it, though you people are prone to be easily influenced by any and all outside forces that so choose. Its quite disturbing the things you all see in nothing but words. So no I am not a malcontent, you are merely just confused.

Besides the story is cute, and a fairy tale at that. Were else but in a fairy tale would you have a bunch of people sitting around in the woods for prolonged periods or even years talking about nonsense without at the very least chatting up were the best pastures to hunt are, or when the harvest is coming in, or whats the price of corn these days, and were did the herds move this season. Instead we get a soap opera of none events that have nothing to do with anything.

But such are fairy tales you know. But I really dont know whats up with you, I dont even think your whole religion and superstition is that big of a cult, I mean who even knows about the Sumerian gods now a days? No one that's who. I do belive Islam and Christianity is still the biggest cults out there yet. So really what gives?

You know who your remind me of? The people who put ketchup or mayonnaise on everything. I mean on burgers and fry's yes, on hotdogs or even pasta, OK. But on salads and even donuts, no sorry does not go well at all. I suppose there are people out there who liked Ketchup dipped chocolate donuts, and ketchup or mayonnaise dipped everything, but for the most part it only works on some things.

That's you only on this whole superstition and cult religious thing you got. You try to dip it into everything, even into things which just dont mix. I dont know what it is, could be just because your a female or the whole goddess cult thing, but that is just indulgences based on gender only, after all even they seem to gather a calling of nature and all that while there free time is provided by there husbands and there gardening skills are decided by the quality and price of there Monsanto products.

But for the most part. Don't take any of what I say to seriously, for I assure you I do not take anything you say to seriously either, and the same goes with everybody else I would meet online. I am merely musing on the strangeness of putting ketchup on everything if you know what I am saying, you probably dont, but I am just saying you know. A strange believes and cults you seem to be into.

But anyways, your story was pretty good for what it was.

Now I got to go and think on why exactly I even bothered to respond to this, it seems kind of redundant, talking to religious people is an exercise in futility. And my futility has had enough exercise for this year.

posted on May, 13 2015 @ 06:57 AM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

Yes that's me, always just seeing things, easily influenced by outside forces, the story is true though even if embellished, it's simply a case of trying to see the greater context, understanding the outside influences, and blending them in terms of magical realism, even though it appeared to be a Fairy story nothing fantastical occurred and my motivation for the story is that i read the other day that major excavations will take place this summer in terms of the Ribchester Project which is were the ruins of the Roman bath house, the central motif of the story, is located, by the river Belisimma. Any Sumerian influence would be third hand as passed on from the Sarmatians that were stationed there...always reasons.

The sort of question that would most intrigue myself is how could one find Lillaenna, the pure Celestial spirit of Inanna, in a Romano-Celtic context, and that would need to have been translated here by the Sarmatians in terms of what the Greeks identified as a form of Hestia, the Goddess of the central hearth, the eternal flame, which again is why most of the dialogue took place there, Bridie is a Celtic equivalent of Hestia or Minerva , Queen of the Heavens, as seen for example on this Scythian crown.

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posted on May, 13 2015 @ 07:47 AM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

So even if oldtime/nowtime people used her as a curse, "May your house fall to ruin and be the habitation of Lillaenna", archeologists are not afraid to go there. They're some bold and brave heroes.

and if you respond to this, and I put a star on the response, and this is a contest, hmm,

I've got a thread title in mind, ran the thesis by my daughter and she said

"The Seal of California depicts the Goddess Minerva. Her having been born fully-grown symbolizes California having become a state without first being a territory."(Wikipedia-Minerva). I was born under the seal of Minerva, pretty cool.

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posted on May, 13 2015 @ 08:12 AM
a reply to: pthena

Yes if they fully restore the Bath House time to head for the hills, but anyway i see on the Facebook page Linda Malcor from California (The Western Extremities) is also interested in the upcoming dig as she wrote the book 'Scythia to Camelot' which considers the Arthurian tradition as derivative of the Sarmatians of Ribchester, which became a veterans settlement allocated to those of them brought over to Britain, so locally in rural areas there is a fair amount of Eastern European genetic heritage.

She did also provide consultation for the movie based on this, not that they took much notice.

So anyway the Sarmatians would recognize the importance of the fireside girl, the archetypal Cinderella, and how her cult as the physical incarnation, Nanaya, translates into the Heavens, as indeed would the Celts and Romans, the closeness of the hearth to the heart.

Stars toward responses don't count toward anything by the way, indeed really only those of the Heavens.

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posted on May, 13 2015 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

Thank You.
Here's my new thread. It only took me 50 years to figure out.
Why Monotheists Must Fight

posted on May, 13 2015 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: pthena

Well i'm not going to make it easy for anyone to understand or ever explain things simply, they can drop dead...Lillaenna wishes it so.

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posted on May, 13 2015 @ 01:04 PM


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