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Nonce Home Secretary Controlled Bradford Inquiry. UK.

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posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 03:53 AM
Leon Brittan told Margaret Thatcher what to say about an inquiry.

....advise you on exactly what you might say about an enquiry.
They talked about it a lot.

I've been in touch with [ Leon Brittan] the Home Secretary all day and I spoke to him just before I came back.

This inquiry did not find Mr Tebro Toys guilty.

Mr Tebro Toys then cleared off to Nonces Island with the dosh.

...he then moved to Jersey as a tax exile.

Do we see any connection here?

The investigation was rushed.

The documents paint a picture of the desperate rush to gather evidence for Popplewell, with one of its staff writing to West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Police in June 1985 pleading for copies of the force’s photographs of the Valley Parade disaster. “My inspection [of your photographs] was curtailed because Dr Woolley was called to give evidence and I had to rush away and brief him on a few additional points which I had found from the photographs.” Woolley also tells the Home Office Forensic Science Laboratory in a letter: “I’m still finding great difficulty in obtaining a set of photographs of the fire. The photographic coverage of the fire was enormous but the supply seems limited.” ident-10213925.html

One photograph of the fire investigation shows three men in white suits. One points with a pencil. One appears to be trying to scratch his head, thwarted by his safety helmet. One follows on behind. I challenge you to find a photograph suggesting thorough investigation.

It is repeatedly said Mr Tebro Toys would not have been able to get insured if his fires were suspicious.

It is also said that insurance companies are used as a front by people who run VIP sex entrapment programmes.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 04:59 AM
a reply to: Kester

To be honest i would not put anything past those people or the Thatcherite government of the time.

Truth be told they were/are all upto there neck in some respect or another as to corruption and kiddie fiddling, or at least the knowledge such things were taking place.


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