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Data, DNA and the future of self will and originality

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 05:35 PM
So this is about how data collection, body language, chemical excretions, body stats (breathing, heart rate, tone of voice) is leading us into a potentially nightmarish future. Also about how we might have been pre programmed to end up this way but with the advent of advanced technology, taken a dangerous rapid diversion.

We have the CIA or whatever local equivalent covert service profiling us all day everyday, recording our lives, the things we dont post to facebook, the seemingly uninteresting habbits and what not.

Then theres facebook, which we willingly give huge amounts of info on ourselves and our freinds/familys lives and mostly the things we enjoy and like and at the same time signing away this info to be sold off to targeted marketing to sell us crap we dont need but might buy.

There are the things our bodys give away without our control, our pulse and breathing reacting to our emotions and mental state, our chemical releases of pheromones and other chemicals in our waste products. These can be detected by technologies and is getting, less invasive, faster and cheaper all the time.

Now in the age of data for cash and hacking to steal whats not legally available (and or stolen from the inside for profit) what happens when all this data is compiled into one data base and connections made, lines between dots mapped out - we will become VERY scarily predictable and less and less 'unique', what we may even call our soul nothing more than an algorithm which can be applied to any situation.

This begs questions like:

If that is possible, did we really ever have a soul?

Where will this lead in terms of business? (see eg.1)

Will our future partners be picked by a machine for DNA compatibility as well as personality comparability?

What else?

Could future crimes chance be 'calculated' and could this be used in a preventative punishment or education/brainwashing?

Was this our fate all along, were we programmed at a genetic level to do this to ourselves? Did technology make this simply quicker or did it take it off at a self destructive angle?


You walk into a shop, your face is scanned and your profile is loaded - your name, your income, your housing situation, mode of transport, social activities etc. Your temperature, heart rate, breathing rhythm, perspiration and any additional chemicals that can be detected in the air around you - your mood is calculated.
Your attitude that day and personal needs are calculated and a plan of targeted sales tactics is made, the salesperson or salesbot (because at this point a human isnt needed to be able to appear to your interests since theres no longer guess work). They know how to start a conversation with you, what to talk abut, what you migth be interested in and how much you have in your wallet, also how likly you are to spend more than you have with credit.

You dont stand a chance. Think you are safe at home ordering on the internet? No possibly worse right now than example due to live readings of body not available, but if they are recorded in the future when you do go out, that too will be predictable.

So what are your thoughts? I look forward to your expanse of this subject.

EDIT: posted in general conspiracy because its us doing it to ourselves willingly and it seems instinctively, without possibly realizing where it might lead when taken to the extreme.

EDIT 2: I think theres a very good argument for pure creation/imagination but since its based of our life and knowledge while technically predictable, it is safe because that data cannot be collected and analysed. And further to this, theres the chaos theory and the uncertainty principle.


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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 09:00 PM
well there are ways to at least avoid the pinpointed data collecting in general. I don't have a Facebook for example. I watched CNN and one day a few years ago they were auditing Facebook saying they had invested 412 million that year alone in Facebook and they were happy with the data collection they've been able to accumulate thus far and how it has saved certain offices hundreds of hours of manpower and such. That night my husband and I deleted our Facebook accounts and everything else online other than our work stuff.
Now neither of us bank online nor hold bank accounts
we now only use burner phones ( wasn't much change for either of us cause we don't use apps on our old phones anyway)
we got rid of all of our credit card debt and credit cards two years ago and bought a motorhome to travel for our jobs so we can stay pretty off grid 90% of the time.
Neither one of us are part of any groups nor activities that include using our images in any way.
we never fill out surveys
never join any clubs at the register when they ask if we want %20 off our next purchase( no thanks Id rather have my anonymity than sell it for %20 off the next pack of gum i buy)
we are continuously making efforts to be more and more off grid so to speak, as we find new ways to improve that we go all in.

we go into town and buy only what we need only when we need it and we have never been happier.

Data collection has only gotten this far because the public allowed it with every purchase on their reward points and frequent flier rewards and Facebook status and twitter updates and save %20 off each purchase if you sign up for that stores card right then so they can monitor everything you buy forever.

A gal pal of mine is on food stamps, she said her caseworker asked her why she bought soo much red meat, thats right folks they monitor what people buy on food stamps. Her caseworker knew what grocery stores she went to what she bought how often and what time of day she usually shopped and if she used coupons. She almost lost her food stamps for buying mens deodorant instead of ladies stick. thats crazy.

#1 rule- don't sign up for anything(this site is the first one I've joined in many years)
#2- don't give away personal info at doctors office due to nurses getting your soc sec info for fraud reasons- also don't sign up for offers or discounts, you are essentially selling your private information for that %20 off coupon, doesn't look like such a deal now right?
#3 don't give away zip codes when at register either
#4 if you ever HAVE to give an address give them 123 dirty bottom road or something easy to remember that way it rolls of the tongue and they just think its cute address
#5- with obamacare now they can trace your dental records to your taxes and your first colonoscopy or pap smear appointment
#6 -pay for everything with cash
#7- if you can't afford to pay with cash you can't actually afford it anyway we have been brainwashed into thinking our credit score is a good thing its not it means that you owe more than you own- reality check - if you have to make payments on it you can't afford it- save up your money and pay cash and be invisible

these aren't all fool proof but they are a good start to keep data collection out of your life as much as possible

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 12:24 AM
You can "cheat" body language, a.k.a give false signals, but it requires practice, concentration and meditation.

I do believe we have a soul, but it's one half of us, the body is other. Think body is hardware, soul the software.

And yes, we already have profiling with internet advertisements and it's such a huge industry, the future is looking bleak indeed in this regard. In the future your value might be only as an advertisement target.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 03:31 AM

originally posted by: quantumist

And yes, we already have profiling with internet advertisements and it's such a huge industry, the future is looking bleak indeed in this regard. In the future your value might be only as an advertisement target.

The future is here, they already see us as nothing more than advertising targets. It is currently an issue not to be taken lightly.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 02:31 PM
Well, if that is the game plan, there is nothing we can do about it. I don't think they can "calculate" future behavior accurately unless they can actually travel through time (which might not be entirely impossible).

I think they can probably eventually calculate possible future behavior but it will not be anything like Minority Report. It will probably be more like "Well, you show all of the signs of someone who MIGHT do something bad so we can't take that chance".

Unfortunately, that's probably enough. Obviously, it would not take a lot for them to convince people their unborn children are going to be defective unless something is done before they are born (or maybe even conceived).

This, unfortunately, is not ruling out the possibility that they have not already tampered with the gene pool in ways we couldn't even imagine.

I always say that if there are people smart enough to design a CPU, there are people smart enough to do just about whatever they want. You know about the CPU because it's sitting right in front of you and they have chosen to tell the world it exists.

Does all of this sound super paranoid? Of course. But then I used to think it sounded really stupid when people said they were afraid of people listening to their thoughts. That was before the internet. Those people WERE paranoid. But maybe they weren't entirely crazy. Maybe they just had the capacity to imagine things that were not yet real but they didn't know how to put it into words.

And of course, I can't let this go without pointing out that you know what they say about being paranoid. Just because you're paranoid......
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