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It turns out the apple watch do blend

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 04:22 AM
This guy is my hero, he is always answering the important questions in life as, will it blend?

Now i want to know if the 18k version blends too...

Also look at that blender he is building for the apple car, I hope he doesn't start to question if people blend

I want a blendtec blender for Christmas
(some of them cost more than the apple products they blend)

Dickson, what a funny name

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 04:27 AM
can you hear that?
the voices of millions of apple fans screaming in despair at the destruction of apple's latest toy.

What sweet music they make.

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 07:55 AM
While a bit childish that vid is strangely satisfying to watch .

would not want to be exposed to that "smoke" without a filter though
there will be all kinds of nasty s in there!

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 11:55 AM
His smile makes it.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 05:38 AM
I'm not a fan of Apple but that was sort of like watching an isis execution video.

All it needed was a black flag somewhere.

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