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Medjugorje popular author calls head of Vatican office to lift the ban

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posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 10:59 PM

In open letter to the head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office, author Wayne Weible urges the letter currently restricting Medjugorje events called back due to its misquotations of an official Church position paper. The author calls people to pray for CDF to soon withdraw the erroneous document.

Wayne Weible explains that he has written his open letter to counteract what the letter calls “the unjust damage (CDF’s restriction letter) has done to Medjugorje and the credibility of the alleged visionaries”, and to clear up a currently prevailing confusion:
“I felt called to bring this matter to the attention of the CDF because of the severe damage it has done here in the United States in the past 18 months, in that so many people who have gained so much from the alleged apparitions are now questioning its validity” Wayne Weible tells Medjugorje Today.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 11:05 PM
The nearly "forgotten Medjugorje question" is heated up again. The forceful position of Vatican intended to make things better, makes them only worse.

Similarly, the forceful position on Fatima and denial of the FULL TRUTH already 98 years do not make the questions disappear, only make them more suspicious. Especially when the events on the ground in former USSR show trend contrary to the expectations of an "era of peace".

I don't know whether Virgin Mary said those 10 secrets in Medjugorje or what they contain. But if She did, then Vatican messed up in a big "doo-doo", would say Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

If She said things in Fatima that we still don't know, for example things of extraterrestrials, due to be released in 1960, the Vatican may well end up with zero credibility when we finally learn the truth. Not by secretive Vatican office, but directly from the source. Because Virgin Mary and the angels could talk to everyone. Not only to seers and popes.

Does it mean Malachi's prophecy walks with large steps towards its fulfillment, OR self-fulfillment? It is not me to say. You have the whole secular internet informed on Malachi and Fatima more than the faithful catholics, who still fear bans of saying what they think. We are no more in the era of Inquisition though.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 11:10 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Who cares what church say?
Ohh, forgot. There are masses that cares.

Anyway, it is obvious that truth will economically hurt church. They act like that for centuries. Only latest pop don't fit the picture of church. I think that church leaders use kindness and enlightenment of pop Francis to raise church credibility.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 11:31 PM
you can't have the best seller Tom Horn speaking more eruditely on Fatima than the Vatican clerks who are mum as there is no such problem for the catholic church. Because if you have THAT situation, as we witness today, the people will simply buy the books of Tom Horn and will inform themselves on the matter from him. Quite negatively for the image of the Catholic church.

Vatican spared no efforts to ban apparitions in the near past. Surprisingly, the few approved ones are among the most shocking. Akita in Japan speaks of fire from heaven. Maria Esperanza speaks of a manifestation of Jesus Christ different from the Second Coming. Both were approved by local bishops, not by Vatican offices. Dozens, hundreds of other apparitions happen as we speak. Let say half of them are...wrong. How about the other half? And who gave the power to Vatican to judge what every single one hears and sees, even if it is not "correct"? Peter with the keys?

If it was only a matter of the interior things for the Catholics, one could say - let they save themselves, those who are drowning in their own errors. It concerns the world. Those things are given for the world. Well, as the situation goes, we are being informed better from the other side. I don't say Tom Horn is all right. But he informs me, while the Vatican puts bans after bans after vague wordings. The pope will baptize extraterrestrials. Was it everything for 2+ years pontificate of Francis? Something more than that? Perhaps the next pope will do it. Oh but there isn't a next one, if St Malachi was correct...

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posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 11:54 PM
Let make it clear: I am not against the Vatican or the Catholic church (if it matters for anyone). What I am against though, is the fact they made the last 25 years lost in translation of some message from heaven. If what they preach is true, the era of peace for humanity could have arrived in 1989. Or even in 1960 with the release of the 3rd secret as allegedly said by Virgin Mary. They did not move a finger about that. They always did things that did not match what the alleged heavenly requirements were. Instead, when Medjugorje and a dozen of other apparitions appeared in late 20th century, they started single out one by one. In 21st century hundreds of apparitions appeared. The bans don't really work. But they do - if the conscience of the seer is to be obedient to Rome's absurd rulings.

What is it they hide so jealously from the world and from their own faithful?
OK my life passed in lies, false promises and expectations. I don't want that limbo to continue for another generation. It won't. The Generation is Now, say more erudite persons than the honorable cardinals clothed in red.
I already made my bet: what the Vatican hides now, and what it hided for centuries, is the extraterrestrial presence on earth or near earth.
Tom Horn says more, although he talks of the "bad ones" already connected to some in the Vatican. Should we believe him, or should we believe someone else. I don't want the bad guys, I want the good ones.

Is this what is behind absurd rulings, bans, meetings, and even conclaves? To keep the status quo until the last moment, when the people wouldn't have other way to decide than their own judgment, downed in advance by absurd bans on conscience? I know I wouldn't be stopped by that. But how many of the billion wide Catholics would have the same boldness, if they are threatened "politely" to spend eternity in the fires of hell?
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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 12:26 AM
I don't want to sound dark, so may be some fun from Star Wars will be helpful. Jar Jar Binks proposes emergency powers to the Supreme chancellor. Actually Jar Jar is far more sentient than many in hi positions. And he plays on the good side, although "clumsy" at times...

pope Francis spent enough efforts to try to fix the things inside and out. He himself said he would resign if he fails. What if not a big failure, his top cardinal to oppose the most popular catholic shrine today Medjugorje? Sure Medjugorje is not the only thing to care about. For the non catholics and the wider world other things such as politics matter more. But if we will have another 8 years of limbo, as we had between the death of John Paul 2 and the election of Francis, it is better he resigns now. I don't think of him in the role of Palpatine. Other people do, not only Tom Horn but also including devote hardline catholics. I do not share their views.

Other than resignation, pope Francis has the option to relieve from duties immediately the chief of CDF, who was appointed by Benedict. The chief of CDF not only stands against the core of hardline catholics by banning peaceful prayerful meetings of the Medjugorje seers with public. The chief of CDF raises the ghost of the Inquisitor once more in history (CDF is the former Sacred chancellery or known as the Inquisition hi office of Roman Church). Ratzinger himself banned dozens apparitions as former head of CDF, among them the Orthodox Egyptian citizen Vassula Ryden who was followed by a great number of catholics.

Whether true or not, rather true, Medjugorje phenomenon is not to be played out, at the time when Vatican should have released Fatima hundreds, thousands of times by now. The world peace would not be a hostage to a handful of men in red and white. I start doubting the entire Fatima-gate and even the already released texts as being forgery themselves, in the time of WW2. That is the logical conclusion of the persistent denial of Vatican top clerks to tell the truth they themselves canonized (the 2 seers of Fatima are canonized). In other words, playing with alleged words of heaven and manipulating them for their own ends, make bad service to the Vatican. If Francis wants to show he follows the desire of majority of his most devote people, he should have fired CDF chief, and better close the office of inquisition altogether. If not, we just have another Benedict mandate, another Paul 6, or another Pius 12. What to expect at the end, even without any prophecy as Maachi? Apparently, the hi ranks of the Roman church do not stick to the truth, and that is evident already from everywhere, even without the case of Medjugorje that is primarily concern of the most devote catholics.

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 01:03 AM
Other banned apparitions: Bayside NY, Little Mary, USA, Emmitsburg Maryland, USA, and the most recent - the disappearance of the internet space of the site of "Maria Divine Mercy". Those are few names that I just remember now.
I don't agree or have to agree with any of these. I am shocked at the brutal action of the Vatican.

If tomorrow Jesus appears to you, in dream or in daylight, what you will do? Will you run to the nearest catholic bishop to ask him do you see or hear properly Jesus, or may be Satan? I don't know what you will do.

I know what I will do. If Jesus, Mary or an Angel appears to me tomorrow or tonight, I will not inform of that the Vatican and the pope. I will rather follow the instructions received by God. Because it is God who judges me at the end of my life. Not the pope, not the Inquisitor.

If they didn't burn Giordano Bruno, but appointed him cardinal chief of science, today the humanity would be beyond Mars without overpopulation and shortage of food and resources. Giordano Bruno must be canonized and that is the least the Vatican could do. Not to make new martyrs instead (not necessarily killed rather exhausted all their lives that is even worse). The new dawn is on the horizon. I don't see in it the Vatican, unless the pope makes a sharp U move in the last moment. For now he doesn't make it, already 2+ years in office. Should the office be closed altogether, if there isn't even one fit to run it? Perhaps many devote people asked that question in the last 2 centuries. The latest great one to say it was cardinal Martini, jesuit: "God is not Catholic".

St Faustina's Divine Mercy devotion was BANNED, don't know under whose pontificate. It was reviewed as "wrong translation from Polish to Latin" (you bet!) by cardinal Woytila pope John Paul 2. What if he was not personally devoted to NOW St Faustina, then nobody known deceased nun? What if he decided the ban of the Holy Church takes precedence over the words said by Jesus? What if he was never elected pope? You will have the Divine Mercy devotion along with all the rest banned apparitions. How many saints were silenced that we don't even know their names? Isn't it the great apostasy then? I don't know the answer. But I know what happens now in Vatican, under the mask of change, is establishing of ultra conservative new status quo that tomorrow will be ready to raise the flag of inquisition again, if the political situation allows (phenomenon Hitler happened after a period of democracy in Germany. Many prophets say the antichrist will be new worse Hitler). May God forbid it, by the bold actions of pope Francis NOW. The scandal is already existing, made by the Vatican, far not only for Medjugorje.
Or the Catholic Church loses altogether. Perhaps that is the goal, after all?

Perhaps on the new planets, (Mercury after Mars to find water on it), there wouldn't be a need of a pope, in Rome or elsewhere. Perhaps Jesus will appear directly, as Maria Esperanza and others said. Perhaps what we see is the last attempts to save a status quo that NEVER was ordered by Jesus. Jesus never said a word of what we see happening in the Vatican today and for centuries. Pope Francis admitted the canonical law was not found in the Gospel. Then, why it is permitted a mortal man clothed in red (or even in white) to judge above what God speaks to others? Isn't it better instead of doing that futile work, the Vatican to address its own problems on fast pace? How much longer it is expected for the billion wide Catholic church to wait and carry the burden of multiple problems, while a handful of people do not know the exact amount of their money and other pleasures? Isn't it enough, for the church and the world?

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 02:01 AM
The worst consequence for a democratic world, is that the catholics are paralyzed to speak in public. They think and speak in private groups though. To show disagreement with absurd ruling of Rome, they usually hide in ultra-conservative groupings raising the idea that, you see, the previous popes were right, those before the Vatican 2 council. They forget without Vatican 2 council they wouldn't be permitted to say even that! Before Paul 6 decree a catholic couldn't print anything on religious mater without the explicit permission of a bishop, that was called " imprimatur " printed under the religious text. Paul 6 removed that need when the catholics publish of private apparitions.

Where are the catholics in this forum? Or they have the courage to speak only if they support that even more outdated status quo?

Apparently groups of more rights in catholic church are absolutely disinterested in discussing things like apparitions. Otherwise they are vocal, but in their own spheres.

In other words, even if Jesus appears to hundreds of people, as some seers say He would, they would be silenced of fear before the ruling of the inquisitor. Then perhaps Jesus needs to appear to hundreds of thousands, or even to "land" without setting foot on the ground formally. St. Bernard spoke of a Third Coming of Jesus, in secret to the elect ones, that will occur between the First and the Second Coming.

Now go and call that the arrival of the antichrist, and you will fit perfectly in the doctrine of Palpatine. You will be his servant with every next move to fight the "evil one" who is to come. I don't say the pope is the emperor from Star Wars. Perhaps the real one is clever enough to hide behind scene until his time. And his time may be after 100 years not now. But the trend is clear enough. Even if you are not fan of Star Wars. It helps though. When you see cardinals as Jar Jas Binks, and really no Jedi around. Yoda is missing from the scene either. BTW he is not human character, he is reptilian humanoid. Does it mean, the revelation will come only after the introduction to humanity of the other races who already believed in God? And perhaps who have recorded the life of Jesus from the clouds?

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 02:48 AM

What is the difference between the ovations on May Day in USSR and the ovations and obedience required by Vatican and still expressed by millions? But that is in the name of God, will say the defenders of status quo. The Reds said good words either, according to their time and religion (or non religion). The words "in the name of God" do not make something good automatically. Where is the fruitful criticism in the Catholic church today, except for close in sessions of synods? The current letter, that the thread is about, is one of the VERY FEW examples of a different view expressed publicly. And still it doesn't call for resignation or mass demonstration, it calls for "prayers for CDF to withdraw its ruling". As if CDF is semi-god. The communists allowed more criticism than that. If you listen to the Russian speaker, you will recognize the names of the next leaders to come after Brezhnev (vid from 1982) including the reformer Gorbachev. So they did it, so to speak. The Vaticans didn't do it until this very moment. Pity for the oldest institution on earth, but much more, for the deluded people who will prefer an inquisitor to tell them what is the "will of God". That sounds familiar, isn't it. Pharaohs also talked the "will of God" in their time.

After such a scandal as the ban on public PEACEFUL PRAYER MEETINGS with seers that don't do any harm to anyone, there should be mass protests inside and out the churches. There isn't anything. As a flock of sheeple. Perhaps those same people wouldn't recognize an angel or even Jesus if He decides to appear after Sunday mass. Or they will but they will deny Him as Peter, or worse, as Judas. They would have crucified Him again, if He would have allowed it. He doesn't.

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 03:33 AM
As direct result of all that I discuss in this and other threads, I do not consider anymore authentic the alleged words of Lucia of heavenly requirement of consecration of Russia as condition of era of world peace. Lucia had a double, as evident by photos posted online. Later words of "Lucia-2" are total forgery. There is no independent source to confirm that Our Lady and Jesus appeared to young Lucia (1) after 1917 when she entered monastery. Moreover, the secrets said in July 1917 (1,2, 3) were not published before 1941-2 (1 and 2) when WW2 already was a fact. What is a secret that would be published only post factum,a nd that first passes thru offices like that of CDF in pre-Vatican-2... Guaranteed forgery and short than the truth. Indeed part 3 given in July 1917 never appeared until this day. What appeared was a separate vision claimed to occur to Lucia in her letter dated....1942? October 13 1917 Solar miracle - it is not that day when the secrets 1,2,3 were given. What is given to the children at that day, we don't know. And if we don't know, if the crowds were not told directly on the spot, (but were told decades later), what is the independent source to verify we are not lied, again?

Perhaps Our Lady talked of completely other things in Fatima. The only thing not discussed in public until now, is the extraterrestrial issue. If it is not that, why don't they say it? What is it they still hide? On top of that, they the leaders in Vatican use al their psychological influence to silence any newer seer. The way they act today, they way they forged 2000 "official version" of Fatima, is probably the same way they falsified the entire story. Shame for them. But they will not resign because of that, as a civil politician would, after a public scandal. They count on the sheeple who will continue saying prayers for THEIR welbeing. Why for theirs? Why not for our own? Until when will the world wait for a betterment, including a spiritual betterment to come from hi places such as Vatican and other religious institutions? I guess there is a heavenly deadline. If anything is true in all the talks of Fatima, it is there is set a deadline, a date, of a punishment to come from God. One cannot assume with true conscience that the false peace after the collapse of USSR would continue forever in this current state.

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 08:04 AM
With all of that being said, for the good and betterment of the Catholic church, I have to add:
it is troubling the changed style of messages especially those received by Mirjana. It is further troubling that the first years' interviews about the secrets were changed to more deluded, more "love and peace" messages that don't really touch upon the core message, compared to the first years.

But if there is something wrong, if some seers are no more seers of the Virgin, sure there are ways that to be explained to the faithful. Not in the command line directives of the inquisitor's office.

So let make a distinctive line: between the apparitions themselves, how to discern them, how to use the best we get from them (far not only Medjugorje) on one side, and on the other - the rising of totalitarian model church in which one man, no matter how hi in hierarchy, in this case the chief of CDF, would have the right to tell me and you what to believe and should we believe our ears, eyes, and conscience or should we believe that one man or few of them. That is a dangerous trend and that is what prompted me to start that thread at all. Not so much Medjugorje phenomenon itself, rather the Vatican response to it and to similar apparitions. If that trend is not stopped now, by willing faithful and even people outside the church, projected in time it will bring a new dogmatic that will know no borders of influence on human conscience while presenting itself as "persecuted church". That simply cannot be tolerated in a society that pretends for civil liberties including the freedom of conscience, belief and religion. I may choose to believe not exactly as one man tells me I should to, and that freedom should be respected. Not by bans on prayer meetings.

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