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Misunderstood Sleep Paralysis And Astral Projection

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 12:50 AM
a reply to: justbe

hello and welcome to ATS!

Sure, send me a message if you feel like it and I will try my best to respond properly

But if you have some stories to share or questions to ask, I am sure many users would love to read them who are open minded, nice people. So I encourage you to try sharing some publicly, you will get more out of it that way

And otherwise you should just ignore all the negative and don't bother replying if you are not willing. Afterall It is just an internet board with a lot of folks and there will always be many different opinions especially about metaphysics which is mainly based on personal experiences without tangible proof.

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: kennyb72
and UniFinity

Thanks! Looks like I cant send messages yet.
You're right, I should just ignore the negative. Sometimes it just really bothers me..

Anyways, I've been having lucid dreams since I was a child and I never knew what was happening until about two years ago. I have sleep paralysis too but not so bad that it scares me. Actually, I'm not quite so sure about the difference between lucid dreaming and OBE and Astral Traveling. I'm mostly walking around my apartment in the dark and I only realize that I'm not awake when I cant turn on the light. I hit the lightswitch but I cant really touch it and nothing happens. Thats when I use to get freaked out and would wake up again.

I actually managed to practice to tell myself I'm just dreaming and to relax and I'm getting better at it but I still wake up rather quickly. The reason for that is my main concern and my main question: I'm afraid I wont wake up again! I live by myself, so there isnt anybody here who would notice or could wake my up. Can anybody give me some advice to that?

I've been having these dreams every so often over the years, very randomly. But lately it seems like I'm having them more often or better, I could have them a lot more often, but I feel it when I'm falling asleep, I dont know how to explain, but I just feel it when I'm drifting off, I just get weird sensations and then I usually force myself out of it, just because I'm afraid of it. Not afraid of lucid dreaming or obe or whatever it is! I would actually like to explore this more. I'm just afraid of not being able to come back or wake up.
Sorry if that sounds stupid.

I got somewhat frustrated with being scared and not being able to enjoy this state more, so I asked for help! I just asked whoever or whatever, the universe, my subconscious, or whatever the heck is out there, if they could send me somebody who would take me by the hand in my next lucid dream who could show me around. It had been a few weeks and the next LD I had, there was actually somebody standing in my apartment! I couldnt really see him (I think it was a "him") he was standing behind a big shelf that separates my living room from my dining room. Didnt seem threatening at all and it was actually light for a change (not dark as usually) but unfortunately I freaked out and woke up. Only later I remembered that I had asked for help, for somebody to come and take me by the hand. So now I wonder, could that really be? Who/what was it and how do I know that that was a friendly "person"?

I've had some other interesting things happening, asleep and awake.
And it seems to be happening more frequently, thats why I decided to come here to talk about it. I know I'm not the only one and I really need to talk to people who know what I mean.

I dont think I have to mention this, but no, I dont drink and I dont do drugs and I have no mental issues. At least, I dont think I do ;-)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading!

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 06:04 PM
a reply to: justbe

Waw! and thank you for sharing, that was a great post!

From the description I would say you are experiencing astral projection in your house, just like i did. Difference about lucid dream and astral projection is very thin. In a lucid dream you have total awareness that you are in a dream. Like if some actor in a movie would suddenly "wake up" and be able to control all aspects of the movie.
Astral projection and OBE are the same for me, just different labels. And in this experience you are projecting your consciousness into a "real" word or "real" place, like your house. But this is just a first layer in the astral as there are many layers and different words or levels.

There are a few books from Robert Monroe who is an expert in this field and he supposedly mapped various astral worlds to some degree and a few other people as well had published some books. But I like the oldest source better, like Tibetan book of the dead.

But the thing which is confusing people is that even in astral projection you are still in a dream word and your imagination can manifest really anything you concentrate on. That is the power of your consciousness and I have a feeling that many abductions and demons and stuff like that is just a manifestation of our own fears or some kind of issues. But that does not mean that astral word is fake, just that the rules are different and unknown to me for now, because in astral you operate with thoughts and feelings and not gross physical matter like in awake state. Well if you ask me even our physical reality is a dream of some kind because all is spirit/Brahman.

Which also means that you can see in the dark just try to manifest light or concentrate on the eyes.

About the entity you have met. This just means that your prayers have been answered, but the question is who responded. Rule of a thumb is that any benevolent being would share his info for free with no ulterior motives. If a being wants something in return you should just kindly tell them to leave you alone. But we all have a guide or two who are watching over every our step. And when you want to met them they will appear.

the concerns which you have about returning to your body are normal. I have read about many people who had the same fears and the answer was almost always the same. Don't bother with those thoughts as they are false. You shouldn't worry about not being able to return. Our bodies are always connected to our light body with some kind of a cord - like we all had as babies but this one should be unbreakable hah

These are conclusions from my experiences and I dunno if everything is correct. So if anyone have anything to comment, please jump in

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 10:26 PM
a reply to: justbe

Hello Justbe,

I am not the best person to discuss OBE’s with because I haven’t developed that skill enough, but I can relate to the experiences you have described. I will cover those, but will also give you a little background on part of the nature of reality that most are not aware of, and to provide some comfort when you understand how we are protected and why, so please bear with me.

I'm mostly walking around my apartment in the dark and I only realize that I'm not awake when I cant turn on the light. I hit the lightswitch but I cant really touch it and nothing happens. Thats when I use to get freaked out and would wake up again.

What you have described here is exactly my experience, getting out of bed and attempting to put a light on but nothing happens because it is your consciousnessnes that is walking around and not your body. I have done this many times.

I have never astral travelled by my own estimation beyond a couple of rooms in my house which has always frustrated me. Although l did always find it a scary experience and so I think I must limit myself. If I freak myself out I end up waking in a bit of a panic. The reason for that is my main concern and my main question: I'm afraid I wont wake up again! I live by myself, so there isnt anybody here who would notice or could wake my up. Can anybody give me some advice to that?

I have experienced sleep paralysis for most of my life, when I was younger it could be two to three times a week, but much less frequent these days. I did notice a pattern though, and it was the two extremes, either it was very late and I was over tired, or if I had too much sleep it would happen. I am not suggesting that the exhaustion or sleeplessness is the reason but rather the catalyst for the condition. If it is any comfort, I have always woken up from this state and it has happened thousands of time to me.

but I feel it when I'm falling asleep, I dont know how to explain, but I just feel it when I'm drifting off, I just get weird sensations and then I usually force myself out of it, just because I'm afraid of it

I think you are describing what I call 'the buzzes', it’s not really that, but I also can’t describe any other way, the sensation other than a powerful energy vibrating my body. It is the sensation that wakes my consciousness into alertness, and is also the time when I experience sleep paralysis.

If I where ever to 'master' astral travel, I am certain this would be the time. It is also the time I would say I was lucid dreaming, but that doesn’t really do the experience justice either because I am wide awake in my mind. It can happen several times one after another. If I do manage to wake my body, although it is very difficult to know if I am fully awake or not. I have convinced myself multiple times that I am now back to normal only to discover my body is still asleep and it can be rather scary at times. It always ends with me falling back into unconsciousness and no awareness.

So now I wonder, could that really be? Who/what was it and how do I know that that was a friendly "person"?

This is probably where my experiences and our friends that OBE regularly differ slightly, as I could never say that I travelled inter-dimensionally that I know of, I am sure that I do, but I have no recall other than waking with a wonderful sense of peace and satisfaction that everything is as it should be.

What would be a good idea is to ask for help and protection, whether this makes a difference or not, I don’t know but I always feel protected now, and if something dark comes into my awareness, I just demand that it leaves and it always does.

I study esoterics which you may be aware from my posts. One thing that is clear to me is that we all share a symbiotic relationship with another race of being who we are all actually bound to, and 'they' provide us with our causal envelope at the moment our 'self' enter into the human kingdom.

This relationship lasts for the entire period that we experience the isolated life of being human.

All other species on the planet have a shared consciousness at some level, but humans are shielded from each other as part of our evolutionary process.

The Deva being has the collective name Augoeides, who belongs to an etherial race, and although there are many billions of them, as there are humans in the human cycle, their evolution includes the bonding with a human over this period.

It is very hard to visualise what I am explaining, but your Augoedies is you, or rather your 'higher self' as some would describe, or your guardian angel which is another term applied.

Augoedies, unlike 'we' physical beings, are never present in the physical world and their only way to manifest in the physical plane is through us.

Augoeides as a race of being have a collective consciousness, and is in a way are a proxy for human collective thought. The Devas are a super race of being, in that they are highly intelligent and spiritually advanced, and have the very best interests of we humans at heart. We are all part of the unity of life, which is something they are perfectly aware of.

We human are travelling a path of spiritual growth, a path towards understanding the unity of life.

For many thousands of years, we reincarnate, incrementally becoming more and more consciously aware. During our Barbarian stage, our Civilisation stage and our Culture stages. Our Augodies pay very little attention to us, as we bumble around making our mistakes and generally screwing up, but later he starts to play a greater and fuller roll in our lives.

Regardless, he is always there to protect us from evil entities and steers us through our intuition, There are many misguided spirits on the lower astral planes and there are some people who live very evil lives themselves. When that is the case their Augoedies withdraws its protection and allows them free choice to discover what evil really is.

Augoedies never gives up on them completely though, and will continue to guide the situation, and is alway there making decisions for each of us during our 'in between lives' of existence.They consider what kind of physical life we need to advance our spiritual growth. There are some evil souls that sever the connection with Augoedies entirely through a ceremony on the astral and join the black lodge.

Their journey will take them a very long time to correct as they will eventually have to evolve again through the mineral kingdom, animal kingdom back to the human kingdom where their Karma awaits them and countless lives of suffering until their karma is balanced.

When you ask for help, it is Augoedies who listens, he may be your companion, hidden out of your view, but he is there to direct you by being in your thoughts.

As I explained earlier, it is very hard to understand this relationship as it really is 'other worldly' and over time we really do become 'as one' with our 'higher self' which is the goal of the relationship. Once we have completed our time as a human being, we become an essential being, and Augoedies is free to continue his own evolutionary path, but we are forever bound in our oneness through our collective thoughts even as we become a collective with the advanced beings that we all become.

Continued next post

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posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 10:27 PM
a reply to: kennyb72

Continued from previous post,

The devas belong on a far higher plane of existence to the astral and are manifest in the causal world, which most of us humans rarely get a glimpse of until much later in our conscious development. As such, these etherial beings are beyond the scope of even those who astral travel, we are perfectly visible to them though, when, they wish to focus on us. They play a large roll in our birth and death in the physical world.

For most people, their presence is what we humans believe is God, however the 'source of all things' is everywhere, on every plane of existence, and is far beyond the causal world, and many dimension beyond the advanced beings that hold our physical existence together.

Everything is unity, broken into discreet units of consciousness that expands over time to encompass the whole. Every consciousness regardless of how good or how evil it is, will all eventually fall into this harmonic, It is an inevitability

As explained by Unifinity, there are many layers to each dimension and ‘Maya’, ‘The world of illusion’ or the ‘emotional world’ are all synonymous. The subdivisions are very familiar to us, as they mirror our own spectrum of emotions. There are lower emotional planes and higher emotional planes. These equate to planes where hate, greed, jealously, malice all characteristics of our selves manifest, on a plane of existence that is as real as the physical. For some this could be viewed as hell, but it is just lower emotionality amplified.

As we move on from the negative emotions we dissolve into the higher emotional planes where love and affection, friendships and beauty exists and satisfying times are experienced which appear as real as a life in the physical world, some accounts of this place have been referred to as the summer lands.

By the time we enter the lower mental plane after dying in the emotional world, we will have left the duality and evil far behind us, and an intense sensation of bliss is experienced along with a meaningful existence with art and culture music and great learning to experience. It could be described as heaven although there are far greater experiences than this.

It is the higher emotional and lower mental planes where religious devotional folk experience their own heavens and meetings with their deities although it is just a blissful illusion as reality extends far beyond this illusory reality.

We can spend the equivalent of a thousand or so years in these conditions, present in the lower and higher mental planes until the time comes for re-birth. Some people never experience the mental plane and transfer to a new incarnation directly from the lower emotional plane after falling mercifully into a sleep. There are also cases where those affiliated to the black lodge can take over the unprotected bodies of those who are still alive, as in possessions. The true owner of the body is basically evicted and have to await a new birth. This could not happen unless invited though.

A small percentage of advanced ‘selves’ pass on to the causal world in full consciousness. They share this sublime existence for a period of time before being re-born, although subsequent physical lives are very different for a causal self as they are born with objective awareness in all dimensions of reality.

There are many who are alive today who are causal selves, but they would never reveal that fact. There is also many who are of the 'left hand path' who are benefiting from their association with the black lodge. They fulfil the roll of presenting extreme duality, at great advantage to themselves in the short term, but unimaginable consequences to their future experience.

They are permitted to exist in this dimension but their power is limited, but the contrast or duality they present in the physical world is beneficial from a higher perspective. We should ultimately feel compassion for them, as they are part of us and their future is one of great suffering. Even they will eventually become essential beings. Eternity is a very long time.

Sorry that was a little long winded but I thought it necessary to explain so that you understand how and why we are protected, provided we don’t invite evil into our lives. As powerful as the dark forces are, they are no match for the power of unity. Evil can be brushed aside as inconsequential at at spiritual level. It won’t stop them attempting to corrupt people though, but provided you understand who and what you are, you can know that you are powerful beyond description through your connection and association with your Augoeides

Well thats it from my esoteric perspective, I cannot give much advice regarding how to improve your astral projection abilities. I know it is a reality for many people, but I have come to the understanding that there is little point in achieving it. I understand we are simply visiting the next plane of existence Maya when we astral travel,which is the world of illusion, and that nothing can really be learned from the experience beyond the knowledge that it is real and exists. It is best to place your energies into understanding and opening your channel to your higher self.

The true place for knowledge is the causal plane, which some get a glimpse from time to time. Just understand that you are loved and protected, because that is the condition that unity of life evolves through. Our journey is like a maze, there is only one path out of the maze and people will fumble around in it for ions, but all eventually find the path and move forward to a much better existence of unity with all life.

ETA: There are essential beings that have voluntarily been born to the earth over the years, to help relieve human suffering, such is their compassion for us. Their messages have been distorted and hidden over time to the benefit of the left hand path.

For a better understanding of the left hand path please read Hidden Hand

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posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 07:21 AM
Wow! Thanks to both of you! I feel so much better now! Feels real good to talk about it and even better to get some feedback! I gotta read it a few more times, lots to take in.

I've been keeping a dream journal for the last 1.5 years and I just checked it because I knew there was something else..
I had met this "friend" (decided to call this entity a friend, for lack of a better term and to see it in a positive way) in a two other "normal" dreams: once he was standing in the hallway and I was standing in my bedroom looking out the window. I didnt know who he was, a stranger, couldnt see a face, but not scary at all. Even talked to me, saying "this is a nice house" and I said something, dont remember what, but then I went into my kitchen and made myself a coffee and asked if he wanted one too. Very normal situation.
And in the other "normal" dream, my "friend" and I were riding on one bicycle together, it was the same path I used to walk to school when I was little, he sat behind me, very close, but couldnt see his face again, he was wearing some sort of hat and had his face painted so I couldnt make out anything. But these were "normal" dreams not lucid. He is always dressed in black, I guess that bothers me a little. But never scary or threatening or aynthing like that.
So, does that mean he's been around longer than I thought and just now decided to show up in a lucid dream since I asked for help?
I am so gonna try to relax next time and see if I can manage to talk to him without freaking myself out lol!

I started this dream journal after I finally found out what these weird dreams are, I'm so glad I did! I had 14 lucid dreams (I just call them that, even if they are obe or whatever) in the last 1.5 years. I dont do aynthing do induce them. Before I found out what this is, it seems like I was having "crazy" dreams whenever I was extremely stressed out and/or when I had a lot of caffeine during the day and in the evening (a lot more then usual). But it doesnt seem to apply anymore, now it's rather the opposite. I started meditating again about 6 months ago (been doing it off and on over the last 15 years. More off then on ;-), and now its more LD's when I'm calmer and more relaxed.

I do get these buzzing sensations too, feels like my whole body is vibrating and once I had a metallic sound, really strange, like a metal propeller turning, banging against something (but that scared me, so I woke up. Gee I'm such a chicken sometimes ;-). I'm really tired of being scared all the time, wonder what else I could have experienced if I could just relax more. Oh and one other thing I noticed, I actually wake up more rested, I seem to sleep better when I had a LD.

And I've also had LDs outside my apartment. Once I was running up the stairs (taking 3-5 steps at once, with ease) in a high rise building and on the top floor I said to myself, I could just jump down, nothing can happen, its just a dream but then I thought about it and said, nah, better not, just in case its not a dream! Thats how freaking real it is to me.

So, I will try to make it light instead of trying to turn on a lightswitch and I will try to relax more and not worry about not coming back. Lets see how that goes!

I could keep on writing forever right now, it feels so good to talk about it finally :-)
Thanks for reading!

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: justbe

I do get these buzzing sensations too, feels like my whole body is vibrating and once I had a metallic sound, really strange, like a metal propeller turning, banging against something

Yup! that metallicy sound is most certainly an element of it although almost impossible to describe fully, but you saying that confirms to me that you have exactly the same experience.

Your dream journal sound like a good idea because dreams just fade into the aether otherwise.

It is really difficult to remain calm during such an unnatural feeling like that, but it is good to know you are not on your own in your experiences. I went such a long time before I could even name what the experience was and I just called them the buzzes but nobody I ever spoke to could relate.

So, does that mean he's been around longer than I thought and just now decided to show up in a lucid dream since I asked for help?

He/she/it??? has been with you for hundreds of thousand of years. The majority of humanity around today has lived at least 100,000 lives, don't worry about the math, we have been here much longer than science recognises.

The image you visualise of him is irrelevant, that is just how your imagination visualises him. I do believe there are others that help us from the other side but they are guided by Augoeides, in fact most synchronicities we experience are due to our Augoeides matching up meetings and offering help and knowledge. Each of our personal higher selves are a collective consciousness and so the apparent manipulation of our reality is due to their manipulation for want of a better word.

Don't jump off tall buildings. Always good advice!

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 02:42 PM
a reply to: justbe

I would suggest that you read Robert Monroe's books. Start with the first, "Journeys Out of the Body". This will be the book you will most likely identify with given your situation.

Here's a link. The other two are online as well.

I personally like Monroe's rational approach and prefer it, although it may leave gaps, to other descriptions on this topic.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 04:21 PM
Thank you kennyb72
I appreciated the feedback and the reading suggestions. I read the "Hidden Hand" thread and I'm curious about all the other things you mention. A lot to take in, I'm open to everything, will have to think and feel my way thru all of this.

Thank you daskakik!
I also like the rational approach and will surely read the book from Robert Monroe (thanks for the link!). Do you have any personal experiences too?

I read a lot of stuff already, but now I can finally share my thoughts and questions too, very grateful for that!

I'm curious to see what will happen next time, if I can remember any of this and if it will help me relax and enjoy it more.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: daskakik

thanks for the link!

a reply to: justbe

hehe yes it feels great! For me to - here at ATS it's the first time I can talk freely about this stuff and get a normal response and it's nice to find people with a lot of info (thx kennyb72 ) or stories to share.

When I get in the mood for AP there are the same sensations as you described but after a few times there was a lot less resistance from my head (thoughts,fear) when this starts to happen and now it is getting easier with no buzzing.

Anyway since you mentioned meditation, it was the same for me. After a few months of meditating this wired lucid dreams started to happen and later then I had the AP where I suddenly projected in my room. I was very excited when this happened because from my teenager years I wanted to experience this and it finally came true 10 years later when I started to meditate.

Check out one of the biggest themes here about this stuff. There are tons of stories and a lot of info here in this thread:

It would be great to hear more of your stories

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: justbe

Hey just wanted to chime in and help out. I can almost astral project at will. I have had many of the experiences you describe.

1st thing i wanted to say. Do not be afraid. Fear is your worst enemy. You will always wake up from your lucid dreams and OBE's , you can not get stuck "out of body".

I have also been afraid of the vibrations i've felt. there have been countless times i've woken myself up from a trance to check and see if my body was ok. It always is. I have felt my head thumping so hard i thought i was going to die, so i snap myself out of it wake up and I'm always ok.

It's a very intense energy at times but it will not physically harm you, the more you sink into it and let it take over the easier it is to astral project.

Congrats and remember do not be afraid, everything will be ok.

posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 05:38 PM
a reply to: booyakasha

thank you for your info! Can you please elaborate on this?

I can almost astral project at will.

How did you train yourself to manage that? it is one of my goals to. If you have some good advice, please share

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posted on Apr, 30 2015 @ 06:46 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Thanks for the link! Great! It's only 146 pages lol! I'm gettin plenty to read here!

a reply to: booyakasha

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! So, you can do it at will? Did it happen naturally the first time or did you teach yourself? I wonder why some people can do it and others cant. The very few people I told about my weird dreams, had no clue what I was talking about. I also wonder why I have been doing it all my life and why it took me so long to figure out what it was.

The sensations are not too bad actually. I'm just afraid I wont make it back and the other thing which is kinda creepy to me, I'm afraid of looking at my bed and seeing myself laying there. It actually hasn't happened as I try to avoid looking. And I read somewhere, not to look in a mirror because you may not like what you see? Not sure what that means. But I've done some gazing in the mirror when I'm awake and when I do it long enough, my face changes or disappears (I guess thats a different topic), but I surely wouldn't want to see that when I'm lucid dreaming!

The last time (April 8th) I was having a LD was actually kinda funny at first. I went to sleep in my bed as usually and woke up on my couch and wanted to turn on a small lamp next to my couch. When it didn't work I got up to turn on a different lamp and it didn't work (seems to be like a trigger for me) and thats when I realized its a LD. The funny thing to me was, I was actually annoyed and thought to myself (am I actually thinking when I'm dreaming?), no, not really, I really don't feel like it, I'm tired, I just wanna sleep. But I wanted to make sure that it's really a dream (it's just soo real and even though I know, I'm never really quite sure!) so I jumped back onto the couch and I floated nicely and very gently back onto the couch (that was nice) and I laid down, close my eyes and went back to sleep only to wake up again (don't know if that happened right away or later, I didn't look at a clock) and to be in a LD again/still? That never happened to me before. I was very sure I was awake this time. Then I got up and saw my "friend" standing on the other side of the shelf (as I wrote about earlier).
The actual bad thing about that wasn't even the "friend" I saw. While I was waking up, I saw something else floating above me, looking at me. It wasn't the "friend", it was more looking like a typical alien figure. That scared me so much, I wanted to yell out but I don't think I did. I woke up moaning, goosebumps all over, turned on a light, got up and turn on every light in my apt and checked every room. It did freak me out a bit.

I think, maybe I'm on youtube too much ;-). I read and watch so many different things, UFO, aliens, paranormal stuff, these dream things, about levels of consciousness, channelers, quantum physics, just a little bit of everything. I jump from one thing to the next, so I'm telling myself, thats why I projected this alien figure. Maybe my mind is just on overload. Thats usually why I meditate and it helps to chill out but then again, lately I seem to have more LDs when I do that.
But it really helps writing about it here. Don't feel like such a looney toon anymore.

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: justbe

its been a lot of practice to be able to astral project at will. I found ATS when i was 18 and started reading about astral projection. Im 30 now. I have come to much greater realizations than when i first found out about astral projection.

I would say it happened kinda naturally. I lived in California and we had earthquakes all the time. I was used to them. Every once in a while at night i thought we were having small earthquakes. I would get up and tell my parents we had a very small earthquake last night. I was about 16 then. It would always wake me up in the middle of the night and i thought nothing more than it was a small earthquake.

Then i stumbled upon and article that claimed people could have OBE's through meditation. I was blown away and read everything i could about it. There were a lot of people who talked about the "vibrations". I put two and two together and realized the earthquakes i thought was happening was actually vibrations previous to and OBE.

So i practiced everyday to astral project. The first time i tried i felt my consciousness blow up like a huge bubble of awareness, it felt like i was surrounding my apartment in a huge consciousness bubble. This was a result of super deep relaxation and blanking my mind out and not thinking of anything.

It wasn't and astral projection but it made me realize there is something to this.

Finally a couple months after practicing i got small earthquake feeling. Instead of waking up i sunk deeper into the feeling. It started getting more and more intense the the point where it felt like my physical body was violently shaking. It was super scary to me, it was so much more energy than i was expecting to experience, i woke myself up and checked if i was dying.

I was completely fine. The next time it happened i just said F it, Im going all the way i don't care what happens. So the vibrations took place and I increased them so much to the point that it felt violent again. There was also a high pitch noise in my head that increased as i increased the feeling of the vibrations. Then i just popped out of my body. I stood next to my bed and looked back at my body. It freaked me out and i woke up.

that was pretty much my first experience.

I've come to realize since then that the invisible energy everyone talks about is 100% real and you can train yourself to see it and manipulate it through meditation and visualization practices.

I practice energy manipulation, visualization, and meditation every single day. The more you do this the more you soul mass builds. You literally start feeling a magnetic force around your body and see energy moving in the air. Its kinda like being on a small amount psychedelics. What is happening is I have trained my mind to connect to my different glands and control them telekineticly. These are your chakras. Each chakra corresponds to a different gland. When i focus on my crown chakra my pineal gland is activated and Dee Em TEE is naturally released into my brain which in turn expands your consciousness and helps you connect to energy and your mind fully.

So before i started my practices i would have maybe one OBE a month. Now I have one just about everyday.

I found a teacher named Michael Monk. I give his teachings and course full credit for teaching me how to OBE at will. His webiste is I really encourage you to check it out, especially if you want to OBE at will.

It seems all seems pretty crazy i know. However i thought the same thing before i had my first OBE. Now its like an amazing extension added to life.

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posted on May, 2 2015 @ 12:48 PM
Another tip. When you are in these states of mind (The Astral projection) Everything is available to you instantly. This means if you are afraid, scary things will happen to you , if you are happy and fearless, you will have an amazing experience.

You are no longer in the physical world. You are in the conscious world. in this other reality, like attracts like. Your mind perceives what it expects to perceive. The way you feel creates what you are seeing and experiencing. This is why it is so important to not be afraid.

The less fear you have the more positive experience you will have. If you see some big guys and they look scary and you think they are gonna chase you and fight you, that will happen. If you see the same guys and think hey maybe they can help me out ill go talk to them, they will help you.

This is where sleep paralysis comes in. If you are afraid you will only make yourself more afraid and paralyzed. If you are fearless and confident you will move out of your body easily.

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: booyakasha

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing!
I got so many questions, dont know where to start..

Do you get bored with "reality"? I mean, if you can do it at will, do you prefer to be "there" or here? (Sorry, if thats a stupid question).

And what do you do there? I'm just asking because I never really know what to do when I find myself standing in my bedroom. I'm kinda afraid to leave my apartment (dont want to be far away from my body). I would love to fly but I dont dare to do anything I normally couldnt do. Once I wanted to do a summersault, but I said to myself, better not try, in case its not a dream. Any suggestions on what I could do once I realize I'm "out" or how to really believe or how to get comfortable with that feeling, trusting the whole thing? (not sure how to explain myself better, but I think you know what I mean).

I can not touch a lightswitch, but I tried walking thru a wall once and the wall was solid, which got me really confused. Is it maybe because I'm expecting a wall to be solid? Am I trying to control the situation too much? I guess it boils down to too much fear. Maybe I just need more practice. Like I said, I just realized about two years ago whats happening, even though I've had it all my life (not very often) and this is the first time I'm even talking about it.

Unfortunately, I've been having trouble falling asleep lately, or better, I keep trying not to fall asleep, cause I'm kinda afraid it will happen again even though I want it to! And it seems, the more I read about it, the more impatient and frustrated I get with myself for being so afraid! I hope I can get to the point too, where I can just say F*** it, lets go and have some fun!

I have more questions, if you dont mind..

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 11:54 PM
Do you get bored with "reality"? I mean, if you can do it at will, do you prefer to be "there" or here?

I used to get bored with reality in a way. I now look at it as a challenge and a fun video game basically. I snowboard almost everyday in the winter, and own a restaurant and have a girlfriend so my life is full of fun amazing things. Actually too full at times. But i love it. And having a projection all night, or in the morning or every other day is plenty for me. I heard about a year ago that people can astral project while wide awake with there eyes open and have two different visual screens at the same time. That is what i am working on now. I have only had one small success.

And what do you do there?

As of now I'm trying to bring evidence of the after life, or non physical life, ( like information from a dead person i don't know) back to reality. Or I try to find something in my house or around my house that i didn't know was there, then wake up and see if it is. I usually put a random playing card behind the couch and try to read it then see if i got it right.

You can also morph your body in to anything. You can grow 1000 feet tall or shrink microscopic, you can morph into a bird and fly around mountains or morph into a dog or any animal really.

Sometimes ill talk to the local people and try to figure out where I am, if they know of earth, if they know how to fly, sometimes ill teach them if they can't.

Sometimes ill go to hell realms and fight demons, or try to teleport to other planets.

I love flying so i always do that, one time i flew to outer space and played in what i would describe as a telepathic playground. Making beats with only my mind on gigantic speakers floating on a tiny 40 foot diameter planet, creating objects and things with thought.

Sometimes i will end up in an astral school with other people all doing energy manipulation and practicing dream powers.

Sometimes i snowboard or motorcycle and do tricks that i would never try in real life.

One time i met up with this drug dealer on the corner in my astral projection. He said " hey you should try this". without hesitation i put the pill he gave me in my mouth and swallowed. I was instantly rammed into the 6th dimension. I was no longer human, i was experiencing something so far from this reality i can not describe it. It lasted what seemed like 12 hours then i woke up back into my dream on the corner in front of the the drug dealer. And he says, "how was that?" I just shook my head in awe and woke up to find only an hour had passed. That was the trippiest thing thats ever happened to me. It felt like a 12 hour DEE EM TEE trip, which i've come to realize thats exactly what it was, however i did it naturally.

Basically anything you can possibly think of doing is possible over there. Your mind is your only limit. Which brings me to this question.

I can not touch a lightswitch, but I tried walking thru a wall once and the wall was solid, which got me really confused. Is it maybe because I'm expecting a wall to be solid? Am I trying to control the situation too much?

Your expectations and beliefs play a huge role in the non physical. If you believe your going to meet Jesus, your mind will create a Jesus for you to talk to basically. If you believe and know that you can fly through a wall you can. It is your own my holding you back. Sometimes i'll try to fly through a wall and bounce off, then ill back up, re affirm to myself that i am dreaming and that nothing is truly solid then fly through the wall.

Same goes for the light switch, something in your mind is expecting the light switch not to work, so it doesn't. Possible somewhere you heard light switches don't work in your dreams, so when you knew you were dreaming and went to flip the light you had the expectation of it not going on so it didn't. I have a feeling if you flip the light switch and imagine the light going on at the same time it will.

Feel free to ask your questions, i love talking about this stuff and seeing people learn. Not many people in my day to day life are interested in this stuff so when people have questions i like to give my point of view.

posted on May, 3 2015 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: booyakasha

Thank you! Very nice! That all sounds real good! In fact, I was reading the book from Robert Monroe "Journeys out of the body" today and it only made me more anxious for some reason. So I decided to stop reading that and to concentrate more on the positive and fun part. I really want to explore this more but I realize I'm not getting anywhere by always being afraid.
So, I found this little video about it:

I like that series. May not be accurate with everything but it's fun to watch. A lot is the same as you're describing it. But what about the chord? Have you seen or felt it too? I have not.

More questions to come!

posted on May, 3 2015 @ 03:10 PM
Just in case the video is not working here's the link:

posted on May, 3 2015 @ 07:25 PM
a reply to: justbe

Spirit Science is a pretty cool series. Some good information in them, and some interesting theories, it's been a while since i've watched them though.

I have never experienced the chord. I think that is also part of the mind game thing. If you believe it you will have one, if not you won't.

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