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Paranoia annoys me

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posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 09:33 PM
How I feel about all you paranoid people. Ever wonder how all these all powerful corporations and governments and entities with unlimited resources that are out to get us all just can't seem to get their s@#t together long enough throughout the ages to actually do it.

Let the hate begin

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 10:26 PM
I'm not afraid of any of these conspiracies and I've experienced things that would make this little boy-man piss his pants.

Acknowledging uncomfortable aspects of reality obviously isn't about being afraid of the reality of those very same aspects. It doesn't even make sense, chaos and randomness isn't necessarily scarier just because of a random factor. Finding out that there are sinister connections involved is scarier simply by virtue of there being sinister plots and machinations involved because it confirms a negative reality. There is nothing scarier about mundane random acts or incidents of violence, it's just a normal aspect of reality taken for granted by everyone, and if someone finds that scary I suggest they barricade themselves in their homes and give up life.

I don't cower at the reality of thousands of people dying, maybe this wimp should stop projecting his feebleness on others and realize that ignoring increasingly untenable gaping holes in the popular narrative of society because of the uncomfortableness of it is the real situation here. Facing reality hasn't generally been a common human trait and this guy is thinking he's sober because of his ignorance and or denial. The enormous collusion going on at the highest levels of power in this World should be enough to raise the eyebrows of any truly rational person.

Yeah, I'm real scared of random violence. Even the simple prospect of it renders me delusional and frozen in fear. Again, this lily ass needs to stop projecting his hilariously sensitive sense of fear. I've heard this tenuous accusation before and I don't buy it because one of the core aspects of the conspiracy theory community is immersion in fear, in fact, taking it way past reason at times. And that's supposed to be a reaction of fear before the sinister horror of random mundane violence? Violence that any 10 year old in the World would realize is a common occurrence on our planet.

Pfft... weak. There are far more worse horrors than thousands or millions of people dying in mundane disasters, this guy hasn't even begun sampling the wider vistas of reality all around him and he wants to talk about fear. It's cute.

He's nothing but a conventional fool and his opinion will only be given credit by the innocent and the naive.

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 11:17 PM
I'm not Paranoid. I had my pair of adenoids removed with my tonsils.

Why get paranoid, just decipher what the evidence really means and learn how it is misapplied by ad hominum techniques.

If you fear, people use that fear against you.

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 11:35 PM
a reply to: In4ormant

I am not paranoid at all. I know they are all out to get me!

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 11:49 PM
That guy resembles Steve Buscemi in a few ways.

But he isn't Steve Buscemi.

Is he related to Steve Buscemi?

Perhaps a bastard child of Steve Buscemi?

Is this Buscemi a more legitimit heir to the throne?

Is House Buscemi trying to take over?

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posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: In4ormant

lol, just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't trying to kill me!

Truthfully though, I personally think most people are prone to just jumping onto a certain 'team' and adopting extreme views one way or the other. When the truth is probably usually somewhere in the middle.

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posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 12:36 AM

originally posted by: Subaeruginosa
lol, just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't trying to kill me!


posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 04:13 AM
I am not paranoid and I do not believe anyone is out to "get me".

I do bevelieve that there are a lot of wrongs in the world that should be discussed. Conspiracies happen. Groups, countries and corporations conspire daily.

So no not paranoid just realistic that people do conspire to do bad things.

posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 09:00 AM
1/10 for the trolling.

Try harder, OP.

posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: In4ormant

It's not that they are out to get me... It's more like I'm a grain of chicken feed in a barnyard.
Look real close. I'm the one with a tiny middle finger raised.

posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 09:57 AM

originally posted by: InverseLookingGlass
a reply to: In4ormant
I'm the one with a tiny middle finger raised.

Bloody oath you absolute legend!

I'll be right there with ya, in a crowed of masses of people, only able to be distinguished by the fact that I'm also flipping the bird and screaming out to TPTB that I may be paranoid, but I still couldn't care less, they can kiss my arse!

a reply to: SensiblyReckless

Love your Avatar man. Whatta trying to say with it though?

posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

I'd love to discuss it with you in depth, but ATS is too restrictive in what I can say, and the PC crowd might have heart attacks.

posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 10:10 PM
a reply to: In4ormant

Quite right. I often wonder what it is that keeps me coming back to this nuthatch.

I've considered the possibility that I may be crazy myself. Then again, I quite like crazy women, so maybe it's just perversity.

posted on Apr, 21 2015 @ 02:13 AM
a reply to: Astyanax

I do enjoy the lengths people will go to convince people of certain things


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