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Professional hunter trampled to death by elephant he was hoping to slay

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posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 10:39 PM

originally posted by: BuzzyWigs
a reply to: Rikku

shame on you guys for talking joy in this mans death.
i dont like hunting either but the money it generates does alot for conservation.

No. Sorry.

"Money" vs "Respectable species on Earth"? No. Just - no. People can pack up and leave the area.
Elephants? Not so much.

People can also just contribute to the preservation/conservation of mammals by ensuring that the people who are starving ANYWHERE in the world are looked after.
Elephants? Again, not so much.

Killing elephants is not required or necessary for humans to cooperate to make sure every human is fed, has clean water, shelter, adequate clothing,etc. Can elephants do that? Make sure that their offspring/fellow elephants have enough?

As long as humans are around and attempting to 'vanquish' them, the answer is "no."

So many of you with ignorant views on this situation. You clearly have a strong opinion, and you clearly haven't any knowledge whatsoever on this subject.

A lot of the money raised by these trophy hunters and the outfitters they work for pays for resources to help defend the healthy populations of elephants from poachers.

You people are ridiculous clowns and have no business speaking on this matter. This man had a family and was legally guiding a hunt that supports wildlife conservation.

Let's stop guiding hunts and selling hunting tags so that a few elderly elephants can live another season, meanwhile, with no funding, an army of poachers is free to completely sodomize all wildlife.

Are you going to pony up your hard earned money to help protect wildlife? I thought not.

posted on Apr, 20 2015 @ 10:47 PM

originally posted by: Grimpachi
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

Here is the reality. If legal hunting stopped and the villagers that have lived there all their life were to abandon their lands(which is all they have) for a city slum not only would those people be much worse off so would the elephants.

The video which is old was made just before legal hunting of elephants came about. The elephant population was around 50,000 at that point and wildlife management was poorly funded. Since people do not work for free there were fewer park rangers and poaching was far more prevalent for the ivory. Because there is a demand for ivory making it illegal is about as successful as making drugs illegal. In the 70s and 80s the elephants were an endangered species because of poaching.

The problem there isn't the legal hunting. The money from legal hunting funds the ground patrols which are the only thing that hinders poachers. The poachers are only after the ivory, most of which is demanded by the people of Asain countries. Poachers don't care how they kill them the easier the better they have used cyanide to kill hundreds at a time.

So if the villagers move away and ground patrols fighting the poachers lose funding there will be little to nothing stopping poachers from slaughtering the population for ivory.

The money from every legal safari that kills one elephant funds the patrols who stop the slaughter by poachers about half of the money goes to the villagers in that area so they have a vested interest in not harboring poachers. The only way to stop poaching all together is to stop the demand for ivory and the demand doesn't come from Africa.

Grimpachi, thank you for being a voice of reason. Just about everyone else in this thread has unfounded opinions.

"Let's all dance and frolick with the cute floppy eared elephants and live amongst them!" Is this thread populated with 3 year olds? Elephants will literally grab you by the leg and smash you against a tree, repeatedly. Everyone wants to save the elephants but has no real idea on how to magically make it happen. The immaturity is astounding. However, they cry about hunting that actually raises money to pay for defense against poachers. Morons.

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