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Damn you Jar Jar Abrahms!!! Trailer Tease. ETA: New Trailer Is Here!!!

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posted on Apr, 16 2015 @ 08:23 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

Thank you, I got it half right at least...

posted on Apr, 16 2015 @ 09:41 PM

originally posted by: abe froman
a reply to: ketsuko
I can't see anyway they could have Anakin "in the flesh" as it were, but the "My father HAS it" line sticks out to me and makes me wonder.

I think the presumption should fall along the lines of Anakin's force ghost. It is pretty clear that at the end of Return of the Jedi, Anakin died physically. But we also know that a Force spirit can communicate with the living, so it could be as if Anakin were still a living being to Luke.

Aside from all that this trailer does it's job, despite feeling that putting JJ Abrams at the helm was a colossal mistake it makes me want to see it.

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 07:44 AM
The trailer was amazing.

My thoughts:

- I immediately thought of Revan too. His mask is virtually identical and I know it's not actually Revan (they've revealed the character name) but it seems to me that's just laziness on the part of the producers. Surely they must have realised that upon seeing that people would think Revan. Could they not have come up with a slightly different design?

- The voice over in the trailer is merely reusing Luke's dialogue from ROJ when he reveals to Leia that she is his sister. Hence why he says "has" and not "had."

- The figure with R2D2 we can assume is Luke and looking at the orange glow and the other scene with the fire and orange it certainly seemed reminiscent of Mustafar from Revenge of the Sith.

- I think the villain has recovered Vader's mask/skull from Endor and treats it like some kind of dark side relic. Perhaps he has gone to Mustafar for a similar purpose. Maybe Luke is on Mustafar with R2 because he discovers that R2 has all this knowledge of Anakin etc because as you recall his memory was not wiped at the end of Revenge of the Sith like C3PO's was.

- That silver looking Stormtrooper looks strangely similar to Boba Fett. The way the weapon is held and the cloak across the shoulder. In the EU (which I know is sadly no longer relevant) Fett managed to escape from the Sarlacc Pitt, albeit severely inujred.

Anyway, just my thoughts...

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 07:47 AM
Also apparently the desert planet that is shown is not Tatooine...which seems odd to me as everyone will instantly think of the most iconic planet from the series.

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