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The Elf King [ART2015]

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posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 11:04 AM
Pollio was the Erlkonig, or Elf King, of the Northern Elves. He was present when the Sumerians rose and fell thousand of years ago – and when the great floods came to wash away the wicked - and he marveled at humanities propensity to repeat the same mistakes again and again. He looked down at the letter he'd just received from one of his scribe in Athens. It would seem, Rome marches on. His own domains, far to the North near the rainbow bridges, was his ancestral home. The Roman's were yet far from his homelands. Yet they would march on. He'd had seen the prophetesses of Sight show it many times before.

Pollio felt a cool chill tingle up his spine. Much death was on its way to the world of man. He sensed it. Elves could sense death. Perhaps this was because elves themselves were eternal and of renewing earth life force. Lady Brigid, Queen of the Tuathe Danann, had recalled Pollio to Eire, the Land of Clouds. She too, was of the life force essence, known for healing in her favored lands. They shared a love of poetry, bardism, and song. They were there to speak on the separating of Earth from the 'Other worlds'. As much as Pollio wanted to meet with his scribe in the Mystic Delphi Cave of Greece of Alepotrypa, and tell his dear friend that soon the realms would be shut off from each other, until the world returns to balance – he was quite sure Lady Brigid would not allow him access to the Mystic Caves. He would need it's use, for to travel such a distance by foot, steed, or boat – would take months. Even the use of a Pegasus or Dragon, would not aid him much better in time. The Mystic Cave would only take but moments. His own mystic caves in the northern lands is what brought him with such speed to Eire.

Yet rumors among the realms told of the Mystic Caves closing off Earth and mainly humans, from the other Realms – forever. Pollio, of the elvish and faerie kingdoms, could never truly be separated from Earth – the forests and hills. He was a part of it- as much and as closely as any being - on Earth. However, the Archons could separate mankind's awareness, blind them to the truth right beside themselves. Unaware of the doorways in which one could slip through and glimpse the Other Realms.

Mystic Caves were located all over the world. They served as doorways to the various realms, including the Earthly realm where Mankind existed. He loved Earth. The food, scents, sensation – in that realm all things were more marked - pronounced. Everything was vivid and independent in it's own uniqueness. In the Heavenly realms– it was different. Everyone and everything in the Otherworld realms was connected, eternal, and elemental. It would not serve him well to have an audience with Lady Brigid, for she would glean immediately that he was up to mischief.

“My Lord. Your Greek Regalia and armor.”, Pip, his Satyr Squire entered the room to lay his garb on his bedding. He was one of Pan's own kin, he'd befriended on his many trips to Olympus and the Elysium Fields.

“Pip, I told you to take it to the stables. I will don it there. No matter, I've seen my fate. I shall run into the Red haired Witch no matter what route I take.”, Pollio began to pull the armor over his tunic and hosing. "I'm off on an errand.”

Pollio let out a long suffered sigh, cutting Pip's protest short. “Pip, I must visit my scribe, Homer, and the others - and tell them of our retreat from Human matters. That we are retreating and reversing our portals to their realm. That soon a great storm of suffering, hatred, and intolerance is upon mankind. That their use of knowledge and power are about to take a destructive turn. First on themselves, and then on Mother Nature herself. They must know, so that they can warn their future generations and fight the darkness soon to overcome them. With stories, words, song, and hope. The Evil and Shadow come to them.” Both he an Pip made a mark of protection, the star across their breast.

Pip wisely said nothing, as he watched his King, ready himself to go about and frolic with the humans - again. The Elf King stood taller than most elves. At four and half feet, and a bit rounded and portly – he could pass for that of a man of very short stature. He was unlike that of the Elves of the Isles. Who had much disdain for humans. The Elvish King Pollio, however, liked to consort with humans. His elfish ears, pointed and marked, he explained away as an oddity, a deformity he was born with. An explanation that seemed to pacify most humans. Particularly when he was among the historians and poets of the Grecian people. Pip thought, they knew what he was, but was just to polite to point it out. As though pointing it out, might make Pollio turn tail and run. Which it probably would, Pip mused to himself.

It was still common on Earth to have visitations from beings from the other realm. Though farther and fewer between occurrence have been marked by humankind as time marches forward for them at a different pace.

The portals, and the world called Earth, was soon to be shut off and separated from their own. The humans destroy everything in their path. They'd forgotten the symbiotic relationship they have with their Earth Mother. Even the darkest of entities that live in the shadow parts of their realm, such as Hades and Hell, knew the importance of value of balance. Yet – mankind was moving away from spiritual matters, and ethical and moral concerns. The were consumed only with power - resources and wealth - control and war. They were doomed to only another eon, maybe 10,000 Earth years before they made themselves extinct by their own folly. With only a few pockets of survivors to evolve and create the next race.

The Heavenly realms would not again initiate a relationship with humanity, until that time comes to pass. When the last Star Child is persecuted among them – humanity would be shut out of the Heavenly Realms, until the Messiah comes again. Mankind will have to follow the white light and be born again into Earthly existence according to karmic debt, or if refusing rebirth, be left to wander as disembodied spirits until they do enter one of the tunnels of light that appear to them. No longer will they be led on the Otherworld journey to the Realms of the Heavens. They were soon to be imprisoned and soul bound to the Earthly realm.

It wasn't as though it hadn't happened to previous races, countless times before, over millions of years. The leaving of a race to die it's own slow death until a better way is born out of hardship and lessons was a general practice. Such punishments were born of sins so grievous as to demand such a harsh sentence. Besides, what was an eon to an immortal elf? Pip could not under stand The Elf King's reluctance to leave humanity. Humanities soul was likened to that of the great Phoenix. From their ashes they always arise again, glorious and made anew in their rebirth.


posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 11:09 AM
Pollio was ready. He went to his chest and searched through it. His hand coming around a blood red stone. Just in case, Pollio told himself, slipping the rock into a pouch he secured around his neck. He could feel the power of the stone, the alchemist's stone. In the Earth realms, magic was diminutive and diminished. Soon all divine energies that create anomalous energies to draw upon and perform miraculous feats – was soon to be cut off from Earth. This stone would keep the power of his realm strong in him, despite being mired in the density of the Earth realm. He also retrieved his back pack, that held other treasure of power to help him upon his journey. All of which he'd 'borrowed' from various beings across the realms.

“Pip, your welcome to come with me. Return to the Elysium Fields that is the home to your kind. Pan will be glad to see you.”, Pollio asked Pip, who'd been with him now more than a few Earth Centuries.

Pip agreed to meet Pollio at the caverns, but insisted on returning to his own rooms to retrieve his belongings. The Elf King moved through Kildare Keep as silently as his armor would allow him, but he sensed Lady Brigid, and was not surprised when she moved to intercept him.

The sight of Lady Brigid made the breath of any being catch in their throat. She was an ethereal vision of golden red and ivory. Her long golden red hair fell in soft curls to her waist. She was tall and willowy, as all the Tuathe De Danann were. “You are to come with me, Erlkonig.”

Pollio scowled, but did as he was told. He followed the goddess out of the halls of Kildare Keep and into the gardens. She led him through the winding paths of the garden maze to the chalice of water in the stone circle. Pollio paused at the edge of the circle, his chin coming up defiantly.

Lady Brigid looked at him expectantly. Her blue-green eyes wise beyond even his knowledge. Pollio thought he could see the sea reflected in her eyes – stormy and tumultuous - as they regarded him steadily. “Come, Pollio. Come and see what the future brings to those who remain within the Earthly realms. For before you embark upon your journey, you should know the consequences. No?” She held her hand out to the basin, the moon overhead shined on the water, creating a shimmer of light that reflected off the surface in brilliance.

Pollio was not surprised that Lady Brigid was aware of his clandestine journey. He was surprised, however, that the Archon would not stand in his way. He approached the basin, that sat on an alter three feet high. When he looked down, he could see nothing for a few moments. He gasped and grew sickly green when a scene came into focus. He saw killing fields, where hundreds – no thousands of men lay dying on a battlefield. He saw people staked to crosses and left to die while the buzzards circled above. Great machines of war and movement would come, one after the other, bigger and more destructive than the last. Famines, pestilence, disease – were to all befall the Earthly world that has swung to imbalance and destruction. It would stretch on for centuries upon centuries, with only brief lulls of peace to give them hope for a better way.

“Humankind has become the enemy of every creature, every being – in this World and all worlds connected to it. They are violent and have turned away from living in balance with the plant and animal kingdoms. They have elevated themselves above Mother Nature and believe they have dominion over all things. They are dangerous. Do not be trapped among them, Pollio. You have but a short time to act the Muse and entertain your Princes among the humans. A year and a day, pass the word orally to as many scribes in as many lands as you can visit, and speak of the many legends and stories of times forgotten – but remember you must make your way out the Earthly realm, or be trapped there – forever. When the realms shut themselves off – you will no longer be immortal – Erlkonig. Immortality stems from here, and the curse for their inequity – dear Pollio, is to always taste death over and over.” Brigid's voice held a hallowing warning that made The Elf King's bones shake.

“I must go, warn them of their folly. Is time so short, My Lady?”, Pollio asked in earnest as the images filled his heart with dread.

Lady Brigid knelt to look Pollio straight in his brilliant blue eyes. She smelled of roses and lilac, of a flowered field in full summer bloom. “You have but a year and a day, when the portals will be closed. They will be closed when the Savior is sacrificed, which has yet to pass on Earth. Very soon, I shall be midwife and godmother to him. You must be on our side, in our realm – whether you be in the Summerlands, or Asgard, or Hades, or any of the Heavenly realms - or you will be trapped to live a mortal life on Earth – with no way home until death. Then even in death, if your karmic debt binds you to Earth, you will reincarnate there as a human or other animal – until your lessons are learned and you become worthy of the Heavenly Realms. Are you so pure of heart, Pollio, that think you to withstand temptation? For all souls shall be tempted and tried before entry to the Heavenly realms and immortal life is blessed upon them”

Pollio shuffled his feet and looked down. Even he, appointed Elvish King of the Northern Lands– was not above the chastisement of a goddess. He tried not to instinctively reach for the stone he held concealed in his pouch, tucked away under his tunic. Instead he clasped his hands tightly together before him. He felt a strong urge to hand over anything that might not belong in that Earth realm to Lady Brigid. The backpack he still wore suddenly seemed to weigh ten times more than it did but a moment before. But - he was an Elvish King – and could withstand the persuasion of even a goddess. It was in that moment, an idea was born. Time was in dire straights and to keep time straight between this realm and the Earth realm was impossible. Years pass on earth in but days in the Heavenly realms. It was a perplexing paradox, in that Pollio never knew who was behind or ahead of the other.

“Then, I must beg your pardon and leave, Lady Brigid. Time is of the utmost importance.” Pollio bowed low and began to back away from Lady Brigid.

“Be sure to say hello to Penelope. I miss her weaved creations. Tell her that I shall keep her memory alive with what shall be called Irish Lace here in the Isles after the Black Sickness sometime in the far future. Move with godspeed, Erlkonig.”, Brigid called out to the Elf King softly, watching the portly Elvish king move away with amazing dexterity and speed. However, she knew Pollio heard her. Elves could hear everything that was happening - for miles - all they had to do was focus on their target - an listen.


posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 11:12 AM
Homer took himself to the caves with a heavy heart. Over a decade had passed since he last had spoken with his daemon. Often his much needed inspiration for his odes, epics, and poetry. Yet he made the journey to the Delphi Caves weekly, as he promised Pollio he would. The caverns were varied and contained several chambers. Several were used for the Delphi Priestesses, who tirelessly worked to induce visions for the pharisee.
He slowed when he heard a Priest yell at one of the young priestesses atop the meditation pedestal. He paused, concerned. It was rare to hear discontentment or anger in the Delphi Caves. “Concentrate. Fall into the trance. Breathe in the incense, it will aid you!”

A girl, who could be no more than 12 years of age, sat atop a pedestal about 6 feet high. She sat with her legs crossed, and her hands clutching handles on each side of her seat. Her eye were round with terror, as four angry priests held her steady with ropes that were attached to the pedestal. “I... I cannot do it. The gods have not spoken to the Oracle in weeks!” Her eyes locked with Homer's just then, and they seemed to glaze over. He moved to a shadowed part of the enclave to the enterance of the chamber. He watched as the girls head lolled back and the pedestal began to rock slowly from side to side. The incense swirled and danced, as the pedestal began to swing circular arts, faster and faster.

The priests began to chant. Homer stood transfixed. The maiden priestess seemed to float in the air, and when her head came forward, her eyes were translucent and not her own. She seemed to stare at Homer, concealed in the shadows, her voice when she spoke made Homer's skin prickle with awareness. “The thief, traitor – he comes. With him he has treasure, artifacts from the spirit realms. He steals them away to thwart the gods plans, to seal shut the way. The way is being sealed shut, but the thief he plots to devise to keep the way open. He comes, to his scribes, he comes.” the Delphi priestess slumped forward then, her head falling forward. The pedestal slowed, and a priest moved forward to draw the girl down from her perch.

Homer chuckled softly when another priest said, “Hurry, we most tell the others to prepare! A messenger comes to us soon.”

Homer slipped away, confident that the 'thief' was actually coming to see him. He was sure of it. Since he'd spent many weeks of time with Pollio, he was well aware of his 'borrowing' habits. He'd had more than a few things pilfered by the impish elf. He hurried further into the caves, to the solitary meditative chambers that were available for use to the public. He settled onto the a stone, and set about to clear his mind and try to contact his daemon.

“Looking for me?”, a voice whispered from behind him. Homer had to stifle the startled yelp that came unbidden from his lips. He waited a few moments, to be sure no one was coming to check on him. When he was certain no one was coming, he whirled around and peered into the caves shadowed corners. Pollio slipped from one of them and smiled at Homer.

“I've been awaiting you for months! With only Pip sent to me once in all this time I saw you last. I feared something terrible had befallen you.” Homer said quietly.

Pollio waved his hand, dismissing such concerns and notions. “We must away from here. Before I am found out.”

Homer arched his brow then. “So it is true, and the Prophetess Cassandra speaks of you. You have more to fear than just those you answer to in your realms. Soon, the priests will be looking for you and your wares also. As soon as they figure they themselves might not be the benefactors of your lifted goods. Yes?”

Pollio sighed. “So the gods have already issues warrants upon my arrest. I thought I would have more time, to acquire a few more items.” Pollio paced for a few moments, all nervous energy and animation. That he thought he passed for a human even remotely, amused Homer and his colleagues. The elf wore his favorite regalia, styled after the royal soldiers of the emperors. His feather hat, of a Gaelic style pulled low to distract from his pointed ears. “No matter.” Pollio declared after a few minutes. “I will make my way to Rome by boat. It is but a short journey here from Greece, no?”

Homer started with surprise. Pollio wished to stay among them? What had this elf gotten himself into? Homer worried, as he and Pollio made their way out of the Mystic Caverns unnoticed and into the forested glades beyond. He struggled to keep up with the elf who moved at incredible speeds despite his portly, rounded body. When they finally stopped, Homer was huffing for breath, and leaning against a large tree.

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posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 11:18 AM
“What did the Delphi prophetess say – exactly?”, Pollio asked Homer. Homer looked up, not at all surprised to see Pollio atop a branch five feet above his head, when he'd only moments ago been far ahead of him. He'd long grown use to elvish trickery.

“That the way is being shut, and you possess items that they feel seek to undermine their plans. What does it mean, Pollio?”, Homer asked, sitting down to rest against the large trunk of the tree.

“Soon, the gods plan to abandon humanity, and leave them to their own devices and folly. Already, your priests and priestesses should have noted – a decrease in communications for the other realms.”, Pollio said, his voice strangely hallow.

“Yes”, Homer agreed. “The prophetesses feel it the most, when they are unsuccessful in their divining. The priest react harshly.”

“Time is short for me, though your side has many more generations before the realms are completely shut off from the Earth Realms. Not far into the future, a divine Child will be born among humans, and they will kill him, and pay dearly for their treacherous acts against God. They then, humanity, will then use the death of this divine child, to bring about terrors and disaster so dark, that the Gods will shut away man from the Heavenly realms - for thousands of years.”, Pollio told Homer.

“Nay! The gods would not abandon us. For even among the most vile, there are innocents.”, Homer vehemently argued. He glared accusingly at Pollio. “You seek to trick me. You are in trouble, and on the run, and you seek my allegiance – but you ask me to thwart gods!”

Pollio nimbly jumped down from the branch. His large blue eyes glittered, as he regarded Homer. “I am Elf King, The Erlkonig, of the Northern Lands. I seek to establish a connection to this world I love. I am intimately connected to the Earth. The land, hills, water, vegetation. I shall not be shut out of the most manifest expression of the creation I belong to. I deserve access to this realm, even if humanity has lost the right to access ours.”

Pollio's voice went low, his voice a growl. “What humans do to the land does affect some realms, despite the sky gods and their willingness to allow all things of Earth to wither away and die. No matter, that, that is thousands of years in the future. Time passes in the blink of an eye to other realms, where time is of little concern for the nature of our state of existence is eternal. I am made from the very element of Earth and it's creative life force. I'm very aware of what becomes of my life force should this realm collapse, for mine too shall soon follow in but an eon. On humanities way to glory and dominion over Earth, he shall destroy not only this world, but countless others shall be damaged in it's wake. The Morag has spoken to me of it. We act. For each of the one species you are aware of decimating, there are ten more you never knew.”, Pollio continued, his voice biting and angry.

“What do you plan to do?”, Homer asked, as The Elf King moved away.

“To befriend the right people, to be certain my gifts get to all the right places. Don't forget to tell the stories, and write your epics and poems Homer.”, Pollio instructed. “For you shall pass in time to enter your beloved Elysium Fields, but the generations to come will need your words, to remember a past - passed away into legend. Say hello, to Pip for me, I'd gift you with a trinket, but I think you'd just hand it over to Pip."

Homer blinked, and Pollio was gone. He wandered back to the Academy in Athens wondering - if he should ever meet The Elf King again.

***The End***
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posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: CirqueDeTruth

posted on Mar, 22 2015 @ 08:52 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Thanks Peeple.


posted on Mar, 22 2015 @ 07:25 PM
a reply to: CirqueDeTruth

Incredibly well developed!

posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: CirqueDeTruth

4 Stars and a Flag For You!!!
This was Great!
Nicely Executed!!

Syx. Late.

posted on Apr, 2 2015 @ 02:13 PM
I really enjoyed this, Cirque! You pulled deeply from the realms of the ancients to craft this tale...

- AB

posted on Apr, 4 2015 @ 10:20 AM
Thanks Grayeagle, SykPak, and AboveBoard

Sharing these stories and the feedback is what makes our writing forum so very awesome. Now I haven't caught up with all the newest entries, but I will be getting to them later tonight.

For now, I have to go to the courthouse and take my kids to the Easter Egg hunt. Yeah, I got roped into that one.

Looking forward to reading your story soon AboveBoard.


posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 06:40 PM
This is amazing... this actually makes my attempt look like it was written by a 6yr old lol

Bravo... also i really want this movie i can't get enough. it's brilliant

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