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Make Windows 8.1 Look like Windows 7

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posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 02:57 AM
Hey guys here's another tutorial for those hating Windows 8.1.

1. Make sure you have Windows 8.1 installed. If you are still running Windows 8, go to Windows Updates and do all of them. Once they are finished if it didn't install Windows 8.1 go to the Windows Store and install Windows 8.1 update. This takes a while so make sure you have some time. - You can skip this step, but when you finally do upgrade to 8.1 you will loose Classic Shell settings.

2. Download Classic Shell make sure you now where you saved it. Install Classic Shell and walla! If you right click on the new start button you can get into the settings and change them to whatever you like.

3. Get the old Task Manager back. Download the old Windows 7 Task Manager. Extract it to C:\TM. Then navigate to C:\TM and double click on the appropriate .reg file. IE Install_64.reg for 64bit and install_x86 for 32bit Windows 8.1. If you wish to go backwards and get the Windows 8.1 task manager back you can by clicking the uninstall.reg file. You can then delete the TM folder and it is removed.

BTW Classic Shell is using the old Windows 7 code left over to make the start menu, so it isn't a complete rewrite like some of the start menu apps out there for Windows 8. Its actually calling the old Windows 7 API's(Application Programming Interface). What this means to the end user is that Classic Shell runs smoother. This is also why Classic Shell can't technically charge, because they are using Microsoft's API's.

If I have forgotten something please add to it, or if you have something that is useful for making Windows 8 more friendly please share!

Hope this helps someone!

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 03:26 AM
Instead, I just install windows 7 ultimate.

No, seriously...what is the advantage to win 8? Does it do anything better that would justify the workaround?

It seems to be designed for touch screens.

Appreciate the info..I will pass it along to anyone interested.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 03:41 AM
a reply to: Mandroid7

For the most part your right. It doesn't do much better than Windows 7. It's designed for touch screens in mind and even at that it does a bad job. There are some interesting things happening under the hood though that make it boot faster and run smoother, but the interface changes have made those a moot point. The driver states are saved between reboots which makes the initialization(boot process) much faster, but again it is over shadowed by the fact that the interface is so terrible. There's a lot more under the hood that make it a better OS than 7, but again interface.

With all that said its easier for those who aren't tech savy to just install Classic Shell and be done with it.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 04:19 AM
a reply to: lobograndemalo

Hmm..interesting. I have about a 10 sec boot on mine, but run a ssd and have customized the boot sequence and services big time. Auto starting only the essentials, and manual on all the rest.

I have done a few rollbacks to 7 for people that couldn't make the jump to the new interface.

I'm going to look into this more. It sounds like much less hassle for this situation.thnx

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 06:26 AM
If you can, I'd recommend waiting till Windows 10.

It's due to be released sometime this year IIRC, and is kind of a hybrid between 7 and 8.1.

No programs designed for 8.1 seem affected, you can use them as normal.

No good for older games though...

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posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: lobograndemalo

Thanks for this. I am yet to use windows 8 as I hated the format but maybe I will consider it with this tip.

posted on Mar, 10 2015 @ 02:53 AM
a reply to: Wide-Eyes

I actually like Windows 8.1, with Classic Shell of course. I'd die without Classic Shell. For the most part I feel like it runs smoother in a lot of areas.

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