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Sharing and explaining paranormal experiences.

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posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 01:54 AM
This thread fits nice and neat inside paranormal studies because it is about studying the paranormal. This thread is actually a warning to those out there who are playing around with magik and the paranormal world BUT this thread has more than one goal. My first goal is to get everyone to understand that playing around with this and not knowing what you are doing can get you and/or your family killed. My second goal is to nonbelievers. I challenge all nonbelievers that instead or posting one liners and hate posts to go out any do what I did and then come back and honestly write a thread about it...... that is if you can and don't end up in a mental ward or end up dead.

Now a nice word to the nonbelievers……. YOU ARE RIGHT……sometimes. That’s right! Let me clarify. I am often contacted by people who think a paranormal event is ongoing in their life and I would say approx. 90% of the time it CAN be explained and shown that it is NOT paranormal BUT that 10% I have not yet talked about is not normal but clearly supernatural for all to witness. No holding back - full exposure to anyone who dare to come near. Human levitation is not normal neither is it normal for a small child to speak several languages that she/he has never heard or studied, nor been exposed too, nor do family members speak. It is NOT normal for a female who weighs 120 pounds who grabs a man with one arm and with super strength throw this man who weighs 200 pounds across the room. So most of the time it is nothing but a wild imagination but NOT all the time.

So to those who have read one or more of my threads by now know I am a Christian...... why actually I am a Christian fundamentalism but without all the horns and whistles of fanatics (big difference). I have nothing to do with The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). I do not tolerate extreme ideologies that ridicule or spread hate. Yes I am "old school" a follower of both the Old and New Testament and I believe we all have the right to pick our own will to choose to make our own decisions no matter what they are. That is what free will is all about.

So if you don't believe in a spiritual world stop here and move on..... no reason to continue reading the thread unless you simply want to cherry pick out a statement or two and then twist it to make you look as if you know it is a fraud. You can make all the hateful post you like I will simply ignore them. So if you want a question answered be polite and respectful and I will show the same courtesy.

Simply going to the bookstore and buying one or two books on this subject is a waste of your time or watching the History channel for 30 minutes on this subject. Instead spend a few years studying up on the subject. Just like anything else in life..... if you want to know then you will have to make an effort, spend time and money researching the subject and it is only this way after doing this will you have a true outlook on the subject matter. It is like religion with all the different types and sects within is the paranormal. All religious worship and rituals is a part of the paranormal world. People who are spiritual are religious ... they simply ignore worshipping certain or all deities but have a spiritual connection to the paranormal. Did you know that most grimoires, magik books, books on withcraft were written by religious people, many were monks and priests of both the Protestant and Catholic church. Of course once exposed they were removed from the church especially after the atrocities they committed. Many were put to the death.

Secret societies (I like to call social clubs)....... all of them deal in the paranormal world. It is a shame that most of them do not know who or what they are worshipping. Only after years, sometimes a life time do the few find the truth which some accept while others reject. BTW I will not let a thread drift occur on this subject..... This is for another thread so you Masons hold onto your panties we will discuss this a later date. (Just a little added humour .... no disrespect intended.)

Now there is a lot of information out on this subject and it can go off into many different ways so cut me some slack because I will be bouncing around in subject matter with the hope to be able to tie into one subject with another. Look I am not getting paid to do this, I will not write a white paper on this subject simply to please you. I am not going to reedit this thing a thousand times and definitely not hours or days to write this up. I already graduated is out. Just be grateful I share what I share.

As we think of heaven being above and hell below, so is it with these beings. Heavenly spirits operate at a higher HZ frequency rate than those below. Many evil entities hang out around the 0 to 5 HZ frequency range (Delta waves) while heavenly spirits hang out around our Gamma waves frequency (40 - 100 HZ)....... actually closer to 90 to 100 HZ.

It is often said that young children are more adept to having a paranormal experience and that is because the child's brain often works at the Delta wave frequency where evil loves to hang out it. As we age, we tend to produce less delta even during deep sleep. They are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. They have also been found to be involved in unconscious bodily functions such as regulating heart beat and digestion. Adequate production of delta waves helps us feel completely rejuvenated after we wake up from a good night’s sleep. If there is abnormal delta activity, an individual may experience learning disabilities or have difficulties maintaining conscious awareness (such as in cases of brain injuries). I hope now you understand when I say "watch your children"?

There is a difference between demonic presence and spiritual presence however one must closely watch all spiritual presence to determine if it is good or evil. The reason being is evil is very, very tricky. Genius mad men. Here are a couple of examples that I experienced - I bought an old home (in Europe) in 1992 and after the sale I found out that a Jewish rabbi had lived in the home and used the basement as a Jewish mortuary (nineteenth century), plus directly underneath the home was a river with a strong current. The rabbi built a fountain (well) on the property for the village to use as clean drinking water. He would wash the dead in the basement while preforming the Jewish burial rights and then he would bury the dead in a local Jewish cemetery.

Also one of the previous owners had committed suicide in the basement. He hung himself and this dead man had complexes......

He really did.... He would attempt to hide behind doors while starring at us. Sometimes he would show himself and others time he would not. Our front door would open up and he would walk upstairs. We had hard wooden floors and could hear him as he walked upstairs and as he walked into my son's room. Then the noise would stop. Our dog and three cats freaked out at the beginning but eventually stopped and became use to it. Sometimes he would play with our dog and the dog would wage his tail and bark at him .... the dog would run around the house in a playful mode and would actually play with the dead guy... (dog was a labrador.)

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posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 01:55 AM
When looking at anything in the spirit world it is not black and white but very colorful. I could see the color of his hair, eyes, his clothing etc... He would listen to me as I talked to him; the whole time he would be trying to hide because he knew I could see him but he refused to believe he was dead and with me seeing him that made it even harder for him to accept it. He is not a poltergeist or mean spirited....... he was just lonely. He is still in the house today and he is too scared to move on. The power of fear lives on in the dead.

In the early nineties I came into some money and since I was already a novice paranormal investigator back then I decided to expand my library with various religious books, grimoires, magik books, books on withcraft, Wiccan, literature on demons and angels, Ouija board, satanic bible, secret societies, etc.... I spent a lot of money on these books and had one of the best libraries on this subject matter anywhere around. Some of these books are still in print but expensive. I would study these books and I learned the various arts, some still secret today to most people however I never practiced these arts. However this is when my life changed and my family lives........

You know how to charge your smartphone right? Well... slowly my house and property was being charged with having these books in my home. Actually much more than that…. suicide and Jewish death rituals helped charge the home just as much as the books. These books had power and a couple had spirits attached to these books and not good ones either. Much later I found out that even reading these books silently were the same as speaking out loud so by definition simply reading (studying) the books I was unknowingly practice magik. Even though I did not possess the ritual utensils, ingredients, wardrobe, or draw out the necessary symbology supernatural things still occurred. A part of the law of attraction. You attract what you seek out.

I spent almost two years reading those books and by the time I finished; my house was an open door to the spiritual world. Everything from spiritual insects (large black spiders), shadows, The Hat man, audible human voices heard by family and guests, symbology appearing on walls and then fading away, bodily attacks, sickness, “bad luck”, disability, loud knocking on the walls and ceilings, screams, a death defying fear once something entered the room (the animals would literally jump into the air and run out of the room, something circling your home while it growled at night (I have heard many types of growls from cats, various dogs, panthers, cougars and lions but nothing as fearful as this growl. You could sense the hate and need to kill in this growl - not a defensive type of growl and believe me once you hear the difference you will know!) Even our neighbours would come over and ask us to keep our dog quiet at night because the could hear the awful growling.

We all know that we possess five senses but I tell you that we have more senses that that! To those who know this; when someone stares at you even if that person is behind you, you will pick this up. You will sense it and immediately turn around and sure enough the person is staring at you. Right? Same thing in the spiritual world…… if you feel that something is starring at you and no one is around (especially when sitting in a room alone) then something is starring at you. Also prereferral vision can be helpful similar to the “old” 3D prints - your eyes had to go “out of focus” to see the secret image same thing when observing supernatural images but do not let your mind take it to a sick level. Using prereferral vision you can see out of the side of your eyes movement - movement just right out of eyesight. Instead of turning your head to look at it, remain calm and don’t move while observing it. Sometimes if you are lucky it will move and come into better focus so you can identify it. Sudden movements will cause if to vanish.

To this day I will awake in bed and find something standing or kneeling down directly next to me…… not at the foot of my bed…… directly next to me! If you ever see a gray mist ….. then you just missed the encounter. They come and go through this gray mist and it can be real quick. So if you are in bed and feel like something in the dark is looking at you……… well it is. Was that an evil encounter? No, not necessarily.

If we become scared of an image, object or presence does that mean it is evil? NO. It simply means we don’t know what it is and until you identify it you need to remain calm. Now I have also had heavenly images appear and what is the difference between that and something dark coming through? When a heavenly image comes through it will do so without scary the “daylights out of you”. You will not be scared, as if it manipulated your senses to keep you calm. Evil does the exact opposite. Being scared makes you give off certain hormones. One of them is known as Cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone, is also released and this increases glucose levels in your blood to provide extra energy, and all of these things that will prepare you to either run away from the source of the fear or to attack it, to fight back. This hormone is a drug to some spirits and it will make them high, like smoking marijuana is to us.

So your identity is protected her at ATS. As you spill your skeletons in the closet and I understand they are personal but I am sure your experiences will help others to understand.

Tell me one and I will tell you one.

posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 12:35 PM
I can say that you can hear with the body without the information coming thru you ears. Internal speakers. I have only had one message this way that I think came from the source of everything after being 3 days more or less in seek awareness mode.

Have done my own testing on psychics to test their ability in telepathy. Only had one perfect synchronicity where the receiver (psychic) gave the message back perfectly. The other psychics where very diffuse and I even pushed energy while sending (was in energized body state vibrating).

I think this oldie might be useful in further discussion.

If you put yourself in a state of mind where you know you are protected, then you will automatically be protected from non physical wishing you harm. It follows intent->manifestation/the secret.

Namaste (I bow to the divine in you)

posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 06:28 PM
I found your topic interesting. It seems like over-all sound advice. Curious about your collection of books and what drove you to acquire them, as well.

We bought a foreclosed house 3+ years ago. The last male tenant hung himself in the garage. For the first year we got little glimpses of him, always teasing and playful. There was from day one a darker, stinky old guy that hung around in staircases and in my oldest son's room. We noticed on moving in day walking up stairs a stink like some one was passing horrible gas right in our faces. UGH, noxious! In my son's room, it was a cigarette or cigar stink.

I grew a garden with a lot of herbs and the sage became a gigantic bush. I gathered the sage, some pine, rose, lavendar, lobilia, and thoughts of a dear friend and made smudge sticks. I burned one though the house and told the spirits that this is our house now and their loved ones and family are waiting for them and they need to go.

Since then, I still get a sense that the young playful one hangs around a bit but the ugly one is gone. Lately though, I have caught a lot of quick movement from the corner of my eye, around me in the house, at child height. I don't know what it is, but there is nothing threatening (feeling) about it.

Any advice?

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: frayedknot

Smudge Regularly. In every room, closet or space in the house. After you smudge each area, make sure to say out loud a prayer that this room/space is now cleansed and that no spirit/bad energy can enter this space from now on, it is sealed. Light a white candle while you are smudging. Make sure to smudge yourself, and everyone that lives there, before you try smudging the house. Sometimes the energy isn't attached to the house itself, but to a specific person or an object itself.

The white candle itself is a sign of peace and passing. If there is a spirit in the house, the candle is meant to show them you mean no harm and that you just want them to pass. As you as smudging each room, you want to start from a wide circle and smudge in swirl toward the center of the room, sort of like a whirpool. Imagine in your head that the energy in the room is meeting into the center of the room and being enveloped by a peaceful white light. The white light is a symbolic sign of passing and peace. The white light is a good thing. Every major religion have rituals like these. Below is a link for instructions for smudging, "smudging" with sage itself is an old indian ritual.

you might have to do this smudging regularly, I have been told that the act of smudging itself, just help dissipates the negative energy, it doesn't get actually get rid of it. If you want to get rid of the energy itself, you have to do a passing ritual which is more complex. After you smudge each space, remember to recite out loud that the area is cleansed and sealed, because sometimes the spirit will just move from one room to another to just get away from the smudging. Repeat the smudging as many times as needed, every time you feel the energy coming back or is around again.
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posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 11:34 PM
a reply to: Nemox42
Thank you. That is really wonderful advice. I will put it to use.

posted on Mar, 26 2015 @ 01:39 AM
a reply to: frayedknot

No problem. If the problem becomes really bad, and it keeps coming back, you might want to think of salting parts of your house to seal them off once you cleanse (you want to use rock salt the same kind they use for ice cream not the regular kind). Someone once told me when they come near salt, it's like them walking on glass shards. Or you feel like you just totally want to get rid of this ghost problem. You might really consider hiring a medium/priest to do a official passing ritual/blessing, might need to be done multiple times. You can find them on the internet nearby you, beware of the ones who will bill you, some just ask for donations. If your lucky, you might find some that won't even charge you at all, their entire spiritual duty is just going to places and helping to pass on souls. You might be able to perform the passing ritual yourself, but I recommend asking for help with someone with a strong spiritual faith/healer/background. Many times the passing ritual or blessing will require you or people in the house having to help pass them on, it's not one of those things you can just leave to someone else to do, you or via family will have to be part of the ritual. And you genuinely have to want it. Fear, Anger, Resentment won't work in most cases. Passing ritual is always about love peace and acceptance. Always positive energies.

But from the sound of your story, it just seems like a harmless old guy who passed away maybe around or near your property, and he just still earth bound. Maybe he doesn't even realize he is dead. The thing about spirits and ghosts is in life if they were nice person, in death they probably have the same personality, where in life if they were mean in death they probably have the same personality.

The difference between a ghost and spirit is that ghost, don't understand or know they are dead. Where a spirit knows they are dead, and can come back and visit.

Good luck. I hope everything works out.

posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 12:02 PM
I myself have had some experiences with Shadow People, you can read my story here

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