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Nellis/Creech/TTR Range support services bid request

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 05:47 PM

Well somebody has to read these boring documents for OSINT.

Regarding Tonopah Test Range security duties:

Perform aircraft anti-hijack operations for aircraft as large as a Boeing 737 series‎.

Well I suppose some passenger, mind you with Q or Top Secret clearance, can have a bad day and go all "Dog Day Afternoon". But the hijack scenario seems unlikely.

Staff with a minimum of one (two when available) armed SF members during arrivals and departures, and operate two (2) walk-through metal detectors and one (1) x-ray machine to provide cargo and luggage screening equipment for one (1) PAX terminal during weekday and weekend arrivals and departures. Additionally, the contractor shall comply with applicable Air Force Instructions and/or procedures and, industry, and local standards for these operations‎‎.

This is probably some FAA rule or maybe an insurance requirement.

The tower shall be manned a minimum of one hour prior to opening of the airfield and 30 minutes after last aircraft has departed.  Tower operations include the following requirements:  At the TTRA, area of responsibility is within a horizontal radius of 5 statute miles from the airport, extending from the surface up to 2,500 feet above ground level (AGL). 

This implies the hand off from Nellis control to tower is around five miles.

Sensor Technician:  Provide experienced and qualified technician to manage and administrate the planning, installation, relocating, trouble shooting and performance of field level maintenance on intrusion detection systems, unattended ground sensors, access control systems, CCTV cameras, electronic power supplies.  

I didn't clip it, but the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range has over 40 remote sensors. I guess the facility is more important than I had thought.

Additional tasks for the Sensor Technician are:  
a. Perform duties as system manager for separate alarm systems that integrate with remote unattended ground sensors.  ‎
b. Maintain all associated records. 
c. Perform sensor placement, troubleshooting, and first level maintenance on ground sensors and associated systems/equipment. 
d. Operate global positioning system (GPS‎)

Issue Ban and Bar letters to land intruders.  ‎

Issue locally devised Inadvertent Disclosure to Classified Information letters

Also not clipped is that the rent-a-cops at the TTR get M4 or M16 rifles. I always assumed at these bases there are USAF personnel with such iron, but not the rent-a-cops.

This one is for Nellis.

Blockhouse Security Guard  This post is responsible for sensor monitor duties; provide support for issuance of equipment; radios (LMRs), laser goggles (LEPs) night vision goggles (NVGs) and vehicle tracking systems (VTS). Additionally, this post is responsible for providing a security forces response to incidents on NTTR’s Southern Ranges. The post limits are within the confines of NTTR’s Southern Ranges as directed

Blockhouse is a facility somewhere in the 60s ranges towards route 95.

All these documents are unclassified.

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