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Re: People against the Police

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:47 AM
Greetings once again community

A lengthy post, but important topic in these times. I know many don't have patience to read much anymore and want to skim and think they have the answers.. please bare with me.

The recent thread "there seems to be an effort to turn the people against the police", I think needs to be seen in a different light, a more broad perspective.

Police brutality is at a all time high. Police killing innocent people, as well, an all time high. Its becoming apart of our weekly lives to see such insane acts within the news.

That is not the point though.

The point is to always look at things for what they are, not what they seem like. A common mistake by humanity..

There is a faction that is in control of the policing industry. They make the rules, the regulations, the training, what goes on in academy to station, what police should be geared with.. as well as the hiring and accepting of new police Officers and their training.

Such unknown people are the ones brainwashing (for lack of a better term) the new recruits and those not so new to the occupation of policing.

There is a clear and obvious structure being held now on the policing of North America. We use to have faith and trust in such men wearing the blue uniform, now we are too fear them and be more obedient then ever.

How convienant for power hungry leaders and governments, to now hypnotize recruits into savages with no morals or respect for common citizen.

It would seem as if police are being conditioned to perceive the public as potential threats at all times. Such state of mind is unbalanced and insane. Can lead to chaos as we are seeing on small scales.

Smaller scales, that will get bigger. Moreover, it seems as if this is very needed for a government that is trying to limit laws, a constitution, rights, self security for common (wo)man.

To date, this # is getting out of hand, and the police are willingly accepting such conditioned as they are given absolute power over citizen.

They have turned into militarization of policing. As if those controlling the police industry north America wide, have deep roots in military lifestyle and ways.

This all leads to one thing.

Police vs the People, as opposed to people against police.

Police exist to protect those in power and monitor those who are trapped in societies poor-limited design. The police keep certain people untouched and in power, while common man is threatened and treated brutally in many cases. This is not exaggeration.

So what is the end goal?

Obviously civil war. Divide and conquer. Check out my previous thread if you forgot this tactic. Accept and condition honest people from the academy, and turn them into power hungry thugs against the very thing they swore to protect and serve - the people.

They are better equipped then 90% of those in society, and the Obama Administration is still pushing for gun control? That doesn't seem obvious to anyone else or am I missing something.. doubt it.

A civil war, while war is happening over seas in middle east, while poking mother Russia. . Would create nothing but devastation for common Americans (also would affect those across the northern border).

Let me end with this history reminder, because it tends to repeat itself, as if the same system and strategy is used throughout time..

Rome went on to make 1/3 the masses as slaves. Another 3rd were conditioned guards, soldiers, and those playing the game of establishment (conquer all). The rest were common folk. Such a force conquered a lot of Europe.

Rome fell to its knees and lost the power and forces it once had. How did this happen? They were so caught up in the glory of Rome, conquering anything and ending anyone who opposed their ways, that they spread out and thinned themselves too much.

Their own strategy of dividing and conquering opposition, went around and came back to defeat them.

Sounds like modern America, the global police, the unstoppable army, the beast that can't fall...

America will fall, to its very knees, and red flags will conquer it, IF IT CONTINUES THIS PATH.

Police vs. The People is dangerous and will only bring about civil war and more Division as those brainwashed and conditioned will fight to keep their power over citizen status. It's egos nature to be above others, which is just perception in the mind of the weak.

Don't fall for the tactic, let your police know, they work for the PEOPLE not the establishment which is corrupt and always will be. Put them in their place but most are too conditioned and wetting themselves with all that militaristic equipment and vehicles they get like kids in a toy store...

If this doesn't stop, America's rogue governement will end what the nation stands for. Maybe it's intentional, to end America and create that NWO we have talked if for decades.

Stay vigilant and do not oppose EACH OTHER AS PEOPLE. You, the people, are in this together and the only humans you can trust in such corruption era.

The police don't care who they work for or what they are about. They are AVERAGE humans given rights beyond what they have responsible capacity for. They won't turn on their masters, they enjoy being spoiled with military toys and concepts..

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

Authoritarians are a cancer on a free society.

LEO's sign up because of various reasons but the light switch goes on in all of them. The authority, the power. A good LEO is a benevolent king vs. a cruel king. The root issue is they are made kings in the first place. Many in this society will side with fascists after calculating self interest. It's those Fascists that need to reform to a higher standard.

If this society can make a course correction back to legitimacy, it will need to first eliminate the excessive amount of laws on the books and be willing to embrace free will as a core value. Not just lip service by kleptocrats.

Revolutions require moral compunction. With the amount of depravity accepted by Americans on a daily basis, I find it doubtful the moral compass is recoverable. The most likely outcome is more rigorous programming and harsher control. Orwell and Huxley predicted it so well, their books may be outlawed at some point.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 01:19 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

The American population brought this on themselves by constantly, through the decades, believing that their leaders cared about them.

. That naivetee led to complacency.

That complacency let the leaders take more power because the people wanted them to. To this day, people want more laws. And they want more laws because they can't figure sh** out for themselves.

American citizens got what they asked for.

I care less about what the police do than I care about what my neighbors don't.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: DeepImpactX

Such can be said for the majority of nations of today, as well as throughout his story.

I'm not trying to focus and pin it on just the USA or its people - its their branded perception to think they are the Eagle in the Sky, high above everyone else..

I stated North America, that includes Canada and its own people.

My point was; the one who has the perception and figure to stand over everyone else, to start policing the world and more brutally so, its own people - needs some spotlight, and discipline in itself. Right now, the media has been highlight reeling American police officers gone wild for many months. And quite frankly, its the most ridiculous adult/mentality I have seen in public service all my life.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

The majority of people are ignorant to police powers, their rights, the laws, etc. I just watched the video of the police shooting that homeless man and all the comments are negative to the police when they were actually justified.
All this police hate is frustrating, it's the majority of stupid humans that are the problem with this planet.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 02:33 PM
Obviously its to instill deep fear of consequences in people, and to keep pushing the meme over and over, about the fascist NWO until people are programmed to accept it as normal, coupled with the violence of police against citizens.

I think the civil war or fractioning part is not their real agenda, but who knows. As opportunists they probably plan on trying to clean up any way they can.

We need to stand calmly and not direct anger at the people, not black and white, no one, not those who shop in walmart as so many do, not the poor, not the disabled, no one. Always pin the tail on the right donkey: them!!!!

Then we see this tiny group for what it is, and start to solve problems locally and step up to the plate ourselves instead of giving our power away.

The best way out is using Higher Mind tactics, and having communications via citizens and law enforcement agents until people are on the same page with what is going on.
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