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Netanyahu MAY Reveal Details ... Obama Has Kept Secret

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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 03:40 PM
A question for those who are familiar with Zionist Oded Yinon Plan.

I got interested in it when I saw "Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?"

Is the Oded Yinon Plan being implemented in middle east as we speak. Is this the plan, smaller countries that Israel, can handle and control to create "Greater Israel"?

The reason I add this is that it can be connected to the motivations of Netanyahu.
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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 03:41 PM

originally posted by: JohnnyCanuck

originally posted by: stirling
Obama probably said yes to nuclear weapons research to get the deal done....Hes screwed up everything hes ever tried...

That would include being elected President while Black? Twice?

democrats; great in politics, lousy on policy.

Israel is (traditionally) the US' ally, just not sure if Obama appreciates them.
presumably, with so much at stake, PM Netanyahu actually reads his intel reports.

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 03:54 PM

originally posted by: UnBreakable
.......and if Iran drops a nuke on Israel, Israel will gladly take them down with them - Mutually Assured Destruction. If Israel would in fact go down, I would hope they took the whole ME, besides Iran, down with them.

"Mutually Assured Destruction–A Good Policy for Israel-Iran?
The answer is because most people believe that Iranians are so crazed that they would in fact risk nuclear Armageddon for the holy sake of destroying The Great Satan, Israel
We have all been convinced that Iran is up to no good, is led by madmen, and would annihilate Israel at the price of its own destruction."

It wouldn't go down so simply like that. It would be asymmetrical warfare. Iran would get some small proxy force to deliver a nuke and take out a mid sized Israeli city. Israel would have to track down the isotope signature to build a case against Iran. Eventually Israel would sneak a few nukes into Iran as well as the proxy... and take out multiple cities using it's policy of doing 10 times more damage than the enemy does to Israel.

I wouldn't expect a full missile exchange to be honest.

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 04:15 PM
ITT: People too dense to understand that it is not uncommon for allies to share information about talks even though the other party is not officially privy to them.

Given that Buster seems perkier today, it seems to be devolving into another hate Israel circlejerk thread, instead of actual discussion.

Ohhh ATS how far you have fallen.

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: FarleyWayne


posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: mekhanics

Sounds like those two are negotiating.

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