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The Forever All

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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 02:13 PM
We come from the universe, we experience the things the universe gives us, and we return to the universe when we die.

If we are part of the universe then how can we be separate from it? What if we are the whole of existence experiencing itself from an infinite number of viewpoints? What if we are all the same thing, only from unique perspectives? What if we are all integrally connected to one another? What if life is never-ending and never-beginning? What if life itself is "God"/"Source" and it is within us and working through us to know itself?

I can't give you the answers to those questions, only you can give yourself answers to them. I hope they are evocative enough questions to get the gears in your head turning.

Life is continuous, there are no gaps from the perspective of the observer. If you are hit in the head and go into a coma for 50 years then wake up, you would be mortified when you looked in the mirror to find that you had aged so much and that 50 years had gone by. Why? Because those 50 years would seem like the blink of an eye from your perspective. You cannot be aware of being unaware. Life has no beginning and no end and is a continuous experience.

People are born every day, so where do those people come from? Maybe they come from the same place you are going. Life will continue after death, to deny that you will be born again is to deny that people are born every day in my opinion.

You are the "All" experiencing itself, everything about you comes from the All and there is no separation from it. You are All in All, the material world represents duality and multiplicity, but you the observer are the representation of non-duality and singularity. There is only ONE you, we are all ONE and that ONE is what I refer to as the "All".

Why did the All find it necessary to split off from itself into many different perspectives? Because it was lonely. Why does the All forget itself in-between death and birth? Because learning new things is desirable, knowing everything is undesirable and boring. The "amn"iotic fluid causes "amn"esia and grants us "amn"esty from sins committed in past lives. Amnesia is the effect of the amniotic fluid in the womb, it makes us forget our past lives in order for everything to be fresh and exciting again. What have you forgotten? What you are experiencing right now, it is all that has ever existed and all that ever will exist. The afterlife isn't much different from the current life you are living right now.

You are the "Forever All".

I hope you enjoyed the thread and video. Thanks for reading.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 02:16 PM
I held my breath while I was in the womb, I remember everything!

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 06:07 AM
a reply to: 3NL1GHT3N3D1

Beautiful sentiments. I, too, have a firm gnosis that All is One and One is All. Everything is intimately connected and interconnected to everything else; separation is an illusion. Like the "Ouroboros" symbol, the figure-eight symbol for "Infinity", and the "Yin and Yang" symbol, everything arises from Source, emanates from Source, exists within Source, contains the indwelling of Source, and returns to Source. The constant here is superficial change.

"Why did the All find it necessary to split off from itself into many different perspectives?"

I am of the opinion that physical reality was not born from loneliness, a desire to learn, nor from boredom. I believe that it is simply the product of the ever-unfoldment, manifestation, and blossoming of One. In order to "Know All", that which we call God/ One/ Higher Self/ Consciousness/ Energy/ Spirit "Became All". In this "Being All", One "Experienced All". In this omni Knowing, Being, and Experiencing, I believe need and desire are not the catalysts, but instead, the omni-qualities are inevitably intrinsic to what the "All-One" is; "It Is What It Is" and "I Am That I Am".

Peace. Love. One.

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 01:17 PM
a reply to: 3NL1GHT3N3D1
Everything is just energy - you are energy - there is just energy appearing to move.
There is no one doing the moving - it is just simply happening.
A tree is just being a tree and 3NL1GHT3N3D1 is just being 3NL1GHT3N3D1. The energy patterns but there is nothing separate doing the moving - it is one (without a second).

Individual is an idea that just happens.

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 12:04 AM

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 07:18 PM
a reply to: 3NL1GHT3N3D1

This verse below is quite poignant, for your thread

From Poemandres, the Shepherd of Men…

Poemandres, the Shepherd of Men
12. But All-Father Mind, being Life and Light, did bring forth Man co-equal to Himself, with whom He fell in love, as being His own child; for he was beautiful beyond compare, the Image of his Sire. In very truth, God fell in love with his own Form; and on him did bestow all of His own formations.

Not sure about the loneliness factor, I think God just wants to experience life, in all of it’s possible and infinite forms.

I think the amnesia aspect is true though, and as a standard default, we do all forget, when we are re-born; But I also think that those who are ready, can continue on and move into a higher realm, just like the Elven in “The Lord of the Rings” movie…All things/options are possible with God IMO…


- JC

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 08:08 PM
a reply to: Joecroft

Nice quote, it's very relevant. The image of the Father/Sire is the image of light/life that we see, the one your two eyes create.

When your eye is single your whole body will be full of light just as Jesus says. Your spiritual body is the image of God (Jesus), if your eye is double you are of the carnal mind because your body (carnal) has two eyes, but if your eye is single you have found true spirituality IMO.

Your spiritual body (the image) will be full of light, and it is... as long as you see it as such.

When you see the true light, you have seen what is in front of your face (Gospel of Thomas) and what is concealed or "veiled" is revealed.

Thanks for joining in brother. It's good to see you active again.

ETA: I believe that moving into a higher plane can be done within this lifetime. To move into the higher plane is to "walk on water" metaphorically, to rise above the waters of the world and to walk in the Spirit, your higher self.

I personally do not think reincarnation into the physical plane is avoidable, it is the mechanism that allows for eternal life IMO. To realize you are eternal is to have eternal life, you realize that you have had it all along, you just forgot who you were.
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