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Are Some Liverpool Echo Reporters Lying Spooks?

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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 01:07 AM
Hillsborough is one of my subjects. It was an evil, staged disaster used for two main purposes. First forcing football clubs to install seating so the private corporation 'Premier League Football' could make billions from televised entertainment. Entertainment beamed to thousands of pubs and homes where otherwise manly men sat sipping alcoholic beverages INSTEAD OF SAVING THEIR COUNTRY FROM THE EU, THE LIZARDS, RADIOACTIVE WASTE OR SUB-STANDARD ATS THREADS!!!

Secondly Hillsborough was designed to be used as a blunt instrument for beating the Office of Constable. Weakening it before the intended introduction of a privatised police force, truly unaccountable, working only for rich toads.

Be warned.
Plan. Network. Resist.

See this. Usually I'm running side by side with the Liverpool Echo, but here they've disgraced themselves, and there's no comments facility under the story.

You'll find this heading in bold type halfway through the story. Notice it isn't actually in quotes. This suggests deliberate shenanigans rather than simple illiteracy.

'Maybe half a dozen or more policemen were pushing fans back into the pen'

The actual quote further down in the story is this.

He said he saw “more than one” policeman pushing “maybe half a dozen, maybe more” spectators back into the pen.

I'm prepared to accept the possibility that the staff at the Liverpool Echo can't read or write. But that doesn't fit in with their usually excellent and thorough reporting of the Hillsborough Inquest. This is exactly the kind of misleading reporting that is being used to brainwash us into blanket rejection of our often brave and resourceful constables.

No-one could see what was happening at Hillsborough apart from the fans above and those in the police control box. Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson was allegedly staging a severe mental breakdown in the police control box. That is why constables on the ground received no instructions. The constables had been sedated with a hot meal shortly before the event and also instructed to remain detached from the atmosphere. In common with all others at ground level they couldn't clearly see what was happening. They responded slowly and in a detached manner, no surprises there.

Some constables did push fans back in. It was a terrible mistake and they have to live with it.

Not long ago it was being reported that constables had "thrown" fans back into the pens, until it was pointed out they would have had to be remarkably hefty coppers.



Hopelessly inaccurate reporting won't help.

edit on 2 3 2015 by Kester because: Correcting rant induced errors.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 08:27 PM
The Liverpool Echo isn't promoting a particular version of events here - it's simply reporting evidence given to the inquest. The law says it has to produce an accurate record of what's said in court, and comment by the newspaper or its readers on this evidence is not permitted while the inquest is taking place.

Privately, of course, you can think what you like - and if you have evidence you think should be heard, you can contact the coroner.

posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 08:45 AM
a reply to: SummerLightning

You've missed the point. The statement made by the Liverpool Echo,

'Maybe half a dozen or more policemen were pushing fans back into the pen'
was invented by them and has no part in the story or the evidence. It is a particularly crude slur, all part of the war against the Office of Constable.

This, is an example of evidence presented at the inquest. The Liverpool Echo has given a rather different impression because they are promoting a version in which arriving late and making a mass rush on the turnstiles in the time-honoured fashion had no bearing on the outcome.

The version I'm publicly promoting is one in which provocateurs encouraged the last minute rush, documented as having lifted a police horse off the ground. Corrupt senior police prevented the closure of the tunnel. Walter Jackass had his paddy in the control box then lined up the Bobbies in the middle of the pitch where they could be seen to be doing nothing. Then it was "SIT DOWN CHILDREN! SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!"

First Hillsborough was used to make football more predictable and television friendly. Now it is being used as a weapon in the dirty war against the Office of Constable.

Take this for example,

Though police tried to put the blame on supporters/hooligans, official inquiry has indicated it was in fact the police who were responsible and no hooligan incidents took place.

It wasn't "the police". It was key individuals carrying out key acts. These individuals and their acts are being exposed a bit at a time as the inquest plays out.

We're hearing a lot about Special Branch and senior constables shutting down abuse investigations. These are the kind of people who are capable of taking part in terrible deeds like the Hillsborough black operation. Not the average Bobby who is, your friend.

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