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The mystery of the Clintonville Booms

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posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 02:03 PM
On August 27, 2014, I published my first and only book, Fever Rising. It was a book about a theory I presented here at ATS in December of 2012 about dangerous gases, methane and hydrogen sulfide, causing all kinds of headaches for mankind. Throughout the book I use quotes from ATS members and use information that I discovered here at ATS. I approached management of ATS for permission to use the quotes and for permission to write a thread about the release of the book. Now, what I'd like to do is publish the pages of my book on ATS in a series of threads discussing each chapter. I'm not doing this to try to sell you books. I don't care about that, I just feel the message is very important and I'd like to get it out there in the ATS community because if it weren't for ATS, the book would never have been written in the first place.

Below are the first two chapters of the book, beginning with Chapter 1: The Clintonville Booms and concluding with Chapter 2: Global Incidents on the Rise. It was the mystery of the Clintonville Booms that led me to ATS in 2012 and ever since, I've never looked back. I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. ATS can be addicting.

Throughout the publishing of these chapters, some are very long and may need to be edited down lengthwise to accommodate a forum such as this. When I do edit them down, I'll let you know and I'll make sure to publish the most important details of that chapter. I wish I wouldn't have to that but Fever Rising is a lengthy book at 480 pages and 130,000 words.

The reason I think this will be pretty cool is that all the chapters in the book stand alone. They could be an article by themselves and that's why I think it's a cool idea to publish by the chapters. The chapters either discuss the different parts of the theory, such as how either methane or hydrogen sulfide are related to atmospheric heating, or the chapters discuss each of the different effects that IMO, of course, are caused by a warming planet.

There is tons of information in the book from nearly two years of research, and more importantly to the ATS community, two years of some very good discussion on my many threads I've authored here. I hope the ATS management will allow me to print these chapters for you, each topic is assured to stir up some debate and even if it doesn't, it will provide you all with some very important information in regards to the escalating levels of atmospheric methane and hydrogen sulfide gases.

Also, I'll wait between each posting of chapters to allow some time for discussion. So, without further ado, let's begin with these first two chapters...

Chapter 1: The Clintonville Booms

The day I first leapt into the rabbit hole was March 19, 2012. It was the day I saw the news reports about Clintonville, WI, a town of 4,500 people only an hour away from where I lived with my family. The report stated that over 400 residents heard loud house-rattling booms about 3:00 am.

One witness described the boom as “shaking his house” and “it was like a shock.” He got out of bed, went outside and saw that all of his neighbors were waking up too, as their lights were ‘popping on.’

But it was the next day that really got my attention. The booms that happened the previous night from 3:00 am until almost daybreak, around 5:00 am, had started up again the next night at the same times.

The Clintonville city administrator said that the boom came without warning. “It’s just ‘bam,’” Lisa Kuss told the media. “I would describe it as startling, an adrenalin rush. Your heart is instantaneously kind of racing because you are not expecting it.”

How strange! Two nights in a row around the same times with hundreds of witnesses and authorities had no idea what was causing the house-rattling booms.

Here were the facts: The USGS said no earthquakes. The city said it wasn’t any busted pipes, or city water pressure or well troubles. There were no gas leaks or gas in the sewers (so the city said). The city also said there were no large construction projects or mining in the area either, but, interestingly enough, there just happened to be portable traveling arrays that record seismic activity set up near Clintonville. It was “by fluke” that these portable detectors were there in the first place, but they recorded a 1.5 micro-quake in the area, so the story goes. Of course, it was day four before the residents were told that it was a quake. They hired an expert to come in and tell them, “Yep, you experienced a quake.” It was also day four when the booms finally quieted down.

Kuss reported to an auditorium filled with 250 residents that the mystery was solved. “We have experienced an earthquake here in Clintonville,” she said.

Residents questioned her claim. It just so happened that at first an earthquake was ruled out but then they were told that a portable detector just happened to be in the area and yes, you did have an earthquake.

The residents then proceeded to ask why they had heard such loud booms, which weren’t characteristic of earthquakes.

“The soil and granite under the city is different than that of most earthquake-prone towns and may account for the sharp noises,” Kuss said. She told the residents that geophysicists believed it was a swarm of micro-quakes responsible for the booms.

Things eventually quieted down just as the engineering firm came into town and set up monitors. Either way, it was said that an earthquake to hit this area, no matter what size, was an once-in-a-lifetime event. Some residents even came forward and said they had heard these rumblings for several months prior to the busy evening on Sunday night.

Evidently, a seismic station was set up near Clintonville and recorded unusual ground shaking over those four nights.

A geophysicist reported on March 21, the day before Kuss spoke to the residents, that, “Such activity can be caused by quarrying, mining and heavy truck traffic, but since the city ruled out those sources (there are no mines or major construction in the area), the university and the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey will likely take a closer look at the station’s data.”

Note how this report was prior to the expert’s claim of an earthquake. It had been ruled out, but yet they found some activity that could be caused by quarrying or mining. An area landfill and military operations were ruled out. A nearby dam was checked and ruled out and there were no industrial businesses in the area.

The absence of the booms lingered until they were reported over several nights the following week. During this time they had four seismometers set up. What did they get? A 0.1 size quake registered on March 30. A truck driving by could cause a .1 tremor.

Another geophysicist from the U.S. Geological Survey, John Bellini, came out after this quake and said that the Clintonville booms are a swarm of small earthquakes and that they are not unusual across the nation, can last up to a few months and can be sporadic.

And that’s where the Clintonville story ends.


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posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 02:05 PM
After putting this all together, my suspicious mind decided something stunk to high heaven. My interests in the subject matter were already peaking at this time because of all the strange sky noises that had been going on all over the world. There were other booms and small quake activity in unusual places prior to Clintonville, but, like I said, it was merely interesting until this unexplained episode unfolded just 50 miles down the road. That was when I dove into the rabbit hole in search of answers. Eventually, I came to realize that it may have indeed been caused by seismic activity, or micro-quakes. I’m just not entirely sure that the government was being honest in their explanations. They either had no idea what the cause of the Clintonville booms were (or any other booms for that matter) or they did know. This was more likely. What they may have known was that the booms were indeed micro-quakes and that the cause was something far more sinister. That’s what they’re hiding.

For the answers, I went deeper into the rabbit hole (the rabbit hole being the hidden world of conspiracy theories) and discovered the hypothesis and ultimate theory about dangerous gases causing all kinds of headaches for mankind.

Chapter 2: Global Incidents on the Rise

Since 2011, there has been an accelerated rise in global incidents that point to a major threat to life on earth and it is my firm belief that we are living in dangerous times. Some of these incidents include Super Storm Sandy and Typhoon Haiyan. Then there is major flooding in the UK, India and many other locales. Not to mention red water and rains, sky roars and super sonic booms, huge increase in quakes and volcanoes, disease outbreaks, sinkholes, land cracks and unexplained explosions. There are droughts, unusual tornadoes, exploding power poles, mass animal die-offs, warmer and rising sea waters (and this is just to name a few).

Following the Clintonville booms I began searching alternative news websites and I found several that became great sources of information. Some of these included the Celestial Convergence, Earthfiles, Rense and Extinction Protocol. There are many more as you’ll see throughout this book because I provide many short snippets of news with their sources provided. It was one website that I stumbled upon that became my number one source. It was a site that tied all the other sites together in a worldwide forum of over 250,000 members. Sort of like a one-stop shopping place. This site is Above Top Secret, or better known to its members as ATS. Throughout this book I will be using information found at ATS. This site is the best real-time news site in the world. I can’t explain how many times I had found out major news events as they happened, long before the main stream media aired anything.

At any rate, one of the main things about ATS is that, as a forum, we discuss the topics and there are always those who attempt to debunk any theory or unexplained news event. They are the skeptics and in my travels throughout conspiracy land I encountered many. As I presented many of these global incidents as events that are increasing in frequency and intensity (such as Super Storm Sandy) they would always counter by saying “these are normal events.”

“Earthquakes aren’t on the rise, they are happening as they always have.”

“Tremors in unusual spots are normal.”

“The animal die-offs have always happened as they are now we just didn’t have global communications as we do today.”

These are samples of the statements put forth by the skeptics, but as I researched and went deeper into the rabbit hole, I just wasn’t buying it anymore. The deeper I went, the more I paid attention and my eyes opened from their slumber. The circumstances taking place on a global scale are anything but normal. Throughout these pages I will explore each of these incidents in depth the possibility they all have a single cause: dangerous levels of methane and hydrogen sulfide gases released into the atmosphere, perpetuating a catastrophic chain reaction.

First, I want to clear up one thing. All of these phenomena do happen on a regular basis, so obviously, not every storm that gains strength, vehicle that bursts into flames, or birds that fall from the sky, is caused by dangerous gases. The point I am trying to make is that all of these global incidents are on the rise, so sure, the normal rate may have plausible explanations, but the escalating frequency and intensity may be caused by dangerous gases.

One important note to recognize is that the dangerous gas theory I am presenting isn’t anything new. I’ve taken this information from many sources which I cite throughout the book. I’d also like to point out that although this theory will discuss in great depth the extinction level event we are facing and how it might seem like we are all doomed, later in the book we’ll examine ideas that can possibly stop or slow down the chain reaction and extend human life.

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posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 02:24 PM
a reply to: Rezlooper

You temptress! I'm not sure I have the patience to wait for your next installment (I'll be googling your book in a minute
This is pretty fascinating stuff - great idea for a thread.
Is your sense that this information is being actively suppressed, or that the cause is not definitely known and therefore the earthquake theory is put forward instead?

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posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 02:35 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

Basically, I think the causes may be known but are still being studied. My belief is that it is fissures or fracturing of the earth's crust. I get into it quite a bit in several different chapters, but yes, that's it in a nutshell. I think that most of the booms being reported are tears in the crust and methane gas is exploding out of the tear. Google the Michigan land crack. It's a long crack on some property in the UP that is directly in a northeast direction from Clintonville. It happened in 2010. In the weeks following the Clintonville booms, there were more booms reported in a couple of towns that were directly south and southwest of Clintonville. This may have been the line that the tearing was happening from up in the UP down to southern Wisconsin. Also, if you look at a map, it follows along with what appears to be ancient tearing where you see Green Bay come down into Wisconsin, then not too far southwest of that is Lake Winnebago. The booms in 2012 and the land crack in 2010 follow along a line to the west of Green Bay and Lake Winnebago. It's pretty interesting stuff.

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Rezlooper

Consider it googled.
I read something vaguely similar the other day, now I cannot find it for the life of me. I'm sure you've seen this article (from last August):

Researchers say they have found more than 500 bubbling methane vents on the seafloor off the US east coast. The unexpected discovery indicates there are large volumes of the gas contained in a type of sludgy ice called methane hydrate.
There are concerns that these new seeps could be making a hitherto unnoticed contribution to global warming. The scientists say there could be about 30,000 of these hidden methane vents worldwide.

BBC Science

I'll try and find that article for you, but it was saying something similar to you but didn't attribute noise to the escaping gas. What you're saying sounds plausible, definitely. I'll be reading all your upcoming threads, thanks for doing all this work.

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posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 03:56 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

Here is a story about those methane vents. Numerous methane vents discovered off East Coast

I wrote about the vents in the book and at that time in early 2014, there were only 17 large vents that were known. And at that time, they were stating the vents were something new, bu then by late summer of 2014, 500 of these vents were discovered and rather than admit these vents are a new phenomenon under the sea with warming ocean temps causing the hydrates to thaw because that would be alarmist...they decide to guesstimate that these vents most likely already existed and are just being discovered and guess what, there are probably millions of them. Yeah right.

Also, on the first question you posed about the quakes causing the booms in Clintonville. Yeah, I don't think the locals had any idea and yes, I think the quake theory was pushed to explain something they had no idea about. If you ask any resident of Clintonville, you'll be hard-pressed to find one person who believes those booms were caused by simple earthquakes. The micro-quake idea with exploding methane gas is my opinion on it and I believe the government knows this. I mean, after several years of all these mysterious booms and yet the government hasn't made one comment on it. Refuses to look into what is causing it. I find that alone rather mysterious. I would think they would want to know about it. Evansville, Indiana was another town a year later that experienced a week long series of night time booms nobody could explain. It's happening all over the place and I dedicate a full chapter to the booms, and I think that the fracturing of the earth's crust is the cause of the largest percentage of the booms, but I also believe that there is an increase in fireball explosions and that roaming plumes of hydrogen sulfide gas explosions are the cause of some of them as well. These are the causes of the mysterious unexplained booms, the ones not caused by military sonic booms, tannerite or other simple explanations.

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 05:20 PM
Why are they night time booms?

Why the hours of darkness.



posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 06:46 PM

originally posted by: pheonix358
Why are they night time booms?

Why the hours of darkness.



That's a good question Phoenix. I also wondered about that one quite a bit and I just don't have any idea why the booms persisted in those early morning hours. One thing that I do find interesting is that Jonny Mnemonic of the Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis who talks about and tracks unexplained fires and explosions all around the world from methane and hydrogen sulfide gases mentions on his website that many of the explosions of gas occurr in the wee hours of the morning because this is when it is coldest and the atmosphere constricts pressing down on the gases and allowing the gas more of a chance to ignite when it comes in contact with an ignition source. Chapter 3 of the book is about Jonny's hypothesis, which I developed the book from. I'm not sure if there could be any relation to that idea in regards to the crust actually having more reason to fracture during those hours as well, when the atmosphere constricts. These events in Clintonville also happened during the month of March when the air is still pretty cold up here in Wisconsin.

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 07:05 PM
Just as we begin talking about methane exploding from underground a very interesting news bit on a thread here at ATS comes out today about those massive holes in Siberia that the experts are proposing to be exploding methane holes. They found five more and are sounding the alarm. Here's the thread

I'm not saying our fractures here are causing these massive holes, but what we may have experienced here may not even become visible because the tears are in the crust below the surface. Sometimes though the ground may crack like the massive crack in Michigan that happened in 2010. The day before the crack was found, area residents reported hearing a loud boom and some earth shaking. The crack was over a football field in length and at its deepest 5 feet in depth. The Menominee, MI land crack

posted on Apr, 23 2015 @ 12:58 PM


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