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so lets talk about vapeing

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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:15 PM
ok i will try to do this is the most readable way im quite illiterate when it comes to puting words down so bear with me

maby i should get the voice to txt programs probly would help me alot lol

but i type faster than i can talk

i posted this in the medical section since its a smokers aid to quit or smoking alternitive

let start with how vape works

once u heat up vegtibal glycerin and proplean gyconal to a certan temp it phase changes from a luiquid to a gas
this gas can carrie other things like flavor and niccotine

so next lets go on about the atomizer and how it work

its simply a resistance wire that once voltage+amps is applyed it get hot
how fast and hot it gets gies up with more watts (watts is amps+volts)

this leads into atomizers there are well alot of diferent kinds
im going into more detail on 3 of them pros cons and all that

rda rebuildable dripping atomizer its extremaly simple has post 2+ one is positive the rest are negitive and
you build a coil out of resistance wire normaly nicrom a1 aka kenthol
and build a chosen number of coils or wraps to get a particular ohm and lower the more power drawn
and you wrape a wicking matirial around or inside the coil

the pros
customization build however you like
vape temp contol
vape production control
no need for vv(variable voltage) vw (variable wattage)
the choise of cottion or silica for wicking
cost it is 10x cheaper in the long run
in my experiance 9/10 people who where given a proper steup was able to stop smoking in under a week due to the strong hits it can make

the cons
really for pros only so u may need others to build for u
takes alot more understanding of the way batteries work
making mistakes are bad missing fingers
you spend alot more time making coils
alot less grab and go freindly
having to carry a bottle of juice to re we the wick offten

now we have the standered tank

a ce4 is a good example we all have seen them there small coneshaped and cheap

easy to use
carry more juice probly will last a day with no refil
grab and go freindly
no knolage needed there just easy

only come in high ohms 1.5-2-2.5-3
use small gauge wire witch means less surrface area with means small vape
cheap they do not last long and are hard to clean

next is the rda tank

thease are basicaly a normal rda but with a tank normaly below that u put your wick into

you can build your own coils
just say they can do everything a rda can do without the need for juice

wicking speed they dont suck juice up that fast resulting in dry hits more on what that is so bad latter

lol that last one was short

ok onto batteries

a mech is a extremaly simple device mech is short for mechanical mod
its just some device normaly a tube that on the press of a buttion connect the ground to your atomizer

mechs use 18650 or 22650 bats
thease batteries require resherch to buy good ones
ill just say id advise a 20-30 amp one running 7-15 bucks
overkill is always better than losing fingers
dont ever buy from ebay or amazon lots of fakes
i could write a whole post on this alone maby another time

next well go into the ego type

this will be short and sweet
most vapors use thease there ok ish they work with a simple tank atomizer like i described before and do ok but sucsess rate is low useing them

next is the vv/vw mod boxes thease are just simple lipo or nimh battery with a voltage or watt control curcit
and normaly use disposable tank atomizers but you can use rdas and tank rdas

juice the nicotine flavorred vg/pg liquid
all i can say is dont buy from china quality is everything

and the last 2 things i wana adress in this post is 1
a study about a year ago showed vape can i cant express enuf CAN have formaldahyde in it
this was nothing new to me when i read it if you heat up vg to a certan point it breaks down and produced formaldahyde

never was this a concern becase at that temp vape is so hard its like breathing in fire

when theas temps exsist we call it a dry hit ot a hit with very little juice and the coils glow red

avoid this at all cost it is not only unplesant but every time u do it it CAN im no expert be as bad as 15 cigs of formaldahyde

and now sub ohming
im a subohmer we use rdas with coils down to the .1 and lower range
this is the build type iv uced to get alot of people to quit normaly in the .5 range
it produces alot of vapor useing airflow and heat in a perfect balance
id reconmend it to anyone who fells confterable with how to do this kind of thing

DO NOT and i mean NEVER do this without the right battery and knolage u will lose fingers

oh lol last thing types of hits how u hit

most vapors hit like a ciggerett suck with mouth than inhale

theres the lung hit where u just straight inhale with high vg juice with is less harsh you can do this

bye bypassing the extended stay in the mouth the vape is less stale and not so harsh

well hope u enjoyed/could read my post without my horible typeing destroying ur eyes and brain

just really thought we should have a post somewhere with some solid info on vapeing

btw dosent ciggerets just smell horible now that u vape i can smell a smoker from 20 feet now and wow i use to do that

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:21 PM
Bad grammar but what can you do with translation programs.
I just got my vape 5 days ago, i completely stopped smoking 4 days ago. I love vaping.
Its starting to become a hobby, i want different parts and such. It costs way less than cigarettes, and is overall healthier for you. A recent very publicized study (flawed as it may be) says there is fromaldehyde in e-cigarettes, not enought data and they used unrealistic testing methods. Apparently it's created at higher voltages, which most vapers are not interested in.

Safe? safer than cigarettes. You go through some withdrawal from some of the other 5000 chemicals in cigarettes, but its the nicotine withdrawal that's the worst, hence why so many people go back to cigs.

I spent roughly 2600 a year on cigarettes (probably more), so far one 10ml bottle of e-juice (apple hookah flavor) has lasted me 5 days, 2ml per day. That bottle cost me $7 CAD
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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:27 PM
I tried vaping for a few weeks and developed chronic bronchitis . Never stopped coughing until I quit.

So, I went back to my little clove cigars because, hey, you only live once, right?

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:32 PM

originally posted by: oldworldbeliever
I tried vaping for a few weeks and developed chronic bronchitis . Never stopped coughing until I quit.

So, I went back to my little clove cigars because, hey, you only live once, right?

That sucks man, some lungs just aren't equipped for it. How long ago was this? Seems the tech going into these things has jumped in leaps and bounds.

I'm glad i don't stink anymore, and spend less monies. It is a valid smoking cessation device, you can step down the nicotine content until you have 0nic in it. PS: I'm using an eGo-C Twist 1000mah (variable voltage) with an Aspire K1 Glassomizer, also have two other eGo-C 650mah with Vision stardust tanks, just a cheap starter kit. I got the other two parts last night, paid way to much for them at the local shop (i'll be ordering online from now on i think)
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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:35 PM
Vaping is great!

After smoking for two decades I quit just like that, and it's been two years now that I've been vaping, and I feel great. It worked out way better for me than the patches, the gums, the sprays, hypnosis, and the pills, and cold turkey was just not doable for me, as I think I smoked more for ritual and hand stuff and thinking.

Gained no weight (even lost), breathed better in just three days, and went from 12mg of nicotine to 3mg in a year. I sitll use the little bit of nic because it helps me think more clearly, but the funny thing is, I can now do without it for long periods of time.

I did the usual move from Ego twists and glassomizers to mechs and now even make my own coils (if you knew how fumble-fingered I was you''d be impressed) lol. Nothing fancy, and I only use those at home because dripping in a car is a pain.

It's cheaper (not at first LOL because everyone spends a lot getting started and finding something they like and will stick to) too.

The down side for me was that because I felt so much better I got more active and blew out my knee running stadiums and that laid me up for a good while.

The up side is that the flavors are amazing, almost like desert, and the house and the car and my clothes and hair don't stink anymore, and boy do you notice the stink once you quit. But I'm not the kind of person who does THAT to people who still's cool with me...I deal with it

The jury might still be out on the long-term affects, but for the short term, the health benefits are good, and even my doc says that going for 2000+ chemicals to about 3 is way better for me than smoking was. I was never a lung smoker (more a mouth one) so my lungs he says are really doing great now too.

I agree with you on the China thing, especially for the juices! I'd suggest using metals and glass and cotton products only...stay away from plastics and synthetics. There's a GREAT forum out there for help with getting started and information. And vapers are in general a very friendly bunch.

I think it's ludicrous that they ban vaping (even outside) and not gum or patches where I work when the signs clearly say nicotine! But that's a whole other battle, isn't it. There are no secondhand effects, no nasty smell, and no butts or ashes.

I also think it's ludicrous about them saying vaping is the gateway to smoking for kids. That's just plain dumb.

And the nonsense about formaldehyde...well whole other discussion as well.

Vaping seems hard for some to do, particularly the women in my circle. The guys (not all but most) seem to have no trouble switching, but it's the opposite with women. I don't "recruit: but do help others get started using the lessons I've learned, and so far have "converted" about 12 people, just like I was by a guy at work.

And the best thing of all? It's nice to see Big Tobacco and Big Pharma squirm. But there's a downside to that too, in that they have the money and clout to fight and regulate this into poison like they did cigarettes, so stay active in the fight.

Anyway, that's my story. Will be interested to hear what others have to say.

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:35 PM
a reply to: oldworldbeliever

try vapping pure vg all natral all organic

alot of people have problems with pg

and i wish i could say its translation im just bad at writting really bad

and the flaw in the study is simply they did it in conditions that no one would ever do

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:38 PM

originally posted by: oldworldbeliever
I tried vaping for a few weeks and developed chronic bronchitis . Never stopped coughing until I quit.

So, I went back to my little clove cigars because, hey, you only live once, right?

Some people do cough a lot at first and even get bronchitis (maybe it was coincidence too), and some are allergic to the PG so you might try a different mix of the PG/VG? As in more VG and less PG.

Also, if you tried those prepackaged ones with junk from China in them...yeah those aren't so great either.

For what it's worth.

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:38 PM
Ugh double. Sorry.
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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:38 PM
a reply to: ~Lucidity

theres a thing called the kuros coiler makes the coil for you

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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: markovian

I use a drill bit, tweezers, and a clipper
Kinda proud of myself haha. But I'll def look into that. Thanks.

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:47 PM
i use about the same bought a coil building tool helps abit

but iv build 1000s of coils for me and others

i build mechs for coworkers even put together whole builds for them

i wont give anyone a overpriced pos when i know i can build a mech right for them for under 50 bucks

actualy have a tackel box with 100 coils in it all at diferent ohms

i use the dragon coil/wick method if you havent try it its amazing

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:56 PM
Made me cough and realized my immunities where under attack from the gitgo. Still smoking my own roll your owns @ 50 yrs, Gawd i must have smoked as much tobacco as the weight of 2-3 or more hearses by now?

My best friend who whom who I have known since I was 19 is also the same age of me @ 50!
He fell down the stairs last Tuesday because of lack of oxygen and a heart infarction. He does not smoke, drink, ect...
He now has a pacemaker installed. I am at the other end of the spectrum. I drink, smoke and eat cheap meals and feel healthy still @ 50. And another thing my buddy is not lazy, I however just got back to work in the beginning of January and if you want to consider I have not worked a year before that lazy, so be it? Just saying.

I don't understand people into health concerns? You can't change anything, not ever unless you been diagnosed and are under treatment for a illness.

I understand people keeping fit and I respect that. Also with people who diet to keep they're form. But eating habit's, rituals of not doing substances and what not thinking your own mortality is secure?

Nope i don't buy it all. When your # is up, it's up.

Please, just tell me what you think.
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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 09:59 PM
Ever since I started figuring out the vaping game, I now prefer it to smoking, without a doubt. Although, I will say, smoking is still better while drinking. ha. I love vaping, though. It didn't just replace smoking cigarettes for 16 years, it has become a hobby, too. I couldn't be happier to be done with the dirty sons of whores. I can still vape (with nicotine or not, depending), and I don't have to deal with not being able to breathe, smell, taste, etc.

For me, the biggest hurdle was to just give up on trying to have a smoking experience. Vaping is different than smoking, and it should be. I spent a long time messing with flavor and stuff, trying to find something that tasted even remotely like tobacco. I don't even bother anymore. I go with fruit flavors or dessert flavors now. After I kind of changed to that mindset that it was different, was when I finally embraced the vaping. Don't look at it like something similar to smoking. It's not. It's better. In my view anyway. You just have to allow yourself to see it (Lady Nicotine is a harsh foe).

The craziest thing is, I could have a cigarette right now, and I wouldn't be the slightest bit worried about going back to it. I know, because I've tried. Once you have a quality vaping experience, it's a game changer. I don't miss cigarettes at all. Plus, I have a fun thing to obsess over.

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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: proob4

ahh the mortality thing i soo agree

i drink like a fish

am i woried not really the cards will land where fate wants them to

my gandpop lived to 95 smoking like a train and drinking 2x more than what is humanly posible

my grandmaw smoked since 12 no cancer or ill effects so far shes 89

so hard to say

but im shure smoking makes a lower quality of life ill vape tyvm

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 10:15 PM
this stuff is expensive but well worth the $ and works very well :-)

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 11:12 PM
a reply to: proob4
Reply to the rest of you also.

Made me cough and realized my immunities where under attack from the gitgo. Still smoking my own roll your owns @ 50 yrs, Gawd i must have smoked as much tobacco as the weight of 2-3 or more hearses by now?

50 myself. I am healthier than alot of 20 somethings. Genetics?

So, back on topic, yeah, I tried the best, and it was only last year. Both versions of base ingredients. And to tell you the truth, now that I think about it, it was off and on again for a few months with the same result.

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 11:14 PM
I'm pretty heavy into vaping, and lately gotten into rebuildable atomizers. I been at it over 6 years, and been that long since I quit smoking after more than 25 years. I haven't had a single cigarette since I started vaping. But it's been a long period of trial and error as to what works best for me. Started with the basic e-cigs with 510 atomizers, and soon after invented my own juice feeder mod box when I got tired of both short battery life and having to constantly redrip the atty.

That little radio shack box I made lasted me like three years. When it finally broke, I made another one, all the while watching the market for anything better. Not until a few months ago did I finally pull the trigger on a production mod box, and a dual coil RSST Pyrex. I suppose I went a little overboard, but I justified it with the thousands of dollars I have saved on cancer sticks. Now I don't even have the atomizer expense anymore. I build my own, and boy do they work like whoa. Not a cloud chaser, but I have the rig for it. My box is a SMY God 180, with a Smok dual coil Pyrex RSST. Yeah, I know, that is a mega cloud chaser rig, but I don't use it for that. I vape at between 15 and 20 watts, depending on how much heat I want at the moment.

What I really like is that the God 180 runs three high drain 18650 batteries in series, and lasts me three days or more without recharging (because I use it like a regular e-cig, and NOT for massive vapor clouds). The sheer power of this thing is over the top, and can be turned up to 180 watts assuming you have a low enough resistance atty build. At 100 watts it will literally light the atty on fire, never mind 180 watts. Yeah, overkill. No doubt. But I like it, because it is so customizable to get you exactly the amount and heat of vapor you like. I mean like perfectly, every time. You just got to play with it and your RSST adjustable airflow to land on your magic settings. Then it's vaping heaven after that.

If you are a heavy smoker and tried vaping- and didn't feel it was strong enough to quit- then, haha, are you in for a shock if you get this rig and load it down with some high-content nico juice. This rig will light you on fire if you're not careful, it is that strong. I run 36 mg juice. Yeah, I know, that is way strong, but I am serious about never smoking again.

But perhaps the best thing of all is the health benefits I have had, within just a month or two of starting vaping and quitting cigs. No more deep chest cough, or any cough at all for that matter, and my skin is healthier too. I have saved so much money it is sick! So I really went overboard and bought ANOTHER whole rig as backup, so now I have two complete, and ready to go. Not cheap, about $ 200 + per rig with the batteries and charger and stuff like wire and cotton, but that is PEANUTS compared to what I was spending on cigs. Now pretty much I just buy e-juice. I am a strong proponent of vaping for heavy smokers wanting to quit- you just HAVE to get the right rig. And I have given you the keys. Any questions, just ask. Building the atty is simple as can be- and I still haven't needed to replace it- even after months of heavy vaping.

And I love the cool message that pops up on the God 180 LCD screen when you turn it on: "Live long and vape on!"

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 11:19 PM

originally posted by: SkipperJohn
this stuff is expensive but well worth the $ and works very well :-)

That's interesting and something I would like to try, thank's for the link.

I've got a few months off the baccy and almost off the nicotine too, down to 6 with the e-liquid. I can't stand the smoke smell anymore and have become somewhat of a smoke nazi. I sure don't miss smelling like a ashtray. It's amazing how your taste and smell senses come back. The down side is I put on a few pounds but well worth quitting.

Like others have mentioned the higher VG mixes help with the harshness. The higher nic content will also contribute to a harsher hit. One thing I've noticed, the newbies that buy the cheap e-kits have a higher fail rate at quitting than the ones that invested in a quality vape.

posted on Feb, 21 2015 @ 12:12 AM
yea the new vv/vw are even matching my own builds i use sony vtc5 and 4 so i can dip into 60 amps on burst

i dip down to .08 ohm thats 233 watts the new vv/vw mods hit 280

but not untell they are cheaper i cant drop 200 on a mod when i can spend 25 and get a mech

tho i do always have to carry a bat and a bottle in my pocket ehh no diferent than a pack and a lighter

posted on Feb, 21 2015 @ 12:22 AM
a reply to: mtnshredder

the first time i ordered my juice I hit the 36mg. Wow 2 puffs and your good for a few hours. I have been playing with flavors here the last few vapes and I still go back to my Thug Juice.. glad to say I am down to 24. on the relaxation oil. it is hard to read but it does say to add 2 to 3 drops in your vape. again i didn't read it and smoked a straight bowl of it. wow! lets just say I was relaxed.

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