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My mischievous experience

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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 10:41 AM
Hi, I've not been in this forum before at all, so apologies if a thread already exists where this should go. I just want to report a particular experience of mine to see if it resonates with anyone or if it fits in with wider experience.

This thing has happened twice now, once about 6 years ago, and then again yesterday. There are other things I could talk about, but this is strangely specific so I want to stick to it for now.

Basically, I am Mr Magoo. I can't see jack beyond the end of my nose without glasses so, when I have a bath, I place my specs somewhere specific so I can find them again. This used to be on top of the TV in my bedroom (in the days of CRT's when you could do that). This one time I came back and there were no glasses on the TV. Assuming they fell off, I proceeded to fumble and grope all around the unit the TV was stood on, on the floor around it, under the edge of the bed, etc etc. in despair, and for no obvious reason, I sat on the bed and exclaimed along the lines of "come on jerk! This isn't even funny, I can't see a damned thing!" Within two minutes the glasses were back on top of the TV where they should have been in the first place and yes, I was alone in the house. The TV was about two feet away from me the whole time.

This has been an I teresting one off until last week when I was in the living room with the family. I put my specs on the arm of the chair whilst reading my iPad, when something I wanted to watch came on I went to put them on and they'd vanished again!
We searched thoroughly, then I blamed the dog (who can be prone to running off with stuff, he's only a pup) and we looked in all his places to no avail. Finally I tried my exclamation again and yes, the glasses were back within two minutes with my wife and grown up son (who never really believed me the first time) as mystified as I am.

Why would this happen, and why so far apart? Any thoughts or similar stories?
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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: waynos

You should take a look at this thread Very similar situation. I think they ended up deciding it was gnomes and started giving them honey

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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 12:36 PM
I've had similar problems with mischievous imps at a house I used to live in.
A friend in Belize told me the locals give offerings of liquor and tobacco to pacify them.

posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 01:00 PM
What I post here, take with a grain of salt, or however that saying goes. .

Forward; human incarnates, who are birthed with bad vision, I believe was an intentional reasoning.

I'll make more sense of that for you now, friends. In past lives, you have been repeating the same patterns over again, never finding the internal, absolute truth.
This happens when the human is governed and attached to the external earth plane, and use their two eye sensories, as the only way to "see" .

Repeating life times, attaching to the external world, , because it's all you focused on.
You came into this earth plane to find truth, but truth spirals internally, into the external.

Your vision is "off" in this earth life possibly so you, as an incarnate, as you need to look inside for once. Seeing the external world, and seeing is believing. ..stoops you into believing that is all there is to "Life".

Hiding your glasses on you, is possibly a metaphysical metaphor, to look inside and so focusing on seeing things that are no TRUE use to you, this life time.

Hence, your frustration, which turns into exclamation, for that something to stop"messing" around with your tool to see....abracadabra. .Your glasses are back.

Me thinks spirit wants you to seek inside, at least look. To do this, turn off your thought machine (mind) and observe internally with closed eyes.

You never know what's waiting for in the other side. ..

Could also be, damaged eyes in birth for no reason, and housing your glasses is actually gravity acting weird. .. but I doubt such a scenario given what I know

Seek internal, then ye shall know thyself, then ye shall know truth.

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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 01:25 PM
Thanks guys, intersting stuff and thanks for the link. I can see this is fairly common. Phew.

I totally get the responses that you forgot where you put it it etc, like on the other thread. However when something reappears where you've already checked, within minutes and without you moving away from there, as in my first experience, that's just too wierd.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 01:55 AM
Have you considered that maybe there's another "you" in a parallel world who can see just fine, wondering where those darned glasses keep coming from? I say that half in jest of course but.....? I don't think you said whether it was the same house but maybe it's the area. And in any case, why is it only your glasses? Do you hear a sound when the glasses return? Just thinking out loud.

I had something similar happen to me once with a set of spare keys (that I didn't notice were missing) turning up somewhere they never should have been. I kept them clipped to a cubby hole in my car and one morning my leg brushed against them. One was stuck inside an empty screw hole in the center area, under the dash and in front of the gear shifter if that makes sense. Someone would have had to crawl in my floorboard to put them there and I was the only one who ever had the car keys.

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