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When home really is where the heart is ?. The Nail House.

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posted on Feb, 12 2015 @ 11:57 PM
Well, this is an odd little subject that at the least provides for some remarkable imagery.

Firstly the background to the term Nail House;

In China, a "nail house" is a home whose resident refuses to leave in order to make way for new construction. Builders have to elaborately construct around it, often leaving behind an eyesore so awesome that it's almost a sculpture.

And this is a nail house;

Source The last one is a classic and I reckon you'd have to have some guts to do what they done.

Clearly there are is a number of them in China, but they also exist elsewhere. This next one is in Seattle, USA;

Edith Macefield, seattle, u.s.a. After Edith Macefield, 86, refused $1 million to move from her Ballard home, construction crews simply began building a five-story development project around her home.

It really is quite remarkable the determination that some people have. Some might say it's crazy, but if home is really where the heart is, well maybe it's really not all that crazy.

So, what would you do ? Take the cash or take a stance ?.

Kind Regards

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