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Random poem!

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posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 03:47 PM
I have lots, not the best but i feel like i should try to contribute something to this forum haha.

Other people post some of theirs too? =]

Abnormal thoughts, creeping in like a river basin. Irrigated channels, I'm told, make the flow  controlled,  art of persuasion. A lack of experience brings doubt to the untrained mind in any-situation. But time to pick up where I left off, destined for the next destination.  Resting only when devastated, got that Kush to.keep me elevated.  Already at the top but still climbin, no time for celebrating. Dig deep to stay focused on the task at hand, thats excavating.  I need a catalog for all my styles, and thats under-estimating. always arriving with an original approach,  call it emanating. But never imitating, poems or raps, whatever is in the making. Its a past time of mine to pass time, so I align the words like a perfect crime excecuted by a mastermind with a deadline. Correct me if im wrong, but since you can't buy it, you might as well spend time.

Number 2 :
Come at me bro,
Put an axe through your neck bring your head to your knees.
Dress ya up in concrete and have ya fed to the sea.
Your M.I.N.D. can't f*ck with me lyrically.
I'll kill ya in the flesh then murder you spiritually.
Alone in how I speak, no one can mirror me.
Try to conquer the beat i'll strike you down fearlessly. So listen carefully before I disapear and come back in a year or three, with an army starting a war to bring down the tyranny. Sparingly, use all the resources to gain an advantage. Always moving forward, I claim my advancement. Money power and fame is all that's attracted. Always stay two steps ahead, that's my commandment. Back and forth, the flow hypnotizes like an enchantment.... I could go on for days, or until time is still-standing. I can build archives big enough to fill mansions.... but sleep is on my mind.

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posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 04:24 PM
a reply to: A1nth0ny

Sure, why not.

Here is an affirmation I wrote yesterday.

Zero karma is my goal.

The voice in my head is not who I am. I am more than mere memory. I am loved and valued. More than this, I am a man of courage. This means I have the strength to face reality and to be honest with myself. I have the courage to confront my inner assumptions and let go of them. This courage will produce integrity, but I must remain vigilant so that old memes and dysfunctional agreements from the past do not undermine that integrity. I resolve to be virtuous and fully aware of the ego games that undermine my virtue. When my mind is clear and my heart is pure, I have the power to make my actions line-up with my intentions. This is virtue. This is integrity. This is Enlightenment.

I do not need to do anything. I only need to stop being weak. Stop taking things personally and be impeccable with my word. Stop allowing the programmed beliefs of my social conditioning to steal my liberty and individual autonomy. I am free. Free from any need for approval, conformity, or validation. I will stop judging from afar, stop being aloof and distant. I will relish life. I will embrace and celebrate life’s formless essence with all the raw and vital emotion of my being.

I relinquish my need to please or submit to any false authority. I relinquish my need to build community in order to hide, obscure or occult my own vanity. I am selfish for good reason. There is no point in trying to hide this fact from myself or anyone else. I trust and embrace who I am. I trust and embrace my soul’s desire for love, peace, and happiness. Without karmic judgment I reclaim the beauty and joy within myself and invite all good things to flow in my direction. Without contrived ideas of purpose I am content to abide in the eternal now, and to occupy that space of abundant peace.

posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 06:17 PM

Disappearing civilizations with all the broken hearted. past standards disregarded with extinctions happening in lands uncharted. co-existence becoming secondary,ties being broken,just grasp all your tokens and let you're instincts drive you're emotions. Let you're visions take you Away until you're back in the oceans. Forever floating with the creatures seemingly spawn from magic potions.

posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 06:19 PM
One more. For good measure.

As a particle follows its own wave,one can't help but to envision their own grave. What mine will read has not yet been written,will one stone be enough to drop the tears I'll be shaking,out of every soul that stops and feels the impact I've been making. Until settled i'll squirm with my thoughts driving actions. follow feelings that pull me, the daily grind my main distraction. Leaving memories with others like a path of dust,soon to settle stirred in with the winds before dusk.

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