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The Little Red Man of the Tuileries: A Prophetic Parisian Imp

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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 01:15 AM
Have you ever heard of the Little Red Man of the Tuileries? In France, the country of this strange tale's origin, he is known as Le petit homme rouge des Tuileries, or, for short: l'homme rouge.

The Little Red Man of the Tuileries ~ A Prophetic Parisian Imp

source info

Any thoughts on this apparition? There seems to be a lot more info but it's all in French and my knowledge of French is fairly limited.

edit: actually I kinda love the source--it brought the info together fairly well. Plus, it mentions Baudelaire. And anyone who likes Baudelaire is a friend of mine ^_^

What are your thoughts on the matter, ATS Paranormal experts

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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 07:20 AM
a reply to: rukia

I find this type of story fascinating. According to the site's author, this particular story goes back to at least the early 1500s. While I'm fairly skeptical, I definitley believe in the paranormal\supernatural. I don't beleive that
all the sightings and events are just someone's overactive imagination.

One of the encounters with the little red dude involved Catherine of France. (Early 1500s)
Catherine, the widow of King Henry II abandoned the brand new palace after seeing the Little Red Man!
Before the architects could put the finishing touches on the palace, Catherine is said to have abandoned the premises, having repeatedly encountered an already resident and decidedly creepy “Le Petit Homme Rouge” that told her she would die near “Saint-Germain”.

I haven't finished reading the entire story. The site is very cool. Thanks for posting. I love the writing style.
Fate is rarely a benign personage. When some supernatural critter arrives to announce your fate, it’s unlikely that he’s telling you that you are holding the winning lottery numbers

A very wry wit.

posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 02:57 PM
a reply to: ColeYounger

I'm glad you like it, too! The writing style is really good ^_^
I wonder how the other posts are. Might browse around that site some more to check out what's all there.

This is one of my favorite historical mysteries. It's chilling. Really makes you think

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