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Now That's It's Over..

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posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 06:53 PM
SO.. I live in Washington ..

In the last month..
wait.. more like a year..
or actually it's been more like two..

i have seen insignias on cars, people wearing all blue and green, painting their houses and cars the same, waving flags with a symbol resembling a Kwakwaka’wakw “transformation mask” that nobody talks about (i mean people pretend to try and get rid of using Native Americans' sacred symbols as marketing tools but.. naw this one doesn't count?)

The only creative input the NFL could come up with is to make the Seahawk look "meaner"... haha.

Good one guys..

yeah it's all just a buncha good ol' boys who just love the sport, people, and AM'URKA..

I mean com'on we have an internet full of conspiracy and new-age folk and NO ONE has the insight or guts to keep these things in perspective???

okay i'll be the bad guy then..

cuz the whole thing is over! it's done.

People yelled. I'm sure a few cried. I'm sure a few died from drunk angry guys driving in hellish Seattle traffic..

so now we can (perhaps) discuss this sensibly?

I mean i thought people LIKED to talk about the Super Bowl.. and now no threads today? hmm.

I've heard it said that when it comes to the Super Bowl there's two people: People talking about the game and people who couldn't care less and are avoiding it.

Wellll... I'm a third type of person: One who doesn't follow the game but since i have had to hear about the game constantly whether i wanted to or not...
So i figure it couldn't hurt to express my honest view, just as every fan screaming into the city night, has expressed theirs.

(except i do think the internet is a bit quieter and less intrusive haha..)

I understand that it is fun to watch games.

It is fun to root for a person or seem which you feel "represents" you and your community, and see them on a stage on which the rest of the world is watching. i understand this and am tired of people thinking that i am saying "sports should be stopped and forgotten about".. I'm NOT.



but now that that has been said..
Why do you think it is that people assume that criticism of the NFL is automatically equated with criticism of (American) football altogether..?!?!

hmm. do you think that maybe that's one of the many side effects of conditioning people to accept the NFL as the sole option and basically imply that they are the "owner" of football itself? Their symbol is a shield with USA colors and stars.. our cities have to deal with stadium traffic.. it seems like they are pretty much a part of the country!

oh wait, but they're a corporation? They have no loyalty to the people of Washington as a whole and really only care about rallying people in Seattle..?

I do understand the need for it to be somewhat centralized and have a "major league" but i find it disturbing that the states themselves have never thought to start a league of their own in which every state would have a team, the team would be made of people from their state, and i dunno.. most of the proceeds would go to benefitting the people of their state..
maybe even some extra money could go to the winners of the game..?

I know that some people care about college sports (and i think most of those people are paying their kids' tuition or just like the aspect of actual sportsmanship, over business) but i think we all know that if it's not something you can talk about with everyone you know, most people are probably not going to care so much...

sound about right?

it's the same with music and art..

but then again some people care about local music a lot more than the Katy Perrys of the world. some care equally about both!

..but then AGAIN, most fans of music and art, aren't quite so violently, feverishly competitive about their favorite artists.

my questions are these:

-why does no one seem to question the motives of the NFL and these teams who have no loyalty to the states of which they supposedly "belong" (the Seahawks are not owned by the people of Washington, nor is the team made up of people from Washington) They can be all traded anytime. hmm.. wait that's even sorta like human trafficking.

-why do lower-middle income people spend so much money and attention on supporting a team which hardly has anything to do with them? and i don't mean just supporting them in the "i wear a jersy and talk about the score" type of way..
I'm talking like those who are getting into fights with people over criticizing their precious NFL..

-what would happen to all of this pent up rage and misplaced allegiance went into something productive and beneficial to the place we know they so obviously have pride in? Washington is a great place to live and i don't blame them, but why is no one even attempting to channel that into something else which is directly related to bettering Washington..??

-Some friends of mine almost got hit by a truck full people speeding through town, screaming at the top of their lungs, after the game was over. ..What would happen if something actually bad happened, on a state-wide scale..? I am not looking forward to getting out of an earthquake while these pent-up sports "superfans" unleash themselves on anything and anyone they feel like, any more than they already do, when anarchy hits haha.. Oh boy.

if you made it this far, I'm probably preaching to the choir, but i had to get it out of me haha. Cheers

posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 06:58 PM
I stopped paying attention when the Seahawks beat the Packers.

posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 08:10 PM
I don`t watch football anymore, I`ll listen to it if my wife has it on in the other room, but it`s not fun watching when you know it`s all fixed, just like that wrestling stuff.


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