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Must stop Jeb: Romney prepares to make peace with Christie

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posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 11:35 AM

Failed 2012 candidate Romney said to personally dislike Jeb – and has signalled that he may yet back Christie for 2016, because ‘a Bush can’t beat a Clinton’

And Christie can? lol

Bush is the only candidate that even has a prayer againt Clinton if she actually runs.

But a PPP poll released earlier on Friday indicated that Jeb may well get the chance to try. While Romney led the party pack with 21%, some 74% of Republican primary voters said they would prefer someone else to be the nominee. With Bush snapping at Romney’s heels on 17% – a margin easily closed as the advantage derived from Romney’s name recognition as “the last guy” faded – Christie, a distant seventh on just 7%, is in need of some help.

With a 3rd party candidate splintering the conservatives; it might be an uphill struggle.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 11:38 AM
I think Christie can beat Clinton. Better chance than Bush? I don't know.

We don't need a Bush though, that's for sure. I think Romney backing Christie is good, especially if he can get some other strong conservative support. Could be enough to crush Bush in the if we can just get someone different on the other side.

I know they're all the same but Clinton or Bush...That just shouldn't happen.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 11:42 AM
Walker has a better chance at defeating CLinton.

About the only thing I agree with Romney on we need a new comer.

I hope Walker runs.

74% of Republican primary voters said they would prefer someone else to be the nominee

I am one of the 74%.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 11:45 AM
I wouldn't vote for any of them. We don't need another Clinton or Bush in the WH and frankly I can't stand Christie either. What a sad state of affairs that we have to consider any of these clowns as potential candidates.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 11:52 AM

One thing is certain...we get the best government that money can buy!

Who will the big money support? Bush...that's who!

We can't wager on the pres. elections in the US but British odds makers already have Bush at 9/4 and Christie barely in the race at 7/1.

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posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 12:32 PM

originally posted by: olaru12

One thing is certain...we get the best government that money can buy!

Who will the big money support? Bush...that's who!

We can't wager on the pres. elections in the US but British odds makers already have Bush at 9/4 and Christie barely in the race at 7/1.

They have already written their checks.

It's Bush...Probably the only Republican that can lose to Hillary.

It's been his all along.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 12:35 PM
One sure fire way to Win the Presidency would be for them to align Paul as the Vice Pres to good Ol Jeb Bush.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 01:45 PM
I think we’ll get the worst government that money can buy

Here you have a corrupt fraud in Christie, who has the worst economy in the country in NJ

Then you have another Bush, the master criminal family in America.

Or Hillary Clinton, the now multi-millionaires of an ex-president who was impeached and who was a horrible Secretary of State and a forgettable senator

These 3 or a group of nutty conservatives in the GOP to chose from...

These are our choices!

God help us
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posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 01:50 PM
a reply to: olaru12

I think (Jeb Bush) has been hand picked by TPTB in the various secret societies to be the next President. It has been planned ahead of time. This is my opinion.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 01:52 PM
The only way Hillary get's in is if Christie runs, There is a MAJOR problem with Christie, this is the largest youth generation in History and Christie has vowed to fights States legalizing MJ... Hillary wins by a landslide if he runs.

Bush is a $$$$ Republican he wont bridge the issue that will alienate the largest voting block if there is taxation to be had, YES that to a degree alienates the conservative vote... but not nearly enough to gain votes for Hillary after 8 years of Obama.

Yes...trite right? This is what America votes on though, Christie is actually a really conservative guy, he just can't win with a huge radical youth vote in place... If Bush comes out socially moderate he'll get it, the ultra liberal vote isn't actually that huge, Middle aged women and a portion of the youth but... Hillary is Old and despite her stances she'll loose a lot of her sheer... oldness, Youth will vote youth above common sense unless it's highly conservative like Christie and Christie associating with Romney helps NOTHING lol, "Mormon" might as well be Satan to the youth vote.

Marijuana, Age, Stance on digital rights, not having to be Ultra Liberal BUT not being Ultra conservative that's what wins the vote of this generation and it's the deciding vote.

Progressive not Liberal or Conservative is the UNIFYING aspect of those 60 Million plus new votes... The Democrats should have ran Elizabeth Warren they would have decimated the entire West Coast Vote, only radical Liberals actually like that freakin old hag Hillary. Despite being obnoxiously vocal no one by demographic actually "likes" radical liberals they are a bunch of jerks, 8 years of Obama was quite enough for the majority to tolerate. Christie he's a prick too the closest Republican candidate to being modern and Progressive is Bush... That sounds nuts but it's true

Former Gov. Jeb Bush is conflicted over the federal government’s role in medical-marijuana states and refrains from criticizing President Barack Obama over the issue.

Every one has their "news based" political opinions

But the reality is Americans vote on what pertains to them directly they rather vote for the guy who will keep gas and milk down in price even if he will kill 20 Million Iranians despite whatever political bs they talk, we are very self important people.

“In medical marijuana states? I don’t know. I’d have to sort that out,” Bush said. “I think that states ought to have a right to decide these things. I think the federal government’s role in our lives is way too-overreaching.”

Jeb Bush has Blatant stated he thinks Marijuana is a STATE issue

Christie has said he will Punish those States

With the VAST majority of the vote being people running the Gamut of being old enough to vote from the 60's on... You just can't have a hope or a prayer if you run Christie, he wont get 1/3 of States in Total Texas, Maybe... some of the Midwest, jersey, perhaps... They are idiots if they think because he's an Italian guy from Jersey he will capture the Tri State area from Democrats, no one gives a flying poop about that they want to not be arrested for getting high if they aren't senior citizens this is a NY and new Jersey where people are pissed off at the behavior of Cops right now... the Republicans will hand the Dems the election despite how repulsive Hillary is if they run Christie

God damn the Dems why is Warren being a fruit cake...

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: olaru12

I don't think either of them have much of a chance against Clinton. I think Jeb has more of chance to run against Clinton but even that, he'll still lose.

Somebody said Scott Walker? Not sure what advantage Scott Walker has. He holds the same policies as all the other candidates and his state of Wisconsin isn't exactly a toss up state at all. He offers little value.

Dare I say it, Rand Paul is the only person with a reasonable chance to beat Clinton.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: olaru12

I think Christie would pull in more support from democrats than Bush. The Bush name will never garner enough support from democrats and even some republicans to win a presidential election. Their is way too much baggage with the Bush name.

...The Iraq war, the savings and loan scandal, their cozy relationship with the Saudis, possible war crimes, 9/11 secrecy and denying what they knew before the attack, the Plame affair, Abu Ghraib, Hurricane Katrina, the market crash of 2008, and the Contra Affair pardons and than you have the connection with Dick Cheney, Condolezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.

Clinton may have some baggage, but the majority of democrats liked her husband. Some conservatives here may not want to admit it, but Bill Clinton was a popular president back in the day. If the GOP wants to win a presidential election, it's simple, they need to concentrate on getting a candidate that will appeal to democrats.

posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: olaru12

All of these candidates are a load-O-crap. The smart folks in the US, which make up maybe 5% of the population, will, like me, ignore this election except for the important part.

If a Republican wins, the stock market will tank, sooner than later.
If a Democrat wins, the stock market will tank, later than sooner.

That's all anyone really needs to know. The sole reason to be in the US is to make money. If you can make money on politics, do politics, but from what I've seen, only the wealthy make any money on US politics. If you're not rich, these elections really don't matter except to the extent that you have to know how to avoid losing what money you have depending on who wins. So I'd suggest people study much harder and in greater detail how to step around the economic and tax implications of whoever wins. Otherwise, studying on politics, unless your rich, is a waste of time.

posted on Feb, 1 2015 @ 03:13 AM
Christie would probably pull a lot of independents, and being at 7% right now is good news for him. Someone like Jeb is going to peak too early, a campaign just can't be sustained from this far out which means he'll drop later on. On top of that the country is sick of having someone named Bush as president.

I'm not a big fan of Walker's policies but the guy has won 3 elections in 4 years in a state that's hostile to his party. That's more than enough of a reason to atleast hear him out.

posted on Feb, 1 2015 @ 04:53 AM
Given a) Jeb's loudly booed comments on immigrants and b) his link to Shrub, who was a total disaster as POTUS, why do people think that he'd be the GOP nominee? I mean, Paul, Cruz, Christie and Rubio are all rumoured to be looking at 2016. And whatever happened to whatshisname in the sweater vest, Saintorum?

posted on Feb, 1 2015 @ 05:01 AM
The Clintons, Bushes, and that Romney character are all like that damn painfull splinter in your finger that you just cant get out and have to deal with everyday.

They are all b@stards. And like a splinter, they need to be plucked out and discarded for good from politics.

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