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Criticism of Barbaric "Poundland" Mental Health Resources, Therapies and Public Ignorance.

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posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 04:47 AM
I attended day 1 of a 2 day course provided by a mental health charity yesterday. I will not be going to day 2.

I wrote this letter to them today to explain to them why I will not be attending. This is highly sensitive and very personal info I am willingly sharing here in the hope of doing my little bit to smash down all the crap that exists around mental health. I will fight when I am treated like excrement:

"Dear Madam/Sir

I am writing to inform you that I will not be attending the 2nd day of the "Developing Your Recovery Tools Workshop" scheduled for 29 January. I would like to explain here in detail why I will not be attending.

The night before the course I only slept for four hours. I was not able to eat for a period of almost 24 hours around the time of the attendance. This was not due to anxiety, but rather a feeling of feeling pressured to do something that that I know will be upsetting to me.

I felt very uncomfortable for the whole day. I came away from the course with a severe migraine that this morning is only just beginning to subside. I was very upset because of the dictatorial nature of the course and felt intellectually very patronised. I felt that I had been lumped together with people who have very different needs to my own. Bi Polar condition has its own symptoms unique to this condition. It is VERY different to other mental health related conditions. I felt that the course was remedial in a sense that it almost mocked and ignored the very clever skills I have developed to manage my unique and individual condition. I have been very successful managing my condition from my own resources, tailor made for me by me. So successful, in fact, that I do not have to take medication generally to manage my condition.

Please note that I do not refer to Bi Polar as an illness but as a condition. My own views are that Bi Polarity is a naturally occurring genetic human trait that is natural and may I even suggest there for a very good social human purpose. No amount of argument will convince me other wise because my own research and understanding has led me to this conclusion.

I also felt that I was treated as though I was on medication, not as an equal human being. I felt that I had been lumped together with people very different to me. I don't have a criminal record. I am NOT an offender and I am very reluctant to be press ganged into this blanket form of budget, "Poundland" therapy.

I am sure the course is useful to those people who are suffering the symptoms of anxiety, lack of confidence, assertiveness, low self esteem and stress, but I need you to know that I am proud to be who I am. I am confident about who I am. If I do get anxiety and stress it is based on very REAL experiences of a general public who are not willing to tolerate or make room for people like me.

Finally, I need to remind you that many of your clients are suffering poverty because of being TRAPPED by welfare with only pennies to do the work of pounds. I am very limited on resources, mentally and physically. I can not allow much room for experimentation and mistake at the hands of authorities and institutions because of the delicate balance of my life I have developed.

This course is not for some one like me. I do wish all of you would not keep lumping us together as though all mental health conditions were the same thing. That is both offensive, medically barbaric and is quite simply a waste of time and resources.

To conclude. Your course may be of use to some people, but it made me feel and think what I posted above. That is why I was reluctant in the first place to attend the course and was upset because I knew how I would feel. I know myself very well. I have acute awareness of my being, better than any other individual I have ever met. I am a certain kind of person and personality that society in general has a problem accommodating. Not my fault, dear people. I just hope one day it will not be like this any more. Mean while I will be waiting patiently for you to catch up.

Thanks for your time. I am not sure how things should progress from here as far as my engaging with XXXXXXXX. I am happy to continue, but only if you at least take notice of what I have written here.

Don't write me off as some loser. I am far from that.


See how you have helped me ATS? My communications skills practised on this forum are empowering me wonderfully. Other members, through argument and critique, have helped me to develop a very effective prose style. THANK YOU

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posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 05:21 AM
a reply to: lonesomerimbaud

I completely agree with you as to the state of our mental healthcare here in the UK, but i hope the course was voluntary and you were not sent there via the DWP? If that's the case they may well interpret your future absence and letter to the fact as unwillingness to participate. Quite possibly this will result a sanction of your monies, forcing you to appeal there decision which can be a lengthy process.

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posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 05:28 AM
You in England? Sure sounds like it.

It is rare that a health professional has any idea how to deal with mental health issues. Even the experts. They are taught to diagnose from a book/checklist of symptoms and prescribe a series of drugs until one of them dulls down the mood swings enough to call it a cure.

It's complete nonsense. I understand mental health conditions can not be solved through therapy alone but their one track approach to a condition which requires multiple tracks is bad.

What also makes this worse are the people who work in mental health. They believe they are doing right, they are taught that our systems to help are good. They promote the mental health system and what it has to offer. These bottom level staff are brainwashed. I could write a thousand words on why but I won't.

As for developing your own coping mechanisms.. To understand this requires objective thought and intellectual reasonings, as well as an understanding of the brain and your own personality. Most practitioners and the low level nurses will not understand these things (or have learned them in university) so will dismiss such coping mechanisms.

Bi-polar is a general label used by practitioners to cover a blanket of symptoms, I don't think the label works. One person with bi-polar will usually have really different symptoms to another person.

What I will say is it's people like you who should be giving these talks, holding these meetings and probably even recognising symptoms in patients. You can understand the 'whys' to behaviour, NHS can only understand the 'whats' and how to dull the behaviour down.

I absolutely hate the way we deal with mental health in this country.

I salute your letter and even though I don't know you, I am massively respectful of how you are dealing with your condition. But know this: your letter will be read by an undertrained puppet who will do nothing constructive with it.

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