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Just another day at the park...

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posted on Jan, 25 2015 @ 02:31 PM
Barely anyone notices you at the park. Sure, sometimes people will turn in your direction as you pass them by; sometimes a little kid will point you out to your parents (they always seem so aware of the world around them, more so than their older siblings). And every now and then you will get a little old elderly lady or gent that enjoys your company - They always tend to ask the same things though.

"How are you?", "It is a beautiful day, is it not?", "Why are you out here?" - I've heard most of it already, but because I have nothing better to do I always entertain them. The days aren't bad, but at night, when your shadow melds in with the wood's, and the fog starts to creep through the hot, sticky, nights, that is the perfect time to be out; the only other people out are the ones you truly get along with.

However, this day was a bit different. Colder, with just a hint of snow on the air. Most people were bundled up, just in case Mother Nature decided to suddenly bombard us with snow. It was close to sunset, I wouldn't be able to stay much longer. So after a quick walk among the trees, I noticed several things that the others wandering around didn't - Do most people notice that couple, hiding in a deep valley next to the path, treating the cold weather like a perfect time for a picnic? Do they also see the person off in the shadows, meditating against a tree? Or how about the guy testing out his new guitar, and serenading a lovely lass with a horrible, screeching voice (well, alright, I'm pretty sure someone heard that one). And then, there was her.

She almost slipped my eye - Like I said, people tend not to notice you as you passed them. She took notice though, immediately. I felt her eyes going straight through me, but I knew she acknowledged my presence, and welcomed it. Her face, catching the gleam of the dying sun, was radiating. We talked, and talked, and talked - The more we did, the more similarities I found existed. As we wandered together, the dying sun setting us both alight, people ignored us. We didn't care - We were just happy with our company.

Alas, time goes by quickly when you don't want it to - Over the weeks, we keep meeting at the same spot, and spent the same amount of time in each other's company. And when we said goodbye, we both went our separate ways.

You asked what I was doing out here - Like I was telling you, people don't pay too much attention to us ghosts; sometimes a kid will spot us, or someone that can see us for what we are will stop and chat. Well, I am out here not because I like to haunt this place, but because I have a spectral companion to haunt it with.

Author's Note: I was originally going to save this one for Single's Awareness Day, but I'm feeling a bit melancholic, so I decided to release it now. And yes, it's just a story. This one's been brewing for a while - I just forgot to make it into a poem for last year.


posted on Jan, 25 2015 @ 07:52 PM

posted on Jan, 26 2015 @ 09:00 AM
a reply to: fossilera
Hey that was really good. Glad you went ahead and shared

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