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Dream Sequence - 23-01-2015

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posted on Jan, 25 2015 @ 02:02 PM

This is a dream I had for the night of 23rd January of 2015. I would like your interpretations for my fragmented dream, here goes...

I am in a plane with someone, I see controls for speed, so I pull it down. We start to move and gain speed. Then suddenly I look up and there is no runway left so I quickly pull on the steering and barely miss and avoid obstacles as I take off. Somehow I make a proper landing in front of a small building.

MEET OBAMA: I see Obama coming towards me. He says that I am an eligible soldier and I have a feeling like I should join the airforce. He gives me a recommendation for it. Everyone around me seems envious that I have got such an opportunity.

MAKE POTIONS: I am working in a lab, making potions for good of mankind, like healing and curing potions. But there is one guy there who makes potions that hurt other people. I try to find evidence for it and somehow make it into his section/lair. He has 1000''s of potions on the wall and all of them were evil potions. He catches me as I am in his lair. He tries to explain his point of view of how he will be helping others with the potions... it more or less sounded like he was doing it for his own sake only. Anyways, I pull on the cabinet and all the potions just pour down on him. He starts mutating into a Monster but then transforms into a Salesman (I have no clue why but this is what happened)...

EAT DINNER WITH SALESMAN: I am outside a local grocery store with my mother, we go inside. We are looking for the salesman. My mom goes past one but says it is not him, I look at him and say to mom, "No, it is him..." Then she realizes that it is him. Suddenly we are at a long table with a bunch of people sitting at the table and have finished eating dinner. We all start to leave but I go back to the table to pick up left over drinks and after food candy. I try to pick as much as I can and then go to the exit counter of the grocery store. I tell the lady over the counter that we have ordered a lot of things, but I don't know what. Then I hear someone from the back call out stating one person from the group already paid for everything. So I pick up all the things on the counter and leave.

So please do comment on this. I will be posting more dreams soon, whenever I get time.

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