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Need help finding 404'ed / censored content on the internet

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posted on Jan, 17 2015 @ 02:28 AM
Good morning ATS,

Here is my issue:

I watched the S.E. correspondent on a morning-format I often watch make a major freudian slip on live TV this morning.
The live-feed was cut away from her really really quick and 5 minutes later the whole broadcast was 404'ed.

I know I've seen screenshots etc. of content that was pulled down from the web posted later on ATS.
How does one do that?
(I'm not really tech-savvy when it comes to stuff like that... is this a rather complex task?)

posted on Jan, 17 2015 @ 02:34 AM
a reply to: ColCurious

if they pulled it quick and you weren't recording somehow, you might be out of luck. For the old stuff, you can always use sites like the wayback machine. Here's some snapshots of ATS going back 15 years, if you type in in the top field:
For recording, I believe there are browser plugins that can do that, but I'm not sure. You can always press the print screen button on your keyboard to capture the screen, and paste it in paint.
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posted on Jan, 17 2015 @ 06:14 PM
If Google was fast enough to grab it, they have a green cache link right under the link to the page. Click the triangle and it will give you the option to see the cached version.

How to copy Streaming Videos from Google's Cache

posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 02:46 AM
Thank you both. It's gone. Whatever.

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