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Jodi Arias sentencing retrial: Judge rejects motion to remove death penalty

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posted on Jan, 16 2015 @ 02:28 PM
Jodi Arias is one step closer to getting her wish - the death penalty for her (now self admitted) killing of Travis Alexander.

Judge Sherry Stephens methodically refuted each of the 17 reasons the Jodi Arias defense team presented to remove the death penalty from this case.

Some, like Prosecutor Juan Martinez signing autographs outside the courthouse during the first trial, she swatted away with little comment. But the judge devoted more time to a key defense claim: that prosecutors failed to share with the defense team evidence of pornography on Travis Alexander's computer... and deleted it on purpose or because of incompetence.

The judge said the defense had ample information about porn on Alexander's laptop at the time of the first trial but did not pursue it. She said even if Mesa Police blundered with the computer dismissing the death penalty was not an appropriate remedy.

The judge also rejected claims by Arias' lawyers that she couldn't get a fair hearing in this sentencing retrial because witnesses are afraid to testify. There are ways around that, the judge said, including affidavits and videotaped statements that can be presented in court.

6 years later and it's still not over - but it's getting close.

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posted on Jan, 16 2015 @ 02:41 PM
a reply to: silo13

Just hurry up and stick the need in the lying bitch.

Watched the trial and never saw anyone with guilty written over them as her,

posted on Jan, 16 2015 @ 03:42 PM
killing people is more expensive fiscally, and renders everyone who underwrites it less human. also, "i wanna die" doesn't mean she's reached the point of owning her actions, nor does it mean the crazy bitch is capable of feeling remorse. more drama whoring, nothing to see here, move along.

if rehab isn't possible in some cases, and killing humans is terrible and terribly costly (where's my money, hammurabi?), prisons become kind of like no-kill shelters.

so, if prisons are for profit, and a killing can be made off of killing killers, isn't it time we updated our definition of justice?

serious question. how can "eye for an eye" hold true in a world where it's neither convenient nor realistic to put it into practice anymore?

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posted on Jan, 16 2015 @ 05:34 PM
I don't believe in capital punishment, but she committed a horrendous crime, she horrifically killed him, and it seemed premeditated. She told too many different versions of things to be believed about his choking her, and that wouldn't explain why she brought her grandmother's gun from her grandmother's place, in the least.

Rather psychotic woman. And with the various stories, she seems to be without any real remorse. Think she needs life behind bars.

posted on Jan, 16 2015 @ 05:58 PM
I think she needs to die. She is already using up precious oxygen.

posted on Jan, 17 2015 @ 01:51 AM
Nope, im all for caging these monsters, keep
Them alive and with no human contact, let them live in there god awful world And slowly let
Them rot away, killing them would be helping them end there nightmare.
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posted on Jul, 28 2015 @ 11:54 PM
Are you certain that Jodi killed Travis? - The Contradictions

Travis was supposedly killed on J408 based on the time and date photos extracted from Travis' camera. Contradictions however exist that refute this evidence and are based on the statements giving by various people at the crime scene on J908 / J1008.

1. Enrique Cortez said that the thought he had seen Travis on the evening of J408 walking down the stairs on a phone call. Travis arrived home between 6 pm and 6:30 pm everyday from work because he had been taking the bus due to high gas prices. Now how can Enrique say that he thought that he had seen Travis walking down the stairs after the time and date stamps say that Travis was dead? Either Enrique was on drugs and hallucinating or he made the story up to prop himself up as being one who sees ghosts. Either he saw Travis or he didn't. Enrique saw Travis twice on J408, once in the morning and once in the evening. Travis never mentioned anything about leaving early for Cancun to Enrique either of these times. Even though Enrique was not put on the stand to testify his report to Flores is considered evidence contradictory to the time and date stamps of when Travis was killed.

2.Zach Billings said that Travis a was neat and clean person. Zach said that when he was walking downstairs and noticed it had felt slick as if it had been cleaned. This was on Weds or Thursday. Zach thought that Travis might have been cleaning and might have also cleaned the bannister. Flores also mentioned in his report that upon leaving the bathroom where Travis was located that he also noticed something odd. The vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Now if Travis had in fact cleaned or been cleaning based on what Zach said why would the vacuum cleaner still be sitting out in the middle of the living room floor? The only reason that I can think of is create the cover of Travis still being in the house and cleaning. Otherwise Travis would have put the cleaner away seeing as how he currently cleaning and putting the cleaner away would have been one of those responsibilities. Its not as if the cleaner was in a corner and easily missed by Travis, it was right there in the middle of the living room. Another reason why I think the roommates didn't put the cleaner away is by doing so it would prove that they had some thought of Travis not being around.

3.Zach said that he had texted Travis regarding a mail box key on Saturday and Sunday but did not receive a response. Now why would Zach text Travis about a mail box key on Saturday or Sunday right before Travis left for Cancun? If Zach was concerned about the mailbox key then why not text Travis earlier in the week? I think the reason why Zach didn't text Travis earlier in the week was so Zach would not have to make with Travis thus taking Zach out of the equation of knowing Travis was dead which figures into the Delay of Decay further on. I'm not certain how long Travis vacation to Cancun was going to be for but up and to J908 Zach had not any contact with Travis for nearly ten days. Add in the time of vacation that Travis was taking that is an additional two to three days that Zach did not have a mailbox key for a total of 12 days from the last time that Zach saw Travis alive from the time Travis had returned from Cancun. Twelve days without access to the mailbox. So what was the issue with the mailbox and the mailbox key? If Zach knew that Travis was planning on leaving for Cancun then why didn't Zach say something about the mailbox key to Travis on Jul2908?

4. Zach and Enrique both stated that they had last saw and spoke with Travis approximately four to five days prior. According to the individual accounts Zach said that the last time he saw Travis was on July 29th and did not speak with him as they passed each other. Enrique said that he saw Travis on J408 twice once in the morning where Travis told Enrique that he had gotten very little sleep and once again on J408 when Enrique saw Travis on the phone. So how can both agree to a time and event that took place when the time and event around Enrique Cortez statements of seeing Travis? Is Enrique forcing Zach to maintain to these events for some reason? Otherwise Zach would have maintained that the last time that he had seen Travis was Jul2908.

4. Four people thought that Travis had left early for Cancun - Zach and Enrique both thought that Travis had left early Cancun, because they hadn't seen him all week long. After Marie Hall had called in friends Michelle Lowery and Dallin Forrest Marie told them what had happened and both of them as well thought Travis had gone to Cancun. So we have four people surrounding Marie Hall saying that they thought Travis had left early for Cancun. Michelle Lowery and Dallin Forrest coming to this conclusion after being told by Marie Hall. Why would they come to the same conclusion as the roommates seeing as how Marie Hall had been the one who informed them what had happened? If four of the people at the crime scene had the same conclusion then why didn't Marie Hall have the same conclusion as the rest of the group?

5. Marie Hall Makes Contact With Travis at 22:00 - Marie Hall said that she was concerned about Travis because she had not heard from him since Monday the 2nd of June when she last spoke with him. Marie Hall couldn't get a hold of Travis all week long and began to get worried. Everyone knew that Travis had missed a very important conference call on J408 that he was hosting. So why didn't any one stop over to see if Travis was alright on J408? Because according to Enrique Cortez, Travis was okay because he had seen Travis alive and well on J408 sometime after 6:30 pm even though the time and date stamps of photos said that Travis was already dead. If Marie Hall was concerned for Travis like she said she was then why not arrive early in the day with the local Police or some other friends? It would seem to me that the reason why Marie Hall called Michelle Lowery is because she knew Michelle would be able to get into contact with someone to get the garage keypad to the house. The question is who did Michelle Lowery call in order to get the keypad information for the garage? Only the roommates should have known this information. Since someone other than the roommates knowing the keypad code to the garage then Jodi's account of the intruder story does in fact sound much more feasible at this point because that same person would have been able to get the keycode to the keypad to those intruders. Now the reason why I think that Marie Hall did not arrive earlier in the week and during the day is because if she had arrived earlier in the week to check on Travis she would not have been able to gain access to the house because it had been locked in order to keep someone from just showing up and asking where Travis was. Travis had an open door policy and never rarely left the doors unlocked when he was home. So if Travis not left early for Cancun then the doors would have been unlocked. Arriving late at night instead of during the day would have provided a reason why the doors were locked instead of during the day when they should have been unlocked.

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posted on Jul, 29 2015 @ 12:42 AM
I think the reason why everyone maintained that Travis had left early for Cancun, suspiciously Michelle and Dallin, is that it was an excuse to not check on Travis because the others involved knew he was dead and they were allowing the body to decay to the point so that the knife wounds could not be identified as coming from a distinct type of knife so that the ME could say that these are the knives in the home and because it was proven that Jodi was at the crime scene then she had to have used one of these knives. The same is true with the bullet. Because of the decay of the mouth it could be assumed that the bullet had entered Travis scalp and ended up in his mouth. But since there was not any exit wound into the mouth then the bullet was placed into his mouth after he had been killed.

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