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You want affordable land in the PNW? Forget it, all the good land has been taken.

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posted on Jan, 19 2015 @ 03:05 PM

originally posted by: Domo1
I'm looking to buy around 3-5 acres in the next 3-5 years and build my dream home. Property can be found. I've found it.

I've found a number of places with 10 + acres for less than $20k near lakes/rivers. It's not going to be close to anything, but with that much land and some smart thinking you could prep it easily. Hunt fish and plant your food.

Then again I don't know what you think is reasonable $ and what exactly you want.

I'm looking to spend $100k-$200k +/- for 3-5 acres that isn't too far from a major highway (commuting) and is close enough to power/sewage so I don't end up spending a ton. I also want it enough off the beaten path so if need be I can down some trees and essentially cut off road access, but on a road that is serviceable if things are going as they should. I want the lot to be wooded too, just in case someone buys something close so that I can maintain privacy.

This is a decent link to look at properties in WA.


Interesting link...As a Canadian living in Vancouver which not far from
the Washington State border, I am ALWAYS surprised how expensive
British Columbia is versus the rest of Canada and the USA!

The SAME TYPE of land as in Washington is THREE TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE
HERE in British Columbia! If you want 3 to 5 acres you are looking at a
MINIMUM of $400,000 (US)...The cheapest I could find are TRULY off the
beaten path and even THOSE are in $75,000 to $150,000 range.
The times of $25,000 for ten acres is OVER!

I'm getting a stealth-painted cammoflaged sailboat! then I can go anywhere!

or I'm going underground or UNDERWATER! That still works!

See this Link:

Concrete Submarine Bug-out Vehicle:

posted on Jan, 19 2015 @ 05:32 PM
a reply to: WatchRider

improvising spike strips could come in handy especialy in snowy areas where they can be hidden.

take two or more thin flat boards fill with nails or screws(or better yet some kind of strong hollow needle) and attach a rope so they can be pulled free of the road or into them easily ,you can leave them out to block the road/driveway or leave them propositioned so that you can pull them infront of incoming cars.idealy you loop the rope in such a way that your location is not immediately clear hide them in the snow and when the vehicles get disabled light them up and collect your loot

on the trees you dont necessarily have to cut them all the way down just weaken them or drill into the trunk (if large) and fill them with tannerite so you can blow them down over the road or have them come down only when you need it w a well placed shot

all theoretical mind you and these kind of things would best be saved for legit shtf to avoid any legal issues

edit to add when i was looking for another place in wa i found a few links but they were all around 200kish but they were established proeprtys was gonna get this one but ended up staying in mt now that its full i didnt wanna loose my spot 65 acres w house for 235ish

hope these help or at least get u more search engines to find more stuff not land but a few interesting bug out areas

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posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 06:29 PM
Hmmm... What would be free for the taking?

You could find a semi-secluded place that's somewhat steeply sloped just off the side of some road. In mountain areas, that's probably not too hard to do. Most of those areas go undeveloped or unused for obvious reasons, and it's unlikely anybody will complain unless you trash it or make your camp too obvious. Then you just figure out a way to tunnel in. (Depending on what the geology is, you may also have to figure some way of shoring it up so you don't inadvertently bury yourself in your own grave.) It's not exactly going to be easy with hard rocks and such to be cleared as this is a matter of excavation rather than construction. Anchors, climbing gear, and a harness probably aren't a bad idea either - in case you're lucky (or unlucky?) enough to find some underground cavern during this venture. Also keep in mind you want trees or scrub around to hide the entrance as a completely bare rock face is likely going to make your little hidey-hole too easy to find if anyone's looking. And before doing this be aware of the lay of the land in regards to land-slides and erosion for what should be obvious reasons.

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