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For Dead Kennedys fans

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posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 02:36 PM
Dead Kennedys founderJello Biafra (Eric Boucher) is known for being an abrasive, irreverant punk rocker, but he has another side.
He can be very philosophical, and his statements often reveal a very keen intellect. Someone who sees how things work.

He's said in more reflective interviews that sometimes it seemed to him like life was a bizarre game, and we were at the mercy of forces beyond our control.

In 1991, Jello worked with the brilliant composer, guitarist and award-winning animator Mike Morasky to produce an EP that contained the song 'Fireball'. The song references a game of pinball as an analogy for life. Whirling, spinning, trying to keep from going down the hole.


Pinball in the pocket. Fate is not our own.
Something has to switch the machine on.

Drop a quarter in. You're popped up from below
Outside the glass, spring's pulled back
Ready or not here you go.

You're on the field.. Bumper to bumper..Wall to wall
Lights go on, bells go off.
Flipped around, at the whim of unseen hands

Riding the fireball. How long will it last? Each force decides where the other goes
And they're all out of control.

Some people know they've got it. Other people don't. Ain't born with it.
It takes both work and luck

Reach for strands of meaning. They all fly by so fast. Like picking branches from a train,
it all slips through my hand

Riding a fireball. How long will it last ? Trying to balance, on a floor always tilting down
Life roars by in such a whirl of energy. Confidence, direction, speed
Knock down targets, rack up points. Try not to fall back down that hole.

Time stops. Look around. Out there with you. Your more powerful twin.
The one who seems to be everything you thought you could never be

It's now or never to knock 'em down
And sort of be free. You're on a roll now...GO!

Collide... Action, equal reaction. Surprise...Big obstacles aren't so much bigger after all.
One chance leads to another and another.

One shot might aim you straight through the gates to wake the Gods.

Release Wotan, and Odin too. Extra balls. Allies, chances.
Then one by one they vanish.

Circumstances. Every day. Rocket fuel, or they get in the way. On your own, trying not to fall.
With no means of support but you!

Riding the fireball, gotta make it last. Way beyond what you thought your limits were.
Can almost grab the reins and use that energy. Thrust and thwack and ricochet.
One wrong shot you're helplessly rolling back down towards that hole.

Game over. Plopped in the dark. At least I have my time to sort through all these flashes in my mind.

posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 02:50 PM
Yeh, "Wotan and Odins balls" far out, dude its not 4:20 yet... you started early didn't you? The chocolate chip cookies are in the kitchen.

posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: HUMBLEONE

When it's 4:20 you could try Atrocious Madness. They haven't sold out yet like the DKs

posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 02:57 PM
"Circumstances, everyday, Rocket fuel", wow yeah, groovy. I could use a beer right about now couldn't you? Wheres the pizza?

posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 02:59 PM

originally posted by: Yeahkeepwatchingme
a reply to: HUMBLEONE

When it's 4:20 you could try Atrocious Madness. They haven't sold out yet like the DKs

I prefer the Asiatic Bun Boys and the Rank Douche Bags, but thats just me?

posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 05:16 PM
Always loved me some Jello and DK ... and the guy does have a brain ...just like many old punks who liked the 'muzik,' the ideas... the freedom of thought and action... but not the stupid fashion- torn clothes and mohawks- that most thought the "scene" was ...the true punks... heh.

Ah, nostalgia... stupid, futile nostalgia...

posted on Jan, 14 2015 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: ColeYounger

Lot of respect for Jello, know of most of his projects but not this one, thanx for posting

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