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Human Tooth Found in McDonald’s Japan Fries

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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:33 AM
Don't panic people, it was not deep fried

The operator of the McDonald’s chain in Japan on Wednesday disclosed four cases of contaminated food throughout the country, fueling already-heightened food safety concerns after its Chinese supplier was reported to have sold expired chicken nuggets.

McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) Ltd. said a human tooth was found inside a pack of french fries sold in Osaka in August. In Fukushima prefecture, a child was also slightly injured in December by a piece of hard plastic found in a chocolate sundae that was later confirmed as a part of the machine used to make the dessert.

While a third-party organization examined the tooth, the Japan unit of the world’s biggest fast food chain said it hasn’t been able to determine how it was mixed in the pack, noting there wasn’t any trace of the tooth being fried, none of the restaurant’s staff reported missing a tooth and that plant workers always wear masks.

A piece of blue vinyl was also found in a chicken nugget sold over the weekend at one of its restaurants in the northern prefecture of Aomori. A customer in Tokyo similarly found a piece of transparent vinyl when eating a nugget on Dec. 31, but an employee lost the object, the company said.


Yeah ill toss a teeth in some fries and will report it to the company for sure

I wanna trow up, also i kinda want a quarter pound now...

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: Indigent

Another reason to not eat that rubbish.
I have a rule If mold will not eat it I will not.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:41 AM
a reply to: boymonkey74

It seems mold does grow on quarter pounds

The Burger Lab: Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald's Burger That Just Won't Rot (Testing Results!)

I would try it at home, but i don't want a good burger go to waste.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:44 AM
hey maybe it's a marketing thing, like "collect all 32!"

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:55 AM
Well jeez, at least it wasn't a turd.
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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 06:00 AM
When I lived in Japan back in the 1980s, Japan took McDonalds very seriously. (they even had a special 'college' for people to work at McDonalds). It wasn't the fast food joke that it is here in the USA. I don't know if they are still of that mindset, but if they are then this will be big news in Japan.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 06:14 AM
a reply to: Indigent

Heck all the radiation spewing out of Japan Im surprised it was just one tooth .
Welcome to Mcdonalds would you like to try our Gamma Fries or the all new Fallout Shake.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 06:24 AM
Probably was guy that owed money to yakuza ..

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 06:37 AM
My new years resolution. Stay away from poison like Murder King & Crackdonalds!

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 07:45 AM
I am always a little skeptical of things like this until more evidence comes out.

When we had our two restaurants a older women and her daughter came in and order a pizza. While eating her food the older women bit down, yelled in pain and the exclaimed to everyone that she found a tooth in her food. I went over to address the issue and it was obvious that it was a molar crown. I explained that our dough was handmade and kneaded and that it would have been almost impossible for it to have been in there as someone would have felt it in the dough making process.

I then went in the back and had everyone open their mouth's so I could see if they lost a tooth. When I conformed that no one had I explained that it had to be hers. She insisted that it was not and her and her daughter signified their intent to leave (without paying) and that I would be hearing from their attorney.

I place the tooth in a baggy and put in the back to save as evidence. Unbeknownst to me one of the kitchen crew threw it in the garbage and that then when in the dumpster.

The women and her daughter returned and stated that it was in fact the mother's tooth and if they could please have it back. I found out where it was, got the garbage bag out of the dumpster and let them dig around for the tooth since I had no intention of doing this for them after the scene they made.

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