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Video revealing corruption in Hellenic parliament - For voting the new president of democracy

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posted on Dec, 19 2014 @ 01:33 PM
As you may know or you just read it, there is an elections going in Hellenic parliament these days, to elect the new president of democracy, at this point and now is Mr. Papoulias...

The current government is very weak at the moment be able to elect the new president, they already failed dramatically in the first round and 2 more rounds left. The next parliament elections are in 23th of December this month, if they fail again, the government must leave and we have official elections for a new government.

The government try to buy some politicians with millions of euros under the table! And a politician recorded, with a hidden camera, his attempt to accept 700.000 euros to vote YES in the new president of democracy, that the current government is promoting.

The german deutsche bank and the prime minister Samaras is involved according to it.. Here is the whole conversation recorded...

Be aware that our government right now try to bring down all the videos from Youtube! Because this things will destroy them faster than they think...

I could translate you the conversation if you wish....

But its a great news for what is going on. The video is a bit viral, you can even hear that these money are black money, drained from actions like criminal organizations, abductions, etc, so the money are marked and they have to smuggled outside the country in foreign banks.

as u can see in the bellow link, samaras the prime minister sued the politician who reported them oficially about this corruption.

we also have european (germans) try to involve the prev days in the presidental ellections and these news here come to comfirm that they try to buy polliticians.

PS: you could save the video as a refference, because I am very certain, they will remove it by tommorow, from youtube. And as a personal comment for the whole thing is : President of democracy my #$%# . The information about the marked money and how they will smuggle them out, if he accepts to vote YES to the new president, is from 2:20 - 4:00 minutes... They also say, the way they do it... They transfer them in Austria and from there the money becomes bars of gold... something like that. And the people on the video are : 1 politician and the other guy is an investor of deutsche bank and personal friend of Samaras.
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