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Novelty And The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time

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posted on Dec, 17 2014 @ 11:52 PM
Terence Mckenna's ideas on time have been largely dismissed due to the association with the 12/21/12 date, but this is all due to a misunderstanding of the theory, and the date being given importance which it never had. It was called timewave zero, and it was eventually given that date to coincide with the mayan calender when that was discovered. But, it's not really about the date. The date was given because it very nearly lined up with the point predicted by his attempt to graph his theories onto the history of earth, which was mathematical in nature yet at the same time impossible to have a definitive location. So the graph was defined, but it doesn't have any particular location of layout. So, he kinda slid it around to see where it lined up with actual history. And the way he figured it doing this, he later discovered, was close to the mayan calender date; and so he just chose that as the end date.

It was never about the date, and Terence never would have been particularly concerned with the date. The key here is the concept. And his way of looking at things is extremely interesting. I'm not entirely sure about how he came to his specific graph, so I can't in honest truth comment too deeply on that. But I can get into the general theory, novelty theory, which is the fundamental insight. The idea is that the fundamental property of the Universe is to produce novelty. More than that, its purpose is its end. There is a culminating, transcendental point. To use a fascinating Terence Mckenna quote if you really think about it, "History is a shockwave of eschatology."

Not only does the Universe produce ever-increasing levels of novelty, which build upon each other, but each new level is reached more quickly than was the previous. And it is not only that we are progressing forward through time, but there is a great attractive force which pulls at the thread of space and time. It is like an infinite which pulls time into itself, which is why he would sometimes called spacetime 'asymptotic,' if you know what an asymptote is. It's a line on a graph as it approaches infinity, getting ever closer to but never reaching the point itself, since it is infinite. History is a particular locale of the cosmos as it is called towards this transcendental object. This transcendental object is reached at the end of time, yet time itself is the playing out of pulses from this transcendental object. So there is an end of time, and the end of time is in the transcendental object.

We can all observe that the history of this planet is cycles of evolution, and each new step occurred more quickly than the previous. And in this conception we as humans are not just a random arbitrary blip on the historical timeline, but are at the forefront of novelty production. We, through our thinking and communication, accelerate novelty towards the transcendental object at the end of time. Now is the most novel point of all time, and we utilize all novelty which preceded us. And it will continue to accelerate through us until the transcendental object is reached.
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posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: TheJourney

Yeah but Earth might of been tampered with.

That or every planet out there with the possiblity of giving advanced life, the advanced life has destroyed itself or moved out from a planet that became inhospitable.

Evolution might not even progress at the rate we think it does, Nore it's processes may be generic and could be specific.

What if life develops so slow that the chance of an advanced life form popping up is reduced. To the point where planets are Judged by earthlike or not based on the ratio with more than likely possiblities of advanced life.

However Advanced life adds in its own plan that goes against chaotic organization.

Advanced life has the possiblity of tera forming planets, So planets where life was struggin to advance could in theory get a boost from Advanced life. Even seeding life seeing how life can be printed out from materials.

Right now they use sugar, but i imagine they can find a way to use bio-tech to manufacture sugar from other compounds in order to produce sugar. We might even beable to form life that does not rely on sugars at all.

Life does not have to be specified to what we find here on Earth.

For all we know, all the complexity we see could be a type of *Zoo* where creations with genetic upgrades were implanted here and from the boost in adaptability caused an increased rate of Evolution.

The data simply is to scarce right now and there is to much evidence that our planet has and is being visited which increases those likelyhoods that Advanced life played a part in Earths spawn of Life.
Or it could all simply be by chance. It's possible the planet could sustain simple life and the location was perfect to terraform to breed complex life.

It is something to consider because it is the route we humans will be taking within the next couple centries.

But as for the mystery to life. Think of this Anology. Matter recycles through the universe. What decays is carried to dark holes and are compressed into *space*. As long as this happens then the clutter of radioactive particles are reduced to prevent destablization of solar systems and space bodies.

And likewise, this space rexpands back into matter. So for a process that has had no begining and no end. That is only defined by time by movement.
Energy is the potencial of matter. Matter expresses itself through energy.
Energy has creative abilities. It can contain order. Since energy follows a linar path. It can be *programed*.

Because energy only flows in one direction from the source. So if we define a code within energy. Then the code *Comes alive*.

It is this process that allows energy to enact upon intention. Intention does not come about without Energy.
For matter to conserve energy, in a somewhat unconventional means. Life exists. but more importantly is the activity of memory. Which fuels the desire for survival.

Since planets cannot move themselves and are caught in their helpless orbits. Likewise same as stars or any inanimate lump of matter.

Life is the only thing that has the means and possibilities for intention to survive. Carrying on matter and information from planets and stars that were or will be destroyed.
So in a way, Life is the conservation of Energy and Signifigance.

We apply Signifigance and those take what we think is signifigant. That includes our history on such a place, Myths legends, geography, flora and fauna as well as technology gained through the materials used from such places.

In a way we are the saving fragments of places and things that cannot remeber for themselves. So we are the forced action of matter attempting to evade what would be enivitable destruction.

Which adds signifigance in itself. It is a never ending quest. As no where is safe for Eternity. So you either stay on the run or the chain of destruction will catch up with you and its game over.

Only we can decide to continue playing. Even tho the odds can be stacked against us. There is still the probability of playing forever.

Which literally would be Eternity.

posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 01:29 AM
Hey cool post, I literally was just looking at another pretty sweet interview with Mckenna where he mentions Timewave Zero, check it out.

Rollercoaster of Trancendence

Also, Savlov Zizek's Sublime Object of Ideology may be related to the Transcendental object idea.

Cool Parts :
"The whole question revolves around the body. What is it? Where are you going to put it? What role should it have? Is the body the defining quintessence of humanness, or is it the ball and chain that holds us from forever realizing what humanness is?"

"No, no, virtual reality will keep us from ever leaving the planet." So he saw it as a cheap shot, a second prize. No, you can’t conquer the galaxy, but here’s a simulacrum of Madonna that you can screw forever."

"Because I believe that when we finally understand what a psychedelic trip is, we’ll realize that during the experience consciousness unfolds into a higher dimension. Not metaphorically, but literally a higher dimension. And that that’s how the shaman can tell where the game has gone, that’s how the shaman predicts the weather, that’s how the shaman knows more than the people he serves—because they’re all caught in a lower-dimensional slice of reality, and he’s looking down from a place that becomes accessible to him when cultural boundaries are dissolved. " ( getting closer to the transcendental object? )


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